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02 Aug 09 Where to play Online Casino?

Online Casino is located mostly in the website and other casino is located some places. At this time online casino it’s too popular to the people. Even where you went it has casino. The best way to play casino in home if you have an own computer you can play anytime what ever you like. The best thing to know if they have a licensed bewares of the spam website. There are some country listed on net have a license like, Antigua, St. Kitts, Grenada, Curacao, Dominican Republican and Gibraltar. This is the country has listed it’s licensed. Be careful to play online casino make sure you didn’t wasting your money and time.

For those country has listed at the above, the reason they give to authorize to casino because it can help their economy .The cheaper tax of the country it is a united states actually it is illegal to set up an online casino. The companies pay anything up $100.000 gaming license in these country. Don’t think that an online casino must be some sort of ’Mickey Mouse’ operation because they are licensed in some little Caribbean island. It is quite common place.

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