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For online bingo lovers and twitter addict here is the good news for all of you. Online casino and twitter joined forces together, the online social networking website has launched its first ever online gaming application and they decided to go with BINGO that’s how they come up with twitteringo; it is being worked by Definition 6, an interactive marketing agency based in ATLANTA . Players do love this new version of game twitter mixed with bingo games. Both of them will be loved by the players and the twitter user. As we all know twitter is one of the latest networking online of today and people get use twitter almost everyday in order to get the attention of the users they put games on it.

        Winners of the game will win money and prizes; the winner gets an “I WON TWITTERINGO” bingo badge, just bragging rights for all of Twitter to see. The badge can be placed on twitter or other site such as facebook or other sites for friends to see. The game can only play once a week on Tuesday at 3 pm EST.  They are looking forward for this new application to provide all twitter fans and users with another engaging way to enjoy the micro-bogging site and to interact with their social networking community. Try this newest “TwitterIngo” and this will surely gives you another fun and excitement.

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