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12 Aug 09 The Top 10 Worst Casino Bets

Some of the bets casino it has a high house edge. The slot machine is one of the popular but they have a house edge from 1-15 percent it will depend on the casino and/ or the location machines. Although some table games have a low house edge, there are some bets you should avoid. Here are some of the worst bets you can make.

Live Keno

The Keno game it has a similarity to the lottery games. It is also an online game that anyone can play and enjoy. If you know live keno and you will find more convenient.  And if you can like video keno just look the online version indistinguishable. The house of the edge can run into 25 percent or higher. The odds of drawing any number of spots doesn’t change and the house of edge it comes from the payout for the winning numbers. This varies from casino to casino.

The Big Six Wheel

If you don’t like the other games you can try the big six wheel. The big six wheel is a game wherein you spin a wheel and you hope the ticker points to a winning portion of the wheel. You can see the example on the television if you watch the wheel of fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is an old carnival game with equally bad odds.

Caribbean Stud Side Bet

 It is a table game that also offers the player a chance to make a side bet to win progressive jackpot. The average of the house edge is about 26 percent and for the main game is about 5 percent.

Baccarat Tie Bet

There are three kinds of baccarat options.

  • To place your bet on the Player’s Hand
  • To place you bet on the Banker’s (dealer’s) Hand
  • To place your bet on the Tie

The House percentage for the Tie bet is 14 percent.  If there is tie bets for both Banker’s Hand and players are returned to the players that placed those bets. The can leave that amount on the betting area in the table and leave that amount. Therefore tie baccarat one of the worst.

Blackjack Insurance Bet

The insurance blackjack it was offered the dealer showing the Ace. The insurance bet in Blackjack in the other side we should avoided. And the house of the edge is around 8 percent you’re not really insuring anything.

Blackjack Hunch Play

Deviating from Blackjack basic strategy can make Blackjack one of the worst games in the casino. The basic strategy and relying on hunches it can make blackjack is one of the worst in the casino. For those players can give up into 20 percent or more playing hunches.

Craps Proposition Bets

The craps proposition bets they are not easy aspects of learning craps. There are two kinds of craps proposition the one is called hard ways and the other one is roll bets. These have a house edge that can reach as high as 16.7 percent.


It is a popular casino game which lures thousand or better towards on the internet. The bets on the double zero American wheel has a house edge of 5.26 percent on all bets except the five number bet. The five number 0-00-1-2-3 bet is called the basket bet and has a house edge of 7.89 percent. The European wheel with a single zero has a lower house edge of 2.7 percent.

Casino War Tie

The casino war the same for the kids game, that you should draw the card to become a high card wins. This tie of bet it can be made were you playing Casino War. When you tie the dealer’s of the card you can get paid 10 to 1 for the tie bet. It can carry a high house edge into 18.65 percent.

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