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30 Aug 09 The showdown of the best Pokers during the tournament of the Asian Poker Tour 2009

This year 2009 Asian Poker Tour consist of 260 plus the players made a commitment to have  a budget of  $2500 for their main event recently held at the DUsit THani hotel in Manila.  They spend their tour in Manila with 3 days of excitements and enjoyments in the tournament.  The said days of tournament was played by No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The event was full of surprises because players of the tournaments saw some of the best poker professional came from all over Asia . The purpose of the tour is to visit also the Philippines and take their hit on the games in which $1 Million as their assurance to win. Nevertheless, the Chairperson of this game named Chris Parker and APT CEO remove his guarantee for the $1 Million if the participants has luck on the game. Instead, they make the prize with the amount of $600,000.00 plus for this APT Main Event.  It is still a big money to play for and win.

Now, the game continues because of much cash to win.  It was then the Philippine very own player Neil Arce who came out as the APT Main Event champion, who wins himself the amount of $200,000.00.  Aside from the cash he received, he also got a trophy. He was also given recognition to be known as one of the best poker player in the country. Neil Arce is the first Filipino who become successful as poker player was also well-known last year 2007.  On that year his on the 222nd placer from among 6,300 plus players playing in the WSOP Main Event.  Neil Arce won with the amount of $51,000 plus on that same date. Last year 2008, again Neil Arce also won the Filipino Poker Tour or FPT.  After winning the game he became the top brass of  Now, Neil Arce is one of the families Chris Paker said that Neil Arce is going to win the tournament, he said that a week before the APT Main Event.  Luckily, what Chris Paker told became true.  Neil Arce really won the prize.

On the first day of the APT Main Event, Neil Arce carried his huge number to lead all poker players.  On the second day, still Filipino Neil Arce fight a short time, then move down from the chip leader to exist around average.  There only eighteen people left playing on that APT Main Event 2009.The game continues at the Dusit Thai, were Neil Arce , Casey Kastle and Steve Yeah competing each other to win on the tournament.  They were the only last players left competing for the championship.  Neil Arce believes on himself wanting to knock down Casey Kastle.  Casey Kastle won as 2nd placer with a showdown of A-6 versus A-K.  It was Neil Arce who handle A-6 in which the Big Slick of Casey Kastle put him down.  The 6 flop of Neil Arce leads him against Casey Kastle.  Continue believing on his luck, Neil Arce keeps on eyeing his oppressor Steve Yeah- APT Macau Runner-up.

The leading Neil Arce of the Philippines versus Steve Yeah of Korea showdown to win the crown.  Their tournament lasted for about 25 minutes.  It was Neil Arce who leads in several head against Steve Yeah.  On the first showdown Neil Arce holds K-Q against the A-K Big Slick of Steve Yeah; Finally, Steve Yeah leads with a good part and a better hand against Neil Arce.  Unfortunately, Steve Yeah did not made it because of the fighting spirit of Neil Arce, especially the cheering squad of Filipino people made him challenge that he must win the game.  Also the existing of his very supportive pretty girlfriend Maike Evers, his good friends Miguel Cuneta of the Metro Card Club and Nick Galan were there watching him. Fortunately, the tournament ended when Neil Arce was crowned champion of APT Manila Event 2009. Steve Yeah on the other hand got 2 awards.  He won first in Macau and now in the Philippines . Though he lost the game, still he is proud at least he was awarded 2nd runner-up in the tournament.  Steve Yeah is also considered as one of the best poker player in the Asian Poker Tour.

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