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18 Nov 09 How to win at the slots

The most important thing to do before playing choosing which slot machine to play is to use some logic from the casinos point of view.

The point of a casino is to draw people in and take their money, not make everyone rich. Remember just like a movie theatre of a book store the casinos are a business and their goal is to make a profit.

To draw people into the casinos they used to place the hot slot machines near the entrance to the casino, but research found that players were coming in, playing the slots near the doors and then leaving.

So now the slots near the doors to the casinos are usually cold machines. The slots near the isles leading to the table games are usually the best machines to play. This is because the casinos want you to see people winning as they draw you to the table games.

You will notice that as you get to the table games the price of the slot machines gets higher, and the machines that are right next to the table games are usually empty.

The reason for this is because they do not want to disturb the players at the table games.

When someone wins at a slot machine there are all sorts of bells and whistles that go off, and they do not want this around the big money games like Roulette, Blackjack and especially around the poker tables.

So the secret is to go to the center of the casinos Slot Machine area and play a machine near the isle.

Another good tip is to play the more expensive machines. The dollar machines pay out more then the quarter machines do.

Keeping this in mind on your next trip to the casino will greatly increase your chances of going home with more money then you came with

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 Rapid changes were fast approaching in our society today and so does the technology. I remember years ago when the Internet was in its infancy. Going beyond our imagination is sometimes we really love to do.. We people began logging on and spending more times “surfing the web,” trying to browse anything as long as we wanted, there were warnings that we could become a society of recluses locked away from human contact and social contact but we do believe that of course that never happened. In fact, over the years as technology advanced, we are indulging in different paces in the internet and together with that we became a global society interacting with others via Internet sites, instant messaging, blogs and other social media sites.

We prioritize modern technology while some of us have allowed meeting and making new friends with those people that we share a common interest with. We may have never met these people without the technological advancements that have changed our social interactions with others. Living in the spell of internet is not that easy also. We want to impose to our mind that this technology is not limited to just the internet. It is creeping into other areas of our lives.  Yes! This is true everything we do sometimes really appreciating the outcome being addicted with the internet. Year after year things happen to change same thing on casinos, there are casinos in land but people believe that it is more fun to have an access on different casino games if they have casino also on internet and that’s where that slot machines were being started.

For the record in the casino, most of the social interaction among the players came by playing the casino table games. We simply playing little by little, like the food we ate the little we chat the more we love it.  For most of us, playing a slot machine was a solitary endeavor. It is devastating for the gamblers playing slot machines not knowing the rules and the game. The slot makers are using new technology to design slot games that will allow the players to win a communal jackpot.. This slot machine being used in the society will let slot players enjoy more of a social atmosphere when they play their favorite games. They do not stop thinking different variations and different kinds of techniques on winning the game; this is simply because they love to play slots. A lot of gamblers addicted on this game. What was really more exciting about this game is the winning amount, nothing more is happier winning in different casino games either by land on internet.

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16 Aug 09 Online Slots – The Stop Spin Feature

Online slot games need to be kept as exciting as possible to hold the interest of even the most dedicated slot players. Luckily for slot players, online casino software providers work hard to bring new features and news games to their players on a regular basis. Slot players should be on the lookout for these special features and choose slot games that incorporate some of the best.

What is the Stop Spin Feature?

One of the exciting features available in some slot games today, is the Stop Spin feature. In regular slot games, players press the button, or pull the virtual handle, the reels spin, and then will slowly come to a stop automatically after some time has passed. The Stop Spin feature, however, allows players some control over when the reels will stop, but still no control over the random results that will occur.

How Does the Stop Spin Feature Work?

Firstly, begin play in the regular way, by pressing the button to begin spinning the reels. Games that offer the Stop Spin feature will immediately switch the regular starting button to a Stop Spin button. Players will then push the Stop Spin button, which will immediately stop the reels from spinning.

Is There an Advantage to Using the Stop Spin Feature?

The Stop Spin feature gives players the opportunity to play more spins in a shorter time, as they do not have to wait for the reels to stop spinning. Many may feel that there is no advantage here since with a house edge of 95%, it means that players will simply lose the expected loss of at least 5% more quickly than they otherwise would lose it.

On the other hand, those players that find they enjoy free spins and bonus rounds more than the basic game will more quickly find out if their spin has triggered these bonus features. More money can be won when using these bonus features than can be won by playing the regular spin and wait slot game.

Let the Slot Player Beware!

Although players will find out more quickly whether they have managed to reach the special bonus rounds they like to play, there are no guarantees that playing the game more quickly will give them any bonus rounds at all. The bonus rounds are only triggered occasionally, and this does not change when using the Stop Spin feature. What may well happen is that players will simply lose their allocated gambling money in a quicker time, and with less enjoyment of the chosen slot game.

Who Should Use this Feature?

For players who are impatient to see the results, the Slot Spin feature may well be the way to go, however, for players who enjoy the anticipation of seeing where the last reel to spin will stop, and what lies in store for their game, should stay as far away as possible from using the Stop Spin feature. In these cases, the player’s enjoyment of the game can be lost if they use the Stop button.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino
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16 Aug 09 All Slots Casino New Games Prize Patrol

One of the best rewards that online casino players can earn are prizes for doing something they wish to do anyway. In this case, players receive prizes for playing the new Microgaming releases at All Slots Casino.

