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02 Nov 09 Texas Holdem Strategy

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player in Texas Holdem Poker it is important that you place emphasis on the staring hand requirements.

You need not really research statistically by writing down the number of hands you play and the number of flops you play and the bluffs you make and the number of drown in the river round and number of winnings in your play.

The data base of several million poker players has been analyzed by statisticians and they have even completed their doctorate degrees by providing statistical proofs of evidence of why a particular hand with a certain pocket card would win or would not win based on statistical odds.

Unlike complicated card games holdem is being played with just one deck of cards and the statistics and the research insight to the topic was lot easier. Years of grueling research and burning of midnight oil has been summarized in to recommended playable hands in Texas Holdem as strong hands, medium hands and weak hands.

It has been repeatedly proven that the results are indicative of practical play results.  Though in rare circumstances the weaker hands might win where the table is abnormally favorable in the deal with other players folding out of competition.

However, to start with get used to the recommended playable hands in holdem and follow the one liner tip of action provided there for every kind of hand. Learn a bit about betting wisely and you are on your way to making a good strategic start in holdem regardless of which betting structure you are playing in

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