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  1. Thou shall expect to lose. Do not expect too much, you should also expect to lose because you might lose. Don’t get mad when you lose instead just think of it as payment for the entertainment and its part of the game.
  2. Thou shall honor thy gambling debts. A man with integrity and truthfulness will put honor on to his words and doings especially in paying debts. If you lose you should pay for it and there is no excuse.
  3. Thou shall trust the odds, not intuition. You should believe in proven mathematical strategies and tactics not on intuition and instincts. Although odds are built in favor of casino for they do not rely on the luck of their dealer and players but you should remember also that knowing the strategies are much more accurate than hunching.
  4. Thou shall not over bet thy bankroll. You might read this before but it’s worth repeating. Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, always set limitations and stick to your budget. You don’t need to mortgage or loan money just for gambling. Plays with money you can afford, or shall I say entertainment money.
  5. Thou shall not cheat. True gentle man will always play fairly and plainly. Cheating is not advisable and can’t be trusted for it wont last.
  6. Thou shall covet good rules. To improve your chances of winning then know your game be familiar with the appropriate rules and eliminate the bad rules and seek out for the directive possible.
  7. Thou shall not trust in betting systems. Especially Insurance betting systems and Negative progression betting system for requires higher and bigger bank roll and also very risky and perilous.
  8. Thou shall take thy profit and run. The advantage of us players is we can quit anytime we want from the game. If you already generated a good profit be ready and prepared to quit if deluge turns. Do not wait until you lose your hard generated profits it is your money so take it as soon as the luck still shines on you.
  9. Thou shall not drink while playing. You need to concentrate and focus on your game, so do not drink for you to have clear ideas on calculating the odds.
  10. Thou shall have gambling etiquettes. We know that you have read this before but again it’s worth repeating. Gambling is more enjoyable and pleasure to play when people are well-mannered, courteous, disciplined and respectful. 

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