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25 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-The Origin and Spread of Poker

Video-Strip-Poker-PCAnyone who frequents the casinos will know that Poker is the most popular card game played at casinos and poker rooms all around the world as well as at hundreds of online casinos.

Where did poker originate? This question proved to be complex with well debated answers. There have always been several theories that made the rounds with no clear evidence. There is one thing that everyone agrees on, that poker has its origin in our history and has been played for ages.

One of its ancestral games is said to have been played as early as 1526. The most popular origination theory is that the French developed a game called “poque” and it was first played in 1803. Poque did not become famous until the Civil War, when it was played by soldiers during their spare time. The earliest versions of poker were said to originate with them. From America, the game is said to have spread throughout the world. Las Vegas, also known as the entertainment capital is home to thousands of casinos and poker rooms.

An interesting story is that in 1871, a U.S. Minister, on his visit to Great Britain explained the game to a few members of the British court. When Queen Victoria herself expressed an interest in the game, the U.S. Minister printed a set of rules specifically for her and sent them over.

Poker used to be called the “cheating game”, and was said to have been given the name “poker” by a professional gambler named Jonathan H. Green.

Poker has earned the distinction of being the uncrowned king of card games, which has changed forms several times since its birth. The current form involves players betting on the value of the card combination in their hands. This bet is placed into a central pot. The player holding the highest value cards or the last person holding the cards after the other players have folded, is the winner.

Video poker is also a fairly recent variation to the game, which involves playing this game like any other slot machine.

Poker and the jargon of the game have become very popular even with people who do not really know how to play the game. Poker slang such as Beats me, call one’s bluff, pass the buck, poker face and many others have become a part of our daily lives, without most people knowing their origination

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22 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-Finding the Right Online Poker Room to Game

Casino Pokerroom Titan PokerOnline Poker is hugely popular these days, with hundreds of thousands of people gaming at various online poker rooms in the World Wide Web, from different parts of the world. But, with choices, comes the dilemma of picking a suitable free online poker room, especially for new players to learn Casino Poker Games. This article tries to stress on few important aspects that would eventually help one to zero in on the best online poker rooms Titan Poker available in the web today.

While dealing with websites, security should be the top priority. Verify if the particular poker site you are interested in is guarded by a reputed internet security service provider.

In fact, by security, it is not only financial transaction protection alone, but also fair gaming practices amongst players so that a new player could confidently wager his money in the poker room. In certain poker rooms, secret collusion between players to cheat out a new player had been reported earlier. Preempt such possibilities.

Always look for reputable online poker rooms. The ones with proper game ethics, fair financial dealings, and decent customer service should be the final choice. It is also a good idea to refer some of the online casino review sites featuring player reviews of the poker rooms they have gamed at. Such reviews tend to be neutral and to the point mostly.

Another visible indicator of a good enough poker room is the number of players it have at a time. Popular online poker rooms consistently attract lots of players, and as it had been found out, in such poker rooms, there will not be any difficulty in finding a game quickly. If players find it tiring to wait for a game table, they simply will not visit that site next time.

Next see the competition levels in a given online poker room. Since players, by visiting an online poker room, except a decent bout of poker gaming, the existing competition levels will give a hint as to what to expect at the end of the day. Playing against players, whose skills nearly match yours, only will makes the game exciting and interesting. If one does not win few pots here and there, what is the point in gaming after all?

Finally, yes, winnings as well matters. It is the expectation of winning a fortune that drives everybody irrespective of his proficiency in poker game to online poker rooms. If some poker rooms offer lucrative poker bonuses and promotions, that is additional perks. However, it is important to read the fine print detailing the poker bonus and promotional offers. Some poker rooms put up unreasonable conditions attached to their bonus offers, and such online poker rooms must be avoided. Poker bonus and promotions should benefit the players at the end of the day, and it can not be the other way around.

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14 Dec 09 What Is A Poker League?

A poker league can be defined simply in one sentence, but capturing the full meaning of the term takes a bit longer to do. For example, one might say that a poker league is a gathering of different poker players in which players play individually or in groups in order to win the league and get the prize. This definition, while not particularly detailed, gets the main point across which is that the poker league concept turns poker into a competition akin to bowling or any team sport in which the main goal is not individual achievement of victory, but rather the team or your own place within the larger league structure being as large as possible.

With individual leagues, all that is needed is enough individuals for the league to be kept interesting. Indeed, individual poker leagues are often run like long poker tournaments in which the players gather together every week and play a tournament, with players gaining points towards their league table based on their performance within the individual tournaments. After a certain number of weeks, the playoffs are either decided or alternatively the people at the top of the league charts end up receiving the awards. If you are a fan of poker television programs, this description might very well remind you of Poker Superstars, which was one of the most famous televised poker shows. It followed a format that could very easily be considered a poker league.

That having been said however, poker leagues are not really associated with individuals in their colloquial use, but rather are associated instead with teams. This means that people get together into teams and then play games against other teams with the purpose of making the playoffs or winning the league outright if there is nothing available past the round robin stage of the league. Leagues can be run as substitution leagues in which each team can replace players throughout the tournament and each team plays through one seat at the poker table, or they can be run on a sum of individual achievement in which team players play at different tables and each player contributes points to their team based on their own table performance.

