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16 Aug 09 Using Public Computers for Online Gambling Could Be Unsafe

Players using public or shared computers for their online casino gambling games need to be aware that it could be unsafe. This means that players should think twice before using computers at Internet cafés, libraries, universities and other public and educational institutions that use shared computers.

The reason using shared computers can be problematic is because it is possible for those who wish to do so to install software that will save any log in names and passwords that are used on the computer in question. Trusted online casinos take great care to ensure that they have the best security that they can offer in order to keep your information private. These online casinos and other online gambling sites will have a number of security precautions put in place to ensure as well as they can that their servers, which store the private information of their customers, is secure and has not been compromised.

Internet and computer security is not something that most computer users think about in any great detail, but it is something that computer users, especially those who play in online gambling sites, should be at least somewhat aware of.

The main security problem that can be found on shared computers is that log in names and passwords can be tracked and saved, and then used, by those who have installed some kind of spyware. Those that install spyware will ensure that the program is not seen by other users. Spyware is sometimes used simply to track the kind of websites that players visit in order to know which are the more popular websites, in order to use this information for future marketing. However, some spyware can collect personal data such as your user names, log in names and passwords. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to make transactions on your behalf without your knowledge.

Another way that hackers will get your personal information is by using backdoors. This is used when computers operate on a network, and transmits any and all activity that takes place on the network to one source. Backdoor and spyware are known in the computer world as keyloggers, because they simply log every single keystroke that is pressed by the computer’s users. Although passwords are sent as an encrypted message to the online casino you play in, keyloggers will simply send the plain, unencoded, text straight to the person who is monitoring the computer. It is, in effect, as if the computer has no security at all, and playing on secure sites will not help this one bit.

The best and safest playing option is to use a computer that is under your control all the time, and is not used by strangers. Players should also ensure that their home computers are only used by people that they know and trust.

Even though players may find that they can play quite safely through a computer at an Internet café, or other public shared computer, there is no way for the average computer user to be sure that their information has not been compromised. It is certainly not worth taking the risk of someone having access to your hard-earned winnings and hard-earned earnings in your bank account even if it means that you will have to find an alternate place to play in your favorite online casinos.

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