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01 Aug 09 Top Ten Online Casino Tips

1.)    To know the laws regarding Online Gambling- Be aware for some places that they are not operating illegal gambling in the internet. Be sure the online gambling is not illegal in your area before your start putting your money. If you’re not sure you can contact the local authorities and enquire first.

2.)    Know the Casino you are placing your bets with- you read all about the casino before playing the game with them. Just visit the owner of the website and ask if they have a licensed to run online casino. Every time you open the website read all info carefully and finds the “About Us” in the page. It’s also nice to know who actually owns and runs the casino and how the casino banking is handled. The real casino put all info and the details to there website.

3.)    Look around for the Best Customer Support – when you depositing the money on the casino the best idea is find out the details and the customer support. That’s why? When you have a problem it easy to contact the customer service. First to know you get  the phone number and email whatever happens you have contact detail. And make sure they are reachable in 24/7 – 365 days a year. And the email should be answered with in a couple hours. Perhaps you should consider sending them email with a question, calling them, or trying out their  chat support.

4.)    Plays Casino for free – The most serious online casino will let you to play for free to their software. You can also play casinos for free before you decide where you to play.  There is no reason to deposit your money in the first casino stumble upon. Just play while your seeking what is available and what your references is.

5.)    Know the Payouts Option what you have – much better to know the payouts when you win. And the charges fee doing what options and you will have to choose if you can win big. You should be aware for few casinos will only payout up to $5000 a week. If you are the high roller you don’t want to play with such casino.

6.)    Check out the Bonuses –Some casinos gives away for free to the new players and the other returning players. This is free gambling money. But put your mind to read the Terms and Conditions in the website after you print it. Actually online casino will require you place a minimum number of bets before allows to cash out the free bonus money they give you.

7.)    Know the games you would like to play – You must be aware for any variations in the rules of the casino games. It can affect your chance of winning- for example a blackjack , at casino better then the blackjack offered by casino B. Similar a video poker pay tables , to find the best video poker machine. The small variations in rules it will affect to your winning. Just like in Las Vegas the rules didn’t the same from casino to casino.

8.)    Protect your personal data – Most of the casinos used a secure line to protect your personal data. Then you can look the following a small lock at the bottom of your browser and / or casino starts with https:// and not just http:// – the (s) stands for “Secure Line

9.)    Play to win Money- Know first what casino games gives you the very best expected return. How to play a nice casino games properly. If you want to play roulette, don’t forget to print a copy of the free roulette chart. Or you want to play BlackJacks or a better video poker- remember to print out the strategy for blackjacks or better video poker

10.)   Have fun –Playing online casino is for fun no reason if it is not funny. When you’re playing in your comfort room you might as well do whatever it takes to the most out of the online casino. You can eat, drink, whatever you will do nobody to pamper the player than you.

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