These types of poker leagues are not that popular yet online, but are becoming popular as people realize how much fun is out there for them to have through these types of league events. Poker leagues allow you to make poker into a team activity with your friends instead of play against them and for that reason it holds a large amount of wonder for many of the people around. Ultimately, one might expect poker leagues to become the dominant form of poker entertainment online, but that time is still likely a long way off judging by the present moment in time.

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12 Dec 09 The Importance of Position in Poker

Position is something that matters more in certain poker variants and less in other ones, but it is always a consideration that you need to make when formulating both your overall poker strategy as well as the tactics that you are going to employ in order to make that strategy work. The importance of position in poker is therefore something that should always be in the back of your mind when you are making the various decisions that come to you during a poker game.

In order to consider position in poker, let us take an example that is one of the most ubiquitous poker decisions at the current moment in time. Say for example that you are sitting in a Texas Hold Em cash game and have been dealt the hand 8-7 suited. From your study of starting hand strategy in this particular variant of poker, you know that medium suited connectors are good drawing hands, but unlikely to be anything for anyone right at the start of the game.

Now, take this scenario further and consider that you are in the under the gun position, meaning that you are the first person to act in the first round of betting after the two blinds have been placed. What would you do with this hand? If you are following solid starting hand strategy, you would fold the hand. However, if you are following that same strategy and are on the button instead of under the gun, you would consider calling with this hand, especially if there have been multiple people in front of you limping into the pot in order to take a look at a flop.

Why is this? The reason has to do with position. When you are under the gun, you are in early position and that means that you are going to have to act without knowing anything about what the other players at the table have to do. When you are in later position, you have the benefit of knowing what other players did before having to make your own decision. Therefore, if you call with your suited connector under the gun and a bunch of people raise behind you, the end result is that you are dead in the water. If you wait and nobody rises however in later position, it is a much better call to make. Knowing what other people have done in the round before you is a powerful weapon and good poker players utilize this positional advantage for everything it is worth. In games like hold em where positions are established for the entire hand, it is a massive consideration to make.

After reading this article, you should have a good grasp on the basic notion of why position is important in poker. Now that you know that, use that information to your advantage.

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10 Dec 09 Four Major Player Types in Poker

There are four major player types in poker and while most people will have more than four categories into which they place players, all of those categories can be placed into one of one of these four player types. The types are fish, rock, fox and maniac.

Fish are the vast majority of poker players. The main thing that identifies a fish is that they make the mistake of calling too much. There are multiple types of fish and herein lies the area in which most people will have more than just the fish category for their players. For example, they might classify one player at the table as a calling station because they are always trying to call and get lucky whereas they might classify another player at the table as someone that overvalues their large unpaired cards before the flop. A third player might make it into their repertoire as a player that draws too much. All three of these players are different within the specifics of the mistakes that they make, but in the end the overarching mistakes they make is still calling too much and for that reason all of them are fish.

Rocks are essentially the exact opposite of fish. They will not call enough. Rocks will only play the best hands before the flop and they will play hands passively unless they have a really strong hand in which case they will raise. Because of this behavior, rocks can eat fish alive at the lower limits of most poker games as they will be going to war with hands that are often 3 to 2 favorites or better against the fish. Over the long run, a rock-like strategy can make a lot of money at the lower limits, but rocks do not do that well at the upper limits because of the presence of foxes.

Speaking of foxes, they are the player type that you should aspire to be. Foxes are exceptionally good players that know how to read, know when to move and know how to minimize losses and maximize profits in the hands that they play. Poker professionals are foxes. There is not anything aside from the ability to win consistently at the best poker games in town that really defines a fox as there are multiple playing styles that a fox could be as long as they are good at manipulating the other players at the table into calling with worse hands and folding better ones. Foxes may appear to be rocks or fish at different stages of the game, but rest assured that foxes do not make that many mistakes. In modern terms, some people refer to foxes as sharks.

Maniacs are players that just blow chips into the pot time and time again. If you see a player doing this and consistently showing poor cards, they are most definitely

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12 Nov 09 Let It Ride Poker Strategy

Let It Ride –it also like poker hand game and it was played on a blackjack table, it also have a 52 card deck. Every player must be tried to get of tens or more with up to three bets “riding”. The bet placement table layout, from the players view, is shown at the right.

The players of the Video Poker, they don’t need to compete against in the other gamers or the dealer, but all rewarded for good poker hands it will received. Every player it will combine their three dealt cards with two community dealer cards to make their final poker hands.

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Play Procedure and Rules

For those players they will make 3 equal bets, in the three circles marked “1”,”2″ and “$” it was in the right to left. And the dealers they will three cards of each player and then two community cards, face, down, to him.

When the player will watch in his 3 cards, it may be cancel in his bet within Circle 1 through the signal of the dealer to push it back to him, or he can “ let it ride” and stay in play. If the player will choose to let a bet ride they need to stay on the table until the end of the hand. Likewise when a bet is withdrawn, it stays out of play.

If the dealer will turn one by there two cards to face up. The player it can take to his Circle 2 bet to back or he can let it ride. When the circle 1 is not restricted and the option of circle 2 in any way. If the player will done to make a circle 2 they will choice the betting is over because the $ circle bet always stays in play.

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