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13 Dec 09 Slot Machine Payout Percentages

slotmaschineOne of the most interesting academic discussions to have about slot machines is the discussion about payout percentages. There are two basic types of payout percentages associated with any gambling activity, the theoretical payout percentage and the actual payout percentage. The theoretical payout percentage is based on a player playing perfect strategy and represents the maximum yield based on the game underlying statistics that it could have. The actual payout percentage is compiled through empirical data by taking the amount of money the house wins and comparing it to the amount of money the house loses in order to compute a percentage of money that the house returns to the player for each particular game.

For slot machines, there are many slot machines where the theoretical and actual payout percentages are identical. These would be single pay line slot machines with a one coin maximum, otherwise known as the classic one-armed bandits. The reason that the two payout percentages are identical for this slot machine type is that there are no user choices in the actual game. You simply put your money in and spin the reels. This means that over the long run, the actual and theoretical payout percentages will converge and for practical terms will remain identical to each other.

For the next class up of slot machine, things are a little bit different. This would be the second version of the one-armed bandit where the player has a choice of betting one, two or three coins per spin. Since the best odds are always going to be present at the top coinage amounts regardless of the class of slot machine being played, players can actually end up giving themselves worse than normal odds by playing less than three coins per spin. This means that the theoretical payout percentage could be based on the three coin maximum, but if most players on the machine play less than three coins per spin the actual payout percentage could be quite a bit lower than that. For these types of slot machines, it is not uncommon to have a theoretical payout percentage in excess of 99% and an actual payout percentage in the 95% to 96% range.

The same is true for the new age video slot machines where there are dozens of different pay lines available. Payout percentages in the theoretical range could still be in the 99% plus range while people playing far less than the maximum number of pay lines (and therefore far less than the maximum number of coins) could bring the actual payout percentage down below 95%. These differences represent real money being lost and won and that is why knowing the difference between theoretical and actual payout percentages for slot machines is important.

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13 Sep 09 The Basic of the Slot Machine

Online Slot is one of most popular games around the world; it is advisable to read rules carefully before playing. At this time online slot have become from the original heavy slot machine also known as one arm bandits. Even if the online slot is based in same objective of beating machine and have a certain adjustments, were necessary in order to transform the slot into a viable form of entertainment via the Internet. You must to take care of your payment in other ways.

These day online slots have a different forms, size and shapes, but all them was base on the original principle. And the different types are including the 3 and 5 reel games in addition into the progressive slot machines games. The hundred of the different are offers pursuit in the various themes to suit for all most everyday taste.
How to Play Online Slots
Learning how to play online slots  you will choose first the best online casino location for online slots gaming. The most important you can felt confident in choosing gaming site and safe casino location, many of the player were focus attention of the slot game in hand. In the next stage you choose the online game according to the personal taste out of the wide range of attractive slots that are available at the majority of best online casino sites.

And the virtual coins you should be inserted in the selected slot machine. The prompts or commands for action are usually set out on the screen. The common factor of this game is to obtain the winning combination of symbols on the pay line of the spinning reels. And for the play we must select the amount of coins to be used for the particular game. It is the very simple steps just press ‘spin’ or ‘play’. In the eventually of a successful game, the winning amount will automatically be credited.
Classic Slots
Classic slots are most traditional form of online slots.  The classic slots it also referred to as basic slots, and featuring the amount of prize money that it doesn’t altered according to the size of the bet place on the slot machine. Classic slots are consist 3 reels and having several paylines. And the classic slots has one playline is called single-line, if it is more are called multi- line. It is more interesting to note that classic slots may contain either single or multi playlines. The most important is to note when playing a multi payline slot, the players must bet the max coins in order to have a chance of winning the largest prize.
Random Number Generator
The random number generator is the brain of the slot machine. The RNG ensures that the outcome or a spin of the slots’ reels depends entirely on chance. The RNG is incorporated into each slot machine’s software in order to ensure a fair and honest game of the player.

Progressive Slot Machine Games
These kind of slot are providing particularly way to play the game with an attractive incentive. It is featured of progressive slots it is usually massive jackpot prize. Just like any game it can accessed from any online site that features the same game.  The small contribution to the jackpot is made of each player of the slot game. For those players will see the screen that the jackpot prize is constantly increasing.
Slot Machine Tips

  • You need to read first the rule and term before throwing your money.
  • Don’t with your money if you cant afford to lose
  • Don’t expect to anything
  • Don’t worry about hot or cold machines. There’s really no such thing, and if someone claims to be able to point those machines out to you, they’re probably just a little weird anyway.
  • Join the slot club and take advantage of the comps and rebates available for slot players.
  • Take advantage of the free drinks if you’re drinker, and order something expensive.
  • Play the highest denomination machine you can afford, but don’t play one that’s higher denomination than you can afford. Higher denomination machines have better and bigger payouts, but still shouldn’t play above you bankroll.
  • Don’t waste your money on most slot machine books, or ebooks. You won’t learn anything too interesting from them anyway.
  • There are many of slot gamers that were recommend for free slot games available online in order to know more method of play
  • Much better you will use the online casinos for the method payment.
  • For those player should bear there mind that is the game for chance and aim to enjoy the slot entertainment.

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23 Aug 09 The Lucky 18 Casino Leads to Aztec’s Millions- free Online Games

The Lucky 18 Casino is powered by Real Time Gaming. Currently, Aztec’s Millions is one of the biggest progressive online casino slots jackpots at Real Time Gaming also powered by Lucky 18 Casino. Azte’s Millions there are many free online free games they were provide.

