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26 Jun 09 Video Poker

Video Poker is among the most entertaining of the casino video style games available for play online. You’ll find video poker games at your favorite online casino site.

Video Poker, usually allows you to bet anywhere from as low as $0.25 to $5 per hand, depending on the machine you’re playing at casino. Few games are mesmerizing as this universal favorite to play. Even if you have never played this games before, it takes just barely minutes to learn and easy to play. If  you’re excited to play some in some Video Poker online do it right now, simply check out the best online casino games listed of online casinos site. The first thing to know and to understand what type of video poker you’re playing

The old standard game is “Jacks or Better”, where the player must hold a pair of jacks or stronger in his or her hand in order to qualify for a payout. Other game variants include “Stud” and “Deuces Wild” where any 2 card automatically becomes the same as the highest card a pair to complete a given payout hand. For example, if you hold 2 queens and a 2 of spades, your hand automatically becomes 3 queens. The one house advantage with Deuces wild is that the player must hold a higher card, generally 3 of a kind, in order to qualify for a payout.

The best way to bet the minimum amount possibly you’ll learned to play online video poker. After you are familiar with particular game, begin to increase your bets in order to get higher payouts. Since most of these games are invented by a particular casino and have odds that are considerably stacked against the player compared to standard video poker.

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