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25 Aug 09 The history and origin of video poker

Every casino games have different origin and history behind it. Aside from the games there is also history of machines that they are using, one of the most useful and a known machine in the casino is the Video Poker Machine. Video poker is a hybrid of video game and the game of poker. People brought out the curiosity in every machine in the casino that they are playing. Undeniably video poker is the most recent variant of poker and in the present scenario there are technologically advanced video poker machines which can be seen as a prominent part of many casinos. But little does anyone know that video poker has been into picture for over two hundred years now and earlier it was played on consoles which featured almost very little or no technology.

For almost 29 years there is a strong demand was felt for a poker game in which players need not observe the movements and facial expressions of the co players but enjoy play poker with ease and comfort. This is one of the mean reasons why this demand led to invention of video poker and it was in the year 1970 that the first video poker machine walked into casinos. After the game being evolved and played the game was an instant hit and become popular amongst poker player in almost no time. The Video poker was ideal way to learn poker by beginners, players only required to check out the payout plans of each machine and adjust their game play accordingly.

There are places that are being loved the most with the players. But I’m not that totally sure what to make of Las Vegas Strip where in the world will you find the best places to play poker on but in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are heading to the Sin City , here are the must see poker hot spots:


This place signifies the best place to play poker. Drop by The Bellagio and play poker in Bobby’s Room.. Not only the place that so devastating to see but also the crowd is very nice and you will even have a chance to rub elbows with the big wigs of the poker world like Daniel Negreanu, Chip Reese, and Jen Harman. It is such an honor for the players to play in this place because they know that it is worth keeping for. The Limit Hold’em starts rolling at $4/8 and goes high as the other sky scrapers in town. No Limit Hold’em is played in many levels as well.

The Venetian

 Another tantalizing place that will surely make you satisfied is the Venetian casino. You can find another excellent poker room in The Venetian. Machines are well-developed and the atmosphere is very inviting with very accommodating staff, professional dealers, and fantastic crowd. Deep stack tournaments are also being run here.

The Mirage

If you want also the solemn and nice poker room to relax The Mirage casino will surely suite your taste it has a no smoking poker room that provides great action for every player from all corners of the globe. The room provides a great variety of limit and no limit games. You can do Limit hold’em starting at $3/6 and Omaha Hi/Lo at $5/10.

MGM Grand

Greatest among other poker place to gamble MGM Grand is waiting for you to come. As the great name implies, the poker room in the casino is really huge. Limit hold’em can be played starting at $3/6 or $4/8. They also do killer pots which are not seen in other casinos. The room is very proximate to the entrance and attracts large crowds. If you are a good player, you can catch a lot of fish and donkeys playing on the tables.


If you really want to have some real fun, thrill with excitement that will surely make your veins pump. The poker room spells fun in all tables at Caesars. They have separate rooms for tournaments and use auto shufflers. The dealers are great wherever you play Limit Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em, and Omaha .

In addition to that since the boom of the internet also playing online in an online casino or online poker room has become very popular. We can differentiate the difference between the online casino and the land-base casino, here is the best thing about playing in a casino online or playing your favorite online poker, I can say that having you can just stay in the comfort of your own home while playing poker games online. You don’t need to travel to a land based casino and only you can able to stop whenever you like. If you want to play poker on line or in a casino online all you have to do is search on the internet, find the different online casinos with concrete securities and find the providers of these great games. If you don’t want to go directly to these providers there are a lot of Casino and Poker promotion websites that give you a very good review of the best online casino and the best online poker rooms.
Normally these website also have a top 10 of online poker rooms and online Casino rooms and you are able to choose the best Casino or Poker online for you. The most top 10’s have a very good review of all the Poker rooms and online Casino’s that their offering to their Clients. So if you want have a blast playing online at the different Poker and Casino rooms. I witnessed a strange and painful thing earlier this week at a local Casino in Belgium — and I feel like sharing: On the Texas Hold’em 2/4 No Limit game a €800 pot was split by two people making the nut straight, beating a third guy all-in with two pair. There was a side pot created during the hand. Once the river is dealt, the dealer starts splitting the WHOLE pot. Patron disagrees and tells the dealer the side pot is his… Dealer agrees and gives him a side pot – and shoves the rest of the pot to the other guy with the straight…Obviously everyone noticed and told the dealer he was wrong. Funny detail: the other guy refused to give the money back. He said: “The dealer’s mistake — not mine”.

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