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16 Aug 09 Two New Slot Millionaires

The online casino world is alive with the buzz and excitement of two new slot millionaires. The past few days have brought two new millionaires into the world. First, CryptoLogic’s progressive online slot game, Millionaires Club was hit at a little more than $1.5 million. Playtech’s winner won on the online progressive slot game called Gold Rally, and won a total of a little over $2 million.

CryptoLogic’s Millionaires Club was hit at $1,547,314 last week, making one lucky CryptoLogic player very happy. The progressive slot was reset back to $175,000. This is the only CryptoLogic progressive slot game that reaches over a million dollars, and the last time that it paid out over a million, was nearly two years ago.

Since it has been a long time since CytptoLogic has paid out such a large jackpot, the industry is wondering how they propose to pay the money out to the winner. They could choose to pay the online slot jackpot winnings as one single payout, or will they make use of their payout limitation clause? If they use their payout limitation clause, they will be able to split the payments to the winner over some time.

Millionaires Club’s progressive jackpot has been hit at even higher numbers than this large jackpot. Two years ago, it was hit for a whopping $5.9 million. It has also been hit for as low as $326,000 about a year ago. This is certainly not a slot where players could even attempt to predict at which level it might pay out.

At the start of the weekend, an even bigger progressive slot jackpot was hit, Playtech’s Gold Rally, at $2,111,501. Two years ago, the same online progressive slot jackpot was hit for $1,78 million. This is a slot game that adds up quickly, at a rate of around $17,000 a day. The last time that this progressive was hit was three months ago, at an amount of just over half a million dollars. It was reset to $75,000.

In the past year, Gold Rally’s progressive jackpot has been hit nine times. Each hit was for around one million dollars. The total of all these jackpot hits is about $9.1 million. With such a high amount of payouts, one would think that this slot game would be at the top of the list at Playtech, however, the Beach Life online progressive slot game has already reached $9.3 million in cumulative payouts over the last year.

With such great payouts available at online casinos, players may want to choose their favorite slot game and get playing!

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