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18 Aug 09 Slot land Casino Belt’s Loosen after they Produces Second Winner in a Month

Who among of us don’t want to win big cash prizes in casinos? Everybody loves winning, for less than a month after their last big progressive jackpot winner the Slot land jackpot has already been hit again for the second time around. The lucky player known as MARMOTLUV, he is the one who take home $80,369 playing one of Slotland’s newer online slot machines, the Slotris. Just believe in your instinct in playing any kind of casino games. I believe that good instinct can surely make you won such big amounts, like MARMOTLUV

Excited winner stated that he used to love TETRIS when he was a kid that’s why also he loves “Slotris” a skilled game that pushes your mind to a limit with each increasing level completed,  he was also exclaimed that he won lots of smaller amounts over the years I’ve been playing at Slotland, The man was never expected to win big, as a matter of fact he never dream to hit the huge jackpot in his entire life! He stated, “The money is ready in my bank account – but not for long!” He will surely play again in casino games because he proven his self already, that lady luck was in his side. Or some say that he might give to the charities and share the blessing that he have.

After how many years Slotland an online casino was very famous after hitting every six weeks and so on sometimes they are being hit between $100 and $150K. The fact, that this is not the first time that the big amount was being won by MARMOTLUV in Slotland casino. This is also one of the reasons that a lot of gamblers keep coming back in this place not only for fun but also to for the huge amount that they are aiming to win.

There’s no such accurate date, time and place in winning jackpot. Of course there’s no predicting when a jackpot will be won. You must always remember that every time a player places a bet that qualifies for the progressive jackpot (a max bet is required in most games) part of their wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. That pool keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot. But if you are so lucky enough you will probably be like MARMOLUV.

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 Rapid changes were fast approaching in our society today and so does the technology. I remember years ago when the Internet was in its infancy. Going beyond our imagination is sometimes we really love to do.. We people began logging on and spending more times “surfing the web,” trying to browse anything as long as we wanted, there were warnings that we could become a society of recluses locked away from human contact and social contact but we do believe that of course that never happened. In fact, over the years as technology advanced, we are indulging in different paces in the internet and together with that we became a global society interacting with others via Internet sites, instant messaging, blogs and other social media sites.

We prioritize modern technology while some of us have allowed meeting and making new friends with those people that we share a common interest with. We may have never met these people without the technological advancements that have changed our social interactions with others. Living in the spell of internet is not that easy also. We want to impose to our mind that this technology is not limited to just the internet. It is creeping into other areas of our lives.  Yes! This is true everything we do sometimes really appreciating the outcome being addicted with the internet. Year after year things happen to change same thing on casinos, there are casinos in land but people believe that it is more fun to have an access on different casino games if they have casino also on internet and that’s where that slot machines were being started.

For the record in the casino, most of the social interaction among the players came by playing the casino table games. We simply playing little by little, like the food we ate the little we chat the more we love it.  For most of us, playing a slot machine was a solitary endeavor. It is devastating for the gamblers playing slot machines not knowing the rules and the game. The slot makers are using new technology to design slot games that will allow the players to win a communal jackpot.. This slot machine being used in the society will let slot players enjoy more of a social atmosphere when they play their favorite games. They do not stop thinking different variations and different kinds of techniques on winning the game; this is simply because they love to play slots. A lot of gamblers addicted on this game. What was really more exciting about this game is the winning amount, nothing more is happier winning in different casino games either by land on internet.

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Among millions of blackjack players only a small amount of people got good enough to beat the casinos at blackjack, but the casino won’t stop searching for the best blush of the card counting revolution. Knowing that the blackjack is the most popular table game ever in early 1960’s but somehow it was replaced before, but that’s not as huge as monster it once was. So, to make the blackjack win as the machine slot do, the player itself  must be lose but the pattern of his losses was not the same with the pattern of the slot player loses. Slot players are trained and accept the fact that every now and then they losses and once get a “big Boom!” or to keep the game flowing.

      Money making animals for the casino are the slot machines and the blackjack or they are so called an endanger specie that trying to be like the other one to be protected and uses there best asset to in order to win the game as big as possible.

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19 Jul 09 Great – Slot Machines

Everyone has seen it (on TV or not) – a man or woman hits the jackpot on the slots. The machine is ringing and the lucky winner is jumping and screaming! If you’ve ever walked into a casino, the slots are infectious. Dazzling lights and graphics, cute little bells and jingles everywhere you turn, calling your name – how can any one resist!

Known by a few different names around the world (fruit machines, poker machines, or even the one-armed bandit), slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and make up around 70% of an average casino’s income.

The object of the game is to win as much money as you can play at your favorite casino. Typical slot machines are coin or ticket operated with three or more reels that spin when a lever is pulled or when a button on the machine or on the screen is pushed. A slot machine will pay out based on the pattern of symbols on the front of the machine when the reels stop.

It has several types of slot machines which have pay lines from 3-100 lines and all players have different ways to wager anything. Including all bonuses of the games like free spin features and most of it are known on TV shows and movies.

This game is openly involves any skill on the players’ because all slots machines installed are computer programmed.

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