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21 Oct 09 The basics rules and strategy of the Craps and bets


In the craps table it will run into a four dealers. Which one of them they will seats on the head of the table and the bank and supervises the game. The firs dealer is called box man, and second dealer its stands on the opposite side of the table and grabs dice and bets in the end of each throw with a help of a long wooden stick. This dealer is called the stickman. And the reaming dealer’s stands of each side of the table supervise their sides and pay out winning to the players on their side.

The Shooter:

For those players it can throw the dice it is called the shooter. By each shooter he must throw the dice not so higher than the level of his side’s the way the dice will hit the opposite wall of the table before falling. Every time the shooter will be rolls in 7, and he is replacing with the next player in clockwise direction. Each shooter must be good manner in all player and do not make any advantage by the other players.

Betting Scheme:

The other kind of games it is quite and simple, while the betting scheme of craps is a bit complex. Each game is having different kind of bets, rules and they will provide different odds. Pass line and come bets, automatically followed by free odds bet in the case of winning, are the most advantageous bets in craps. That’s why there are more players just only place these bets and do not touch any others. Here we give you descriptions of some of craps bets, recommending you to use only pass line or options.

  • Pass line:

You must place the bets in sequences. Every sequence will begins after the shooter rolls into 7, and the new shooter will enters or in the previous sequence ends in the favor of the players. At first the roll of the sequence shows 7 or 11, and for all players who will bet on pass line they will automatically win. If 2, 3 or 12 come out on the first roll, all pass line bettors lose. Otherwise, the number shown on the first roll is call point number. When the point number comes out before the shooter rolls, 7, pass line bettors win, otherwise they lose. And the opposite bet, which is won if the point number does not appear before 7 is called “Do not Pass bet”.

  • Come bet:

They were the same with the pass bet, but you will be start in any roll.  In other words, come bet starts its won sequence, when pass line sequence is in progress.

  • Free Odds

It will be given in the bets into the pass line and come bettors and they will make a point. Just like when the roll is paid with the real odds and the lowers house edge of pass line and come bets. The maximum size of the free odds bets is a certain multiplication of the size and the initial bet that led to it. And the number of time it will multiplied to determine through the casino. If they have a large number of this, the lower is the house edge in the game. Usually in the pass line and come bets followed by the free odds bet generate about 1.4 percent house edge.

  • Seven and Eleven

This is called one-roll bets. When the seven or eleven comes out in the second roll 7 or 11 bets win accordingly. This bets are paid 4 to 1, while the actual odds are 5 to 1 (house edge: 16.66 percent)

  • Place and Buy:

You will be place the bets 5 and 9 and carry a house advantage it is 4% and place bets into 4 to 10 carry the house advantage is 6.6%.

  • Craps

This will be the big 6 to 8 bets and they are the same by placing the 6 to 8 except these bets and pay even money, and house advantage9.1%.

  • Horn

They have a hard way bets, lay bets, horn bets, etc. It will have four bets to place on two, three, twelve and 11. When the two or twelve come out, the player is paid 30 to 1, and the actual odds are 35 to 1.3 and 11 are paid 15 to 1 with actual odds is 17 to 1. The house advantage over all four bets is 66.66 %.

If they have more odds exist in craps, they will describe that will be wasting of time, it because they are more disadvantageous in every players. By the knowing on how the pass line bet works that could be ready successfully play in craps.

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11 Oct 09 Learn how to win European Blackjack

In the European Blackjack it is the quite straight forward of the game. When the dealer it has a higher hand than you or the sum of your cards is over 21, you lose. Don’t think it concerned about the cards to other players on the table. They will give you the more importance when counting cards for strategy.

The new version of the Classic Blackjack to play exclusively with a single 52-card deck, and they will offer the nice chance for winning. Just like the other game, Blackjack are having a certain rules. This will be played with a single deck, which is shuffled after the completion of every hand/game. There are more ways in every blackjack players, to increase their chance of winning. Even if you are novice, intermediate or advanced player, the following tips can increase for you chances of winning.

