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14 Jul 09 Which is better ”playing online casinos or Land based casinos”

There are some differences or shall I say advantages and disadvantages in playing between land based casino and playing online casino. There are some factors to consider and definitely there are also benefits in playing both types of casino. The choice of where to play will definitely matter on the choice and taste of players since we have the freedom to choose and we have different objectives, goals and reasons.

Land based casinos – are very applicable if you want excitement, fun, pleasure, exposure and want to socialize with other people, where you can meet different types of people, with different styles, fashions and attitudes. Here you will find an excitement, thrill and pleasure of betting with other people. Casinos also usually have entertainment at night which helps you forget your problems, and you’ll be able to earn a lot of rewarding rewards compared than you would earn in online casino. But you have also to consider and set budgets for whatever expenses you might spend. Like for example the travel expenses back and forth, because generally mostly players live far apart on casino places. You also spend for the accommodations, foods, drinks and etc which you might be spending on that event. Well happiness you might experience can’t find the same amount compared to playing online where you just sitting alone and lonely.

On the other hand if your aims are to simply gamble and make money and do not care much on the excitement and socialization level then Online casino is best for you. If you are focusing on earning money then online casinos will do. There are much bigger chances to become expert or good at it because you can play seriously and you can focus. The tables you play the more money you earn. Here you don’t need to think much about the expenses you might spend in land based casinos. Especially if you have internet at home all you need to spend is the money you want to gamble. And one thing Online casino offer bonuses on the first deposit and on other deposit routinely which land based definitely don’t do. But you have to take note also that online casino comp program aren’t as rewarding compared to land based casinos.

The choice is all up to you, it will depend on your demands and on your needs. It will also matter on the reason why you gamble, and why you play. If you really need a profit, and wants to earn more money and don’t want to spend with it then play casino online. But if you play just for fun, excitement, pleasure and exposure then playing land based it best suited for you.

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