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16 Aug 09 Understand, and Steer Clear Of, Rogue Casinos

An attribute of the Internet that can be both positive and negative is the anonymity that exists. On the one hand, it allows for great scope and freedom for Internet users to do many things, and on the other hand, it is also a system that can easily be abused.

It is important for online casino players to be aware of rogue casinos and to steer clear of them for their own peace of mind. Being a rogue online casino is one that has serious negative attributes, and not simply those of a “bad” online casino. Rogue casinos may be guilty of some kind of criminal offense, such as cheating their online casino players, and possibly even going as far as using software that does the cheating for them.

Rogue casinos have been known to pull disappearing acts on their customers, and simply abandon their sites when they owe winnings to their players. When this happens, not only do players lose out on their winnings, but they also lose out on any deposits they had made to the online casino. Some rogue online casinos will pay out the small winners, but refuse to pay out any of their larger jackpot winners. They may also show false operating licenses, and lie about the bonuses that they offer, often making them sound exceptional, only for players to discover that they are totally bogus.

Rogue casinos can even stoop so low as to threaten their players, as well as using rude customer service staff if they do in fact provide customer service, not paying out when they should, and often outright lying to their online casino customers.

There are a number of websites available on the Internet that list rogue websites, and that those who have had bad experiences with online casinos can lodge their complaints. These sites may list online casinos that simply have bad service, including customer service, or delays in paying, however, it is important to remember that a bad online casino is not necessarily a rogue casino, and that rogue casinos would be clearly listed separately.

One of the ways that players, who are unsure of which online casinos to trust, can pick their online casinos wisely is by playing at online casino sites that have been reviewed and listed on Casino People and similar sites. Casino People has already investigated certain online casinos, doing the groundwork for the online casino player. All online casino sites listed are authentic and honest sites, using approved and proven software, which includes RNG’s (random number generators) and have received seals of approval such as the eCogra seal of approval.

The best thing that a player can do is to ensure that they do not make their deposits or perform any financial transactions at online casinos that do not have secure sites, and that have not got proven track records. It is always better to play at a well-known online casino that has a good reputation.

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