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25 Sep 09 Golden Tiger Casino

Golden Tiger Casino- it is a part of the established Casinos Rewards group and it also one of the largest casino. It’s an old group and has a very good reputation for all casinos from this group are trusted and fair. Golden Tiger Casino is one of the earliest casinos and to be granted a license by Micro gaming.
The best thing of this casino software is having an expert mode, and it has the utility that can be used automatically in your casino game play. These kinds of games it offer you the option on to earn comp points for all Casino Rewards Group. The Golden Tiger Casino it is available in both of the download version and the Flash version

Bonuses / Promotions

The bonus promotions if you are the first member you can get $50 matching bonus, on the top of your first deposit. And you will get up to $250 Free on a $500 and you have a big bonus. And you have a free for the first hour, what ever you win is yours to keep at the Golden Tiger Casino. Golden Tiger Casino gives $1500 for no deposit required, if the clock will start during an hour you need to win more money as you can. If the is done all your winning will be transferred in your personal account. If you want to receive you bonus you must be at least $40.

For those players who did not claim their winnings for the free play bonus hour that will entitle to receive the spin in the Second Chance Wheel. Together with the free play promotions and the Second Chance Wheel will give you a chance to win Bonus at your first purchase up to the amount spun on the Wheel.

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24 Sep 09 Captain Cooks Casino

Captain Cooks Casino is one of the best games in the online casino sites. It is the part of the Prima Poker network which cans gives you instants access some of the most of exciting online poker action. Captain Cooks Poker players can enjoy the same atmosphere and fun they’ve come to expect from their Casino namesake while participating in tournaments or playing one-on-one games.
It was in 1999 Captain Cooks were opened back they claim to fame of paying the largest online jackpot ever when the Major Millions jackpot of $1,594,649.21 was won there on the 30th May 202. Captain Cooks Casino is named after the famous explorer Captain James Cook and the casino is themed around his ship – even complete with the authentic creaking of the ships timbers as sound effects. The customer service staff is the crew, and you may receive communication from someone signing themselves as The First Mate or an Able Seaman

Captain Cook Casino it has the excellent service and with the speedy amiable service from the customer service staff. These kinds of game have a good quality site that all gamers are sure to return for their no-frills online gambling. The casino has an impressive portfolio of awards to its name, illustrating how well regarded Captain Cook Casino is amongst its players. My experience of the casino was that they are whiling to go to great lengths to satisfy the customer’s needs by offering personalized bonuses and excellent customer support.
Captain Cook become popular with a good promotions, exceptional games, and excellent customer services, but most important have an excellent fair game using roulette software.

Bonus and Promotions

Captain Cooks Casino they will offers excellent matching bonus of $50 for $50. This bonus it will available for the real cash players only at the casino. If you are signing up in a Captain Cook’s Casino is not means the best online gaming experience available, but you will need also to access the casino rewards loyalty program which is in a league of its own. You will not accumulate loyalty points which be redeemed at one 16 casinos, but you need to check of highly competitive weekly and monthly promotions meaning you can accumulate VIP points quicker.

Software and Graphics

Captain Cooks Casino is using the software of microgaming, it was voted best casino software it was in 2004. The new VIPER platform provides graphics that will blow you away. Captain Cook is awarded by the online casino that recognized by the Casino Player Magazine in seven of ‘2001’ one of the best categories for online gaming including. You can see from the outset the best casino theme that is not your average Microgaming casino.

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24 Sep 09 Casino Classic

Casino Classic is not only boasting a massive collection of over 200 of the recent flash download. The Micrigaming games, Major Millions and Video Poker it also offers a welcome bonus of 1 hour and $500 free for new real cash players. When you are done in a free hour, you can keep whatever you win.

If want to register this game is quick and easy, when you have claimed your free bonus, you can be play of your favorites and earned fantastic rewards in minutes! The Casino Classic is trusted than other casino and it is honest and gaming and have 24/7 support for all players. And you will be rewarded with unbeatable loyalty points and exciting promotions.


Casino Classic it was offer a real cash for those players $500 and it will have 1 hour to make more money in the casino as they can! The important thing to do is download the software, register a real account and after registering you can sit back and enjoy playing for the first hour on the house. This will give a big opportunity into the real test out all the great games that they have offer.


It was February 2005 the casino classic was launched by the most popular software and brand of Microgaming. Most of the casino offers the best especially in the popular games including blackjack,video poker and slots. Casino Classic have a new VIPER platform it means gaming excellence and maximum fun factor as well as a continual roll out of exciting new games for you to try.


If you are already a member of Casino Classic, you’re instantly awarded in a free membership to the premier loyalty program online. Because of the Casino Rewards, every player are getting back if the online casino have more rewards, more promotions and have a great giveaways. Earning loyalty points at the Casino Rewards does not restrict you to play at one casino. Instead, when you play at any of the 12 partners casinos, your loyalty points will collect in you one central Casino Rewards account.


Speaking of security, casino classic it has serious and security. They have 128- bet encryption in every player transaction. This will be employed and ensures about your details and data they still remain confidentially. And the withdrawal method is industry it has a standard and the every angles it was covered that will provide with the security from the online casino this time.

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There are different software providers who supply the needs of the internet casinos and they also got there licensing software to online casino operators. Most of the online casino have there own propriety software, but almost all of the license software from one of the many software providers peddling their wares to the online casino industry. These are the principle software licensors of the online casino industry:

  • CRYPTOLOGIC- leader with their software and services license by the worlds most trusted gaming and entertainment brands.
  • BOSS MEDIA- known for their unique integration, they are also distinguished for there four core divisions such as WEBSITE HOSTING, DATABASE DEVELOPMENT, WEBSITE SERVICES and CONTENT MANAGEMENT for online casino industry.
  • MICROGAMING- this software provider conduct a variety of thrilling games and large real cash prizes, because of the unmatched research and development team most of the internet casino trust this software provider.

     This are just few of the known software licensors in the internet casino industry and there are still more software providers that exist in this industry because this is one of the greatest business that will take a multi-million-dollar money in the future.

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24 Jul 09 Top 3 Online Casino Software providers

Generally people or community might hear or even have played online casinos, internet casinos or virtual casinos. But absolutely 90 % most of them don’t have an idea of what is all about and what is happening behind the scenes. Apparently they are focusing and busy with their games without trying to understand how it goes and how does it perform.

Basically all online casinos are the software running on your computer, which is connected to the casino servers using the internet connection. This software must be durable, proven and tested and can be trusted. The major differences between the software among online casinos are in the graphics, the games played, the quality, the security and the bonuses and benefits offered. There are major software traders or wholesaler, which personalize versions of their software for different gambling companies and organizations. Here are the top 3 major providers namely: PLaytech, Microgaming and Realtime gaming software provider.

PLaytech – is a gaming software development company and one of the leading gambling software manufacturers founded in 1999. And now PLaytech has come forward as the top online gambling software provider in Asia . PLaytech provides software for most well liked games such as for online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo games and fixed odds arcade games.

Microgaming – is one of the oldest, largest and major names in software development and distribution to online casinos operated in 1994. Microgaming is matchless, exceptional not only in their durability and permanence but as well as their development of networks. Currently they are controlling 120 internet casinos and 40 poker rooms. Microgaming is the biggest ever provider of software for online gaming available.

Realtime gaming – one of the quickly become one of the top 3 leading software providers, producers and manufacturers established in 1998. Considered to be one of the finest for beginners and advanced players. Real time gaming offers best online video slot games and 100 hand video poker games. Currently the only out of the major three providers that are still accepting US players.

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