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24 Oct 09 Tips for Betting at Online Casinos

Bear in mind some basic tips when entering online casinos to avoid losing money that will prevent you from playing at online casinos again. While most are real common sense tips, most players at online casinos seem to be ignoring them.

  1. Play at online casinos by setting a strict limit. When you lose away that set amount, leave or exit online casinos immediately. Do not try and win your losses back. You will not. But rather only waste a lot more money than you intended to.
  2. But on the hand when you are winning, Do not DARE stop. Set aside some part of your winnings and continue to play until you lose that then stop. Do this and you will leave online casinos with more money. If you win a few more times, again put aside a portion of your money.
  3. Win as much as you can while losing as little as you can. Unlike the top two tips, here I mean that when you are enjoying a lucky streak, bet high; when you are losing bet low.
  4. Ignore superstitious numbers or events. Those who get nixed by them will eventually lose their wallet.
  5. If you are drunk or high or even very emotional, this is not the time to play at online casinos!
  6. If you are not familiar with the specific game offered by online casinos, do not play it even though the odds and payouts might seem tempting. Play only if you are very familiar with the game you choose at online casinos. This might happen with a poker variation. If you are not familiar with Texas Holdem (for example), do not play it until you learn it well.

Note: winners at online casinos are plentiful and you too will win occasionally. But the question is not whether you will win or lose, occasionally you will win and occasionally you will lose. If you want to earn a profit at online casinos, your losing and winning ratio will decide that. Thus, win as much as you can when you do win and lose as little as you can when you do lose at online casinos.

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