  • Bear in your mind that the blackjack is a game of skill. There is no many players work to build their blackjack skills and play purely on chance.
  • Blackjack it is game name to beat the dealer, don’t ever try and get closes as possible to 21.
  • Even you were bring the edge in a low level in blackjack, does not a game that you can consistently win on. That is the most important of all the blackjack tips to keep in mind; you can’t win every time you played, be a good player and accept that you are losses just only a part of game.
  • It is possible to play with basic strategy and to work the house edge down to under 1%
  • You must keep away for being insurance offered. You need have a strong feeling that the dealer has blackjack, and you must be aware of what cards are left in the deck.
  • You need to know when to stop. A winning streak on blackjack won’t last forever. If you aren’t winning much, save your funds for another session.

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17 Sep 09 Online Craps Strategies you must be Avoid

There are a number of systems that are available for craps, most of which – if not all of them – need to be avoided. Those selling craps systems on the Internet use catchy phrases to lure in buyers. They usually state that there are secrets known only to an elite few craps players who play the game professionally, and now wish to share it with you.

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Do not believe promises of wins, or any other fanciful claims that are made about online craps strategies. Craps, along with most other online casino games, is a game of chance. Random number generators decide the outcome of such games, and there is no such thing as a “hot or cold” craps table. The claims made by those trying to get you to buy their so-called foolproof systems are bogus, and should be ignored.

The testimonials offered by those selling the bogus craps systems are from unknown people. There is a good chance that they have been fabricated and are not real testimonials at all. The only one who will ever win by either selling or buying this system is the seller who walks away with your money in their pocket.
Even though craps is a game of chance, those who learn mathematical strategies that they can use in craps games, can certainly end up with the edge over the house at times. In order to have the advantage over the house, players do need to spend some time learning mathematical strategies.

The best way to win at craps is to use mathematical strategy. All the information needed for mathematical strategy to help you play a better craps game is to be found free on the Internet. It does not take long to do a simple search on the World Wide Web for this information.

It is important to, once again, stress that there are no hidden secrets, so do not buy any craps strategy books that claim that there are. If you feel that you would like to invest some of your hard-earned money in some information on how to win at craps, rather purchase a strategy book that explains the mathematics you need to place more advantageous bets in craps. Again, with a little research, this information is available for free on the Internet.

If you have already purchased a bogus craps strategy, do not spend time being frustrated. Rather, put it down to experience, and begin learning things that will help you to play a better craps game!

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I am hoping that you find this article interesting as it is, because the real SYMBOL OF GAMBLING was here this can help you on ho to play the roulette game. This can is very useful for the resources for the intermediate players. Here are the tips that need to be done the beginners and the experienced players:

Ø For the beginners the very first thing you need to do is to read all the information about the game roulette and the differences between the roulette systems.

Ø Stepping up to the next level the next thing to do is to evaluate where you can play and download roulette for free so that you can practice if you want to.

Ø Another thing that the beginners need to expand is the knowledge on how to play the roulette game either online casinos or land based casino.

There are no assurance that every time you play this game you always comes up to win, however if it is lady luck knocking your way then big cash prizes will surely make you so crazy. Double the instinct and be wise while playing any casino games.

There are some offers that casinos have in roulette game like:

There are single-zero wheels almost all of the casinos
Single-zero compartments for the European roulette wheels
Double-zero compartments for the North America while the house edge is increases

As the roulette wheel being recognize in the casino it gives another satisfaction feeling for the players who wants to experiences another thrill with so much fun and the tension while playing in wheel as the symbol of the gambling. In the systems of casino games it is often for the players increasing their chances of winning.

More than anything else the roulette wheel was not that popular in the United States , like any other casino games that we know. The luck was turning up and down until it hit the winning number.