When the online casino business is putting their efforts into getting through the last month of the summer, providing free online games is at all time something that attracts and make them to return to the site. At the Lucky there are hundreds of these games that can be played and enjoy the players.

Aztec’s Millions, a five reel slot game, has a current jackpot of over $1 million. There are quite a few numbers of games across the world in which the jackpots are that big. When it comes Aztec;s Millions, this game is all about the money, not the graphics or anything else.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino
Europa Casino Bonus

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09 Aug 09 Rival Online Casinos Spy Game and I-Slot

The most entertaining slots of existing it are called I –Slots. It is also known as and” interactive slot machine” I- Slots they engage the players with unfolding storyline that plays out in sync in the amount of time. Certainly you can play online I- slot through your iPhone , the I- slot is nothing to do with Macintosh online casinos.

The latest I- Slot it is called “Spy Game “it has everything to do with espionage and adventure. The schedule it was release on August 10, 2009” the Spy game it will be available for play (practice mode or real money) several Rival Gaming online casinos. For those not familiar with Rival Gaming, they are top- shelf software developer providing fairness certified software solutions one of the most popular in the US today.

Offering a small, but growing handful of I-slot titles, Rival Gaming powered online casinos offer a complete gaming package with some of the best welcome casino bonuses suited for slots play. Some licensees, like Superior Casino, also offer bonuses that can be used to play table games, like Blackjack, as well.

As for “Spy Game”, it will be available at all of Rival Gaming’s licensees. See the OCS Rival Casinos page for a list of the top Rival casinos in business today.

As is the case with all I-slots, “Spy Game” is a video slot offering multiple betting lines of action. In this case, there are fifteen pay lines – each allowing up to five coins wagered per spin. Coin denominations begin at 0.01 and go up in four increments to 0.50. The default jackpot per pay line is 200, and will reach 800 with a 4x multiplier on the free spin feature and 2,400 with the 12x multiplier on the free spin feature with a wild. Three or more free spin symbols will trigger a 10 free spins feature with 4x winnings, which are tripled to 12 xs with a wild multiplier. One of the best things of all about the “Spy Game” I-slot are the three, mission-based bonus rounds offering up to 660 in extra bonus winnings.

In terms of graphics and playability, just when you thought the I-slots couldn’t get more innovative, “Spy Game” boasts new dynamic free spin animations and high resolution win animations. And best of all, there’s some great animations of James Bond-ish characters and sexy, bikini clad babes.

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09 Aug 09 Rival Takes Us Back to the Sixties

Online casinos release new slots as often as they can in order to keep their slot players attention, and to cater to different tastes by introducing new themes and variations of slots. Some online casino software providers offer game releases that fit in with different themes according to the time of the year.

Rival Gaming has released yet another slot game, this time taking us back to the sixties. The slot game is call the Psychedelic Sixties, and will be fun and interesting for those who lived through the sixties themselves, as well as giving a good idea of what the sixties were like to those who missed them!

Psychedelic Sixties is packed with flower power, “free love,” and hippies. The game is filled with enough reminders of the well-known era to make players feel like they have re-visited this special decade. The well-chosen symbols also include hearts, motorbikes, lava lamps, tambourines, smiley faces, yin and yang symbols, and of course the well-known peace symbol which became synonymous with hippies of the sixties. Both female and male hippies are in good supply, with groovy music that will help to get players into the mood.

This fun-filled sixties slot game is a 5 reel and 20 pay line slot game. The game is filled with wild symbols, great bonuses and good payouts. Mini games are played when the slot players has earned the necessary bonuses. The maximum jackpot associated with this game is $30,000, which can be won by those players that play maximum coins. The jackpot increases in size for those players that have hit the necessary symbols, and have also received multipliers, while playing the maximum bet possible.

For one of the mini games available with the Psychedelic Sixties slot machine game, players will drive through some of the larger cities that were well-known to hippies, in a VW Bus. The task is to fill the bus with as many hippies as you can, each one increasing the size of your bonus, as you take them on their way to attend a Woodstock type of concert

Psychedelic Sixties is played on the new i-slot platform. The i-slot platform is an innovation of Rival, and has become very popular in both the UK and the US. Interactive slot machine games are slot games that offer more authentic play, including more and better graphics and animations, and the addition of mini games.

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Staying the money intact and keeping those costumers in casino at Ohio is the main problem of the state. They are worried for the expansion gambling in the state that can also affect their revenues, as Ohio players will no longer have to travel to play. Governor Ted Strickland gives an order to the Ohio lottery officials that they need to install some slot machines at state race tracks. Two-thirds of the resident in Ohio was ready to approve four casino licenses. Making their casino better and more interesting is the main goal of the Ohio government.

Pennsylvania gets an extensive gaming business in Ohio but an Ohioans spend almost $1 billion dollars gambling at casinos in neighbor states such as Indiana , West Virginia and Michigan . Moody’s gaming analyst stated that Michigan will hurt the most if the referendum passes, Ohio ’s four largest cities would get full casino gambling, with slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. Other states will examine if what games they might offer to keep Ohio players returning, they have to address not just the needs of the costumer but also to the patrons best deal, in this way they keep their costumers intact to their casino. One of the reasons why costumers do not come back to the casino is due to lack of services, returns on gaming, comp and even uncomfortable surroundings to play.

If this things wont change there is a possibility that casino won’t operate and close, because they cannot provide the needs of their costumers. If they can maintain the good services, returns on gaming, comp and etc. this will give them and A grade, make it top of list, and this will surely keep money at home.

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