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01 Sep 09 The launching of Microgaming’s distinctive Slot Bonus

Bonuses for different online casino games turn out to be an important and primary element of online casino slots. Wealth Spa is now one of the Microgaming slot games that was merely released last week, and has announced and publicized a distinctive way of retrieving and getting into the bonus games. Approximately all online slots bonus games are automatically activated and generated when a particular combination of symbols comes out on the reels. These maybe the scatter symbols or wild symbols or in some cases unique bonus symbols. Around three years ago Microgaming announced its break point progressive slot game, Mega Moolah, in which the bonus games was activated erratically. In wealth Spa is has planned and invented an even more mesmerizing and interesting scheme for the bonus games. Bonus games are not triggered but can be obtained and acquired.

Within Wealth Spa the way to the bonus games is throughout a particular symbol, which is the Token. The Token emerges on the Reel 5. When is comes out in the central row or Reel 5 the first step to the bonus games is opened. The players and gamblers can buy the bonus game that has a price of 1 Token. On the other hand the player can collect and gather the Token. When the player collects two Token symbols he can buy the bonus game that has the price of 2 Tokens, or he can stick on to the Tokens. There are five bonus games with prices ranging from 1 Token to 5 Tokens. The player can play at any time pay the proper number of Tokens from his stock and buy the bonus game he wants. Though, as soon as the player collects the fifth Token, the bonus game priced at 5 Tokens is automatically activated

The bonus games boost in complication and concentration with the price. The bonus game offered for 1 Token is the Smoothie Bonus. Fruit juice is a staple diet at Wealth Spa. Nevertheless players and gamblers can get to select the fruits they want in the juice and each fruit selected awards player’s bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 2 Tokens is the Hot Stones Bonus. Hot stones are placed on the body to offer relief. And players have to choose two stones and are given a multiplier that is used to resolve and verify their bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 3 Tokens is the Body Wax Bonus. Waxing makes one look better but is an awful and dreadful process. The client screams as the hair is detached and the louder the scream the more the bonus credits granted. The bonus game offer for 4 Tokens is the Bath Oil Bonus. Oil baths are given at Wealth Spa in order bestows and gives relaxation. Players can keep choosing bath oils until they reach a booby and every bath oils chosen give bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 5 Tokens is the Massage Bonus. Players have to choose body hot spots and collect free spins. Then they play out the free spins collected. A payout of 200,000 coins can be achieved and attained in this bonus round. Wealth Spa is available and can be played at all Microgaming powered online casinos. So check it out now and enjoy the special, attractive, mesmerizing and stunning features of Wealth Spa slot game

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