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15 Sep 09 The Perfect Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino game in which there is a significant element of skill. In games like roulette, craps and slots the only decisions the player takes is how much to wager and on which bet. In blackjack however the player has to continuously take decisions. Either to hit, stand, split double and surrender. With the right playing of online casino blackjack can have a payout percentage of 99%. However, online casinos report lower actual payout percentages. This is because most blackjack players are not aware of perfect strategy and this enables the casinos to make more money than they should. Hence if you want to play blackjack regularly it is essential that you know perfect blackjack strategy.

The first aspect of blackjack to be aware about is that there are many variants played with different rules. The player will need to adopt different strategies for different variants. There is no one shoe fits all type of strategy. As a new player it can be difficult to deal with many variants so you should pick on one game and focus on that. Two factors have discernible impact on basic strategy. One is the rule for the dealer when he has a soft 17. Some variants force the dealer to stand other variants force the dealer to hit. For the player it is better if the dealer is forced to stand, other things being equal. However other things are never equal in practice. Games that force the dealer to stand on a soft 17 toggle the other rules to take back the advantage. The other factor is the number of decks used. The less the number of decks used the better it is for the player. Again in the games that play with one deck the other rules are adjusted to neutralize the advantage. Hence for a beginner it is not so important which variant you choose as it is to be aware of the rules of the variant chosen.

Blackjack strategy is stated in the form of strategy cards. These cards are classified as follows. There are separate cards for one-deck games, for two-deck games and for games with four or more decks. Also there are separate cards for games where the dealer stands on a soft 17 and where a dealer hits on a soft 17. The first step is to choose the appropriate strategy card. These cards would be available in all blackjack strategy books and also on the Internet. The second step is to learn to read the card.

The strategy card is in the form of a table or matrix. The column headings give the value of the dealer’s face up card. These range from 2 to 10 and A for the ace. Note that all picture cards have a value of 10. The row headings give the present value of the player’s hand. The headings have totals from 8 to 17 and certain combinations of soft totals and pairs. The player has to locate the cell that corresponds to the dealer’s face up card and his hand and follow the instructions in that cell. The cells are both color coded and letter coded for convenience. For example if that cell has an ‘H’ the player should hit and if it has an ‘S’ the player should stand.

Players can play online blackjack with the card in front of them so there should be no need to memorize it. In due course the card will be automatically memorized and the play speed will increase.

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11 Sep 09 No Limit Texas Hold’em Strategy

No Limit Holdem Texas Poker the most frequently played in tournaments, though it has gained a lot of ground in cash games in recent years due to the upswing in tournament play. This kind of game is growing faster not like other poker because they were covered in TV coverage but there isn’t that much information out there teaching people how to play. There is much kind of books about how to play limit games, some of books there is no limit tournament play, but is not really about the regular any limit games. No Limit Holdem Texas if you are the beginner play you must start with low-buy in, no limit tournaments

Target Audience

This kind of article it is useful for every new player. I was written this article for typical casino no limit games and you will in the online: $25,$50,$100,$200 buy-in games. But this article is about tournament play even some of the concepts apply to that as well.

Who are you Opponents?
The number one concepts you must to dictate your play for who are your opponents. But you need to wait, you didn’t tell you which starting hands to play in which position. For those table is grouping. Forget all that nonsense! Most of the poker books fail to mention that should adjust your game based on the people you are playing with. If they are more talk about hand selection, position, odds, etc. This concepts is very important for all, and for my idea, changing the style is the best for play in the competition is the most important lesson in no limit holdem. It doesn’t like holdem which is very mechanical; no limit holdem affords a good player more options. If you are play more, you will make moves depending on whom you are against.

How Much to Bet
When you are play this game most is especially in no Limit Holdem Texas, be sure that you should know the question, how much to bet. There are many of the players that they are talking about the raising amount. If you are playing at the amount of $100 no limit buy in games and the blinds should be in one half, that’s totally normal can rise from $6-10 preflop. If there is some people raising different amount, in several it take more than in the doubled big blind, but it is usually take into 3 or 4 times the big blind. It will depend how much you should rise.

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