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13 Jul 09 Tips For Gamblers

People gamble for lots of different purpose and different reasons but sometimes those reasons change. We cannot tell that gambling is bad but generally it depends on us on how we apply it and how we use it. Basically for example we gamble to send our students to school because that is our obligation as a parent without asking in return or without knowing if he/she will be successful. If you think that you are gambling for the better and for the good of everybody then go for it, but if you are losing more money than you can afford, and you are suffering mentally, emotionally and physically I think your best option is to quit.

Understanding why you gamble will help change your behavior and your vision of life. You can check out this list or you can make your own.

Why do I gamble?

  1. To win money/ big money
  2. To gain profit
  3. To socialize with other people
  4. To gain lots of friends
  5. To unwind
  6. For fun, pleasure, excitement  and exposure
  7. For entertainment
  8. To forget problems and troubles

After understanding why you gamble, here are some tips for gambling:

  1. When you gamble anything especially money put this in minds that you gamble for a reason and gamble for a cause. Because often times it will lead us to habit where in you can’t resist and you will be addicted and that is a problem that will cause you a trouble.
  2. Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to loose. In the first place you should assume to loose because you might loose, so if you are playing with mortgage money then that would be a gambling problem.
  3. Don’t borrow money or use credit cards to gamble. It’s a silly and foolish act of such losers and not winners.
  4. Always set limitations and stick to your budget. Do not gamble which is beyond your financial capacity.
  5. Think it as an entertainment and not an investment, especially if you are new. Do not assume, stay cool and calm and accept what will be the result to avoid pressure and disappointment. But if you are confident enough to gamble such big amount because you really need it just see to it that your budget is capable for that amount, so you will not end up short of money.
  6. Make a gambling diary or gambling record. It will help you keep track how often you gamble, how much you invest, how much you win and how much you loose. It will serve as your basis if it is good for you to continue or better for you to quit. By keeping record it will help you change your habit and your behavior. This is very important especially if you are addicted to gambling, and you are going to break your gambling habit. There is no rule as to when to minimize or stop gambling, it’s all up to you but if you think it’s not healthy anymore then do not hesitate to stop.


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