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28 Jun 09 Unbelievable

These are pretty and incredible story in Australia recently. The two separate individuals have claimed a lottery winnings, months and years after hits the winning numbers. These make everyone scratch their heads just a bit to knew these types of stories. A young university student had cashed a lottery ticket just this month that was 10 months old and valued at an incredible A$13 million. Another winner took home slightly less lottery winnings but considering the powerball jackpot was worth A$2 million four years ago, the Australian woman (a grandmother) now receiving that huge sum is certainly grateful she chose to clean out the house.

The woman, who is in her 30’s, has asked to remain anonymous. 

For the past 10 months, the outstanding ticket had made headlines as Western Australia’s largest ever unsolved lottery mystery, to which the woman was completely oblivious

The woman had received the ticket as a gift from her father, which was bought from Beechboro Newsagency in a $50 million OZ Lotto jackpot draw on 22 July 2008. 

She hadn’t bothered to check the ticket and had left it, almost forgotten; with a bundle of other tickets yet to be checked in her cupboard drawer.

Completely unaware of the 12-month expiry on Lotto tickets in Western Australia, the woman told how her wish to help her family out was the reason for deciding to check the bundle of tickets.

In the mean time, her family has been undergoing some very serious financial problems and the woman was worried about how to help. The father doesn’t play at the online casinos, rather he concentrates his gambling efforts on winning the lottery. When his daughter located the gifted lottery ticket and took it to the corner store to be checked she was, needless to say, to announcement that she had won A$13, 185,273.

The winning ticket was on July 22, 200 and hey father spent in just $8.60 to enter a $50 million lottery jackpot that time.


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