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15 Dec 09 The Difference Between Outside and Inside Roulette Bets

There are many roulette bets that can be made at a typical roulette table and because of that there are different people that have their own favorites. However, the nomenclature surrounding the hierarchy of the various roulette bets can be confusing to newcomers which is why reading up on the game before you actually play it is essential to having a good time. One of the most basic points regarding roulette nomenclature is the difference between an inside and an outside bet and it is that difference that is the focus of the following discussion.

Roulette bets are classified into inside and outside bets based on the physical location of where the chips are placed on the table in order to make that particular bet for a spin of the wheel. Inside bets are bets that are placed on the actual grid of 36 (or the zero and double zero squares) and reference one or more numbers in doing so whilst outside bets are placed outside of that grid into any of the non-numbered squares that reference particular arrangements of numbers.

Utilizing this simple definition, it is possible to look at a specific bet on the board and know right away whether that bet is an inside or an outside bet. For example, a bet that is placed on a single number would be an inside bet. This is because the chips are placed on top of the square containing that number, a location that is inside the grid of numbers on the roulette table. Similarly, bets on two, three and four numbers can also be considered inside bets because they would be placed at locations on the roulette table that would be inside that particular grid of numbers.

There are many outside bets available in roulette as well. An example of an outside bet would be a bet on red or black. These are usually represented as their own squares right outside of the actual grid with red and black diamonds inhabiting the squares that correspond to those particular bets. Now, at this point, a particularly astute reader might wonder if a bet on red or black would still be an outside bet if it were done by placing a chip on every red or black square instead of betting on the actual red diamond square. The answer to that question is that it would be an inside bet under those circumstances, but it is also important to realize that a bet like that is not technically a bed on red. It is sixteen separate single number bets, all of which are inside bets.

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