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15 Sep 09 The basic of video poker game

Often, when there are many choices, the beginner will do better starting by making the simpler choices. Online video poker certainly gives players many options to choose from, and playing simply and then moving onto more complex variants is the best way to learn the game.

The two main categories that players will find are multi-hand games, and single hand video poker games. Multi-handed games are when players play multiple games at one time which can range anywhere between four and one hundred games being played at one time. This certainly adds excitement and increases the player’s interest in the game, with wagers increasing according to the number of hands. It is important for the new player to remember that it is best to first become used to the game and learn the strategy of play before attempting multi-handed games. Start small and take it slowly from there.

When playing single handed video poker games, there are still many varieties to learn and choose from. The basic video poker game, and therefore a good place to begin, is Jacks or Better. Variants will introduce wild cards, for example in Deuces Wild. When choosing other video poker variants, the average payout ratio remains pretty much the same, so this does not need to be part of the deciding questions that the player will ask when choosing which variation of online video poker to play. Most still agree that beginners should start with Jacks or Better because the game is simpler and the strategy is simpler to learn.

The larger online casino software providers all offer a similar video poker game when it comes to the basic rules and payouts. The differences become apparent when looking at the different features that are offered. Features that are of little consequence to online video poker players are features such as sound, since this is not needed for online video poker. New players also need not worry about statistical analysis charts that are offered since they are likely to be more confusing than helpful at the beginning.

One of the main features that helps new players is the feature which automatically marks certain cards as ‘Hold,’ when they make up a paying combination. This helps new players to immediately see that they have a winning hand. When you have been dealt a winning hand, it is best not to break it up. This feature helps to guide the new player to more payouts and helps them to learn the game while playing.

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