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08 Aug 09 Tired of Slots – Play a Blackjack Tournament

Players at online casinos play both slots and table games; however, most of the tournaments that are offered are slots tournaments. Players will find exciting slot tournaments at all Vegas Technology online casinos, but those who feel they need a break from playing slots and wish to try their hand at a different tournament can join in for a weekend of blackjack.

The following Vegas Technology-powered online casinos, Millionaire Casino, Super Slots, and VIP Slots are all offering a weekend blackjack tournament which begins on Friday, and can take you all the way through until Sunday. Most of the Vegas Technology slot tournaments that are run over the weekend continue until Tuesday, which is sometimes frustrating for those needing to be elsewhere after the weekend is over. The blackjack tournament finishes when the weekend does.

The blackjack tournament which runs from Friday to Sunday will last for 36 hours, and is a $5,000 blackjack weekend classic tournament. The blackjack game on which the tournament will be played is the Blackjack Vegas Strip game. The tournament comes with a $10 entrance fee.

For the $10 entrance fee, players will receive a stake of $200. There is, of course, the option for a re-buy if you finish your initial $200 starting balance. The re-buy costs the same as the entrance fee, and the additional $10 will give players another $200 added to their balance. Re-buys are unlimited, but can only be used when a player has reached a lower limit of credits.

The $5,000 prize pool will be divided as follows. The first 110 places will all receive a part of the cash prize pool. The winner will take home a cash prize of $1,500. The player who finishes in second place will take home $750 in cash. The third place finisher wins $500 in cash.

Millionaire Casino, Super Slots and VIP Slots all offer their players daily slot tournaments, daily blackjack tournaments, and daily video poker tournaments. Players can also play free slot tournaments daily, each day on a different slot game. When playing the free slot tournaments, players receive a $50 stake in the game, and the winners receive online casino credits rather than the cash that is used for prizes in the other games that have a buy-in fee.

Vegas Technology powered online casinos can be played in by players all over the world, including the United States.

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