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09 Aug 09 The Basics Tournaments of Blackjack

Most of the Blackjack Tournament the players must be completed against the other one and it doesn’t against the house of the dealer. This game is played one or more standard card decks with 52 cards.  In the regular blackjack the goal of each is hands and to reach 21 or as near, it is possible without going over 21 – going bust. For both single and multi table online blackjack tournaments, is the ultimate goal of the tournaments, and if you can win more chips from other player you can win the main price.

Card Value are the same as Regular Blackjack

The card values are the same as their numerical values, except face or picture cards which are all equal to 10. The Ace can be used, at the discretion of the player, as either an 11 or a one.                                                         

                                                                                The Dealing

Although rules can differ slightly according to each tournament and each online casino, the basic play is the same. Players are all dealt a single face-down card, and the dealer usually deals him/herself one face-down card too. A second face-up card is then dealt to all players including the dealer. Players can then choose to draw more cards in order to try and bring their totals as near to 21 as possible. Depending on the cards received, players also have the option to split pairs, double down, purchase insurance or surrender.

                                                                Standing and Hitting

Although dealers are bound by various rules when it comes to hitting and standing, players are not, and can continue to hit, or ask for more cards, until they go bust (when their total has reached over 21), at which time they need to immediately declare that they have gone bust to the dealer and other players. When playing the game, in theory players could even draw nine extra cards, and not go over 21.

Players, however, never need to draw any additional cards after their initial two cards. They exercise their option to stand when they feel they have reached the closest they can safely get to 21 without going bust.                                                   

                                                                Check the Tournament Rules

While most rules are somewhat similar, obvious differences can be found when it comes to the dealer. The dealer has to follow certain rules that have been laid down by the online casino for the specific tournament being played. Since all players take turns being the dealer, it is important to check this before paying your buy-in fee and beginning play. Players will want to ensure that there are no rules that they do not wish to play by. An example that most blackjack tournaments follow is that the dealer must stand, which means they may not take another card, when they reach a total of 17 points, and that they must hit, which means that they are obligated to take another card, when their total points are equal to 16 or less

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