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07 Dec 09 The Regulation of the Online Gaming in the UK

There are various authorities involved in online gambling regulation in the United Kingdom and Europe. The process of regulation involves probity requirements and standards, the actual licensing of gaming sites, and the regulation of their ongoing activities.

The United Kingdom is at the forefront of regulating online gambling and as a licensing jurisdiction it has no peer as far as probity requirements, regulation and testing requirement are concerned. A number of other so-called “offshore” jurisdictions have improved remarkably over the past number of years, so much so that the UK Gambling Commission now recognizes them as having sufficient regulations and processes in place to protect consumers. We review the “UK white listed” licensing jurisdictions.

In addition to the licensing of online gambling operations, there are other authorities such as software testers and auditors involved in activities such as software testing and auditing. This is a critical component of ensuring the integrity of the gaming software and that operators are following acceptable practices when it comes to customer service and processing funds.

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