This promotion has already begun, on August 11th, and will continue through August 17th. The four new slot games that were released by Microgaming were released on August 11th, the day that Microgaming released their new August slot games.

Players have a chance to win part of a share of $10,000 in bonuses, simply for playing the new releases. The bonus money that players will win is a surprise bonus, simply for being spotted by the Prize Patrol. All Slots Casino shows an animated picture of a cop and his dog, next to “New Games, Prize Patrol, Get Caught Playing!” All players need to do is simply play, and do not even need to win.

However, there is one condition. In order to indicate that players are really trying out the new game, they will need to buy and then play a minimum number of 50 credits. After having done this, they will be in line for being spotted by the New Games Prize Patrol. The promotion began at 12.01am GMT on Tuesday August 11th and will end at 11.59pm on Monday August 17th.

The four new releases are Wealth Spa, Mega Moolah Isis, Silver Fang and Get Rocked. Many feel that playing the new games are incentives in themselves, and with this added possible bonus prize, it is like the frosting on the cake.

All Slots Casino is part of the Jackpot Factory Group of online casinos. In a joint statement with Jackpot Factory’s Vice President of Player Affairs, David Brickman, and All Slots Casino said “This month’s new games are particularly generous, with features our players will undoubtedly love. The New Games Prize Patrol offers an even greater incentive to choose All Slots Casino, long known for its exciting and rewarding promotional activities.”

All Slots Casino also offer offer a 100% match bonus up to 200 credits as a Welcome Bonus with a player’s first deposit at their online casino. They also offer a 10% cash pack on all purchases of credits up to a total of 450 bonus credits each month. This means that players can receive a total of 5,400 bonus credits a year through this special cash back offer, plus many more offers, tournaments and free tournaments.

All Slots Casino takes pride that they are honest, offer fair play and quick payouts. They are powered by Microgaming’s online casion software and accredited by eCOGRA.

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16 Aug 09 Two New Slot Millionaires

The online casino world is alive with the buzz and excitement of two new slot millionaires. The past few days have brought two new millionaires into the world. First, CryptoLogic’s progressive online slot game, Millionaires Club was hit at a little more than $1.5 million. Playtech’s winner won on the online progressive slot game called Gold Rally, and won a total of a little over $2 million.

CryptoLogic’s Millionaires Club was hit at $1,547,314 last week, making one lucky CryptoLogic player very happy. The progressive slot was reset back to $175,000. This is the only CryptoLogic progressive slot game that reaches over a million dollars, and the last time that it paid out over a million, was nearly two years ago.

Since it has been a long time since CytptoLogic has paid out such a large jackpot, the industry is wondering how they propose to pay the money out to the winner. They could choose to pay the online slot jackpot winnings as one single payout, or will they make use of their payout limitation clause? If they use their payout limitation clause, they will be able to split the payments to the winner over some time.

Millionaires Club’s progressive jackpot has been hit at even higher numbers than this large jackpot. Two years ago, it was hit for a whopping $5.9 million. It has also been hit for as low as $326,000 about a year ago. This is certainly not a slot where players could even attempt to predict at which level it might pay out.

At the start of the weekend, an even bigger progressive slot jackpot was hit, Playtech’s Gold Rally, at $2,111,501. Two years ago, the same online progressive slot jackpot was hit for $1,78 million. This is a slot game that adds up quickly, at a rate of around $17,000 a day. The last time that this progressive was hit was three months ago, at an amount of just over half a million dollars. It was reset to $75,000.

In the past year, Gold Rally’s progressive jackpot has been hit nine times. Each hit was for around one million dollars. The total of all these jackpot hits is about $9.1 million. With such a high amount of payouts, one would think that this slot game would be at the top of the list at Playtech, however, the Beach Life online progressive slot game has already reached $9.3 million in cumulative payouts over the last year.

With such great payouts available at online casinos, players may want to choose their favorite slot game and get playing!

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09 Aug 09 Four New Online Slots from Real Time Gaming

Good online casinos always look for new and exciting ways to please their players. One of the best ways to do this is to offer new games for their playing fun. Real Time Gaming is offering four new slot games to players playing at online casinos powered by their online casino software.

Sea Captain is a five reel video slot game that has 25 pay lines. Players will enjoy navigating out at sea while trying to catch squid. Players will be looking for three or more scatters, which are represented by captain symbols. The captain will give players free games, in which any wins are tripled. If the captain scatter is found during a free game, players will receive yet another free game. The game also comes with a random jackpot at a value of $30,000 that players can win. Once it has been won, the random jackpot is set to $1,000.

Mystic Dragon is a five reel video slot with 25 pay lines. The game is filled with its share of dragons, princesses, knights and more. Players will find volcanoes, treasure chests and scrolls when the wheels stop spinning. Finding three volcanoes will give players free spins, which will help them, win more. This video slot game offers players up to 100 free spins during the game. The fire-breathing dragon is nothing to be afraid of since it rewards players with multipliers to warm up their playing pleasure.

London Inspector has a smaller jackpot than both Sea Captain and Mystic Dragon, however, it comes with plenty free spins and bonus features. Players will want the London Inspector to show up on their reels because 3, 4 or 5 of the Inspector symbols will award players with 5, 10 or 15 free games. When the inspector shown up they were playing free games, it will be awarded with a further 5 free games.

The final of the four games from this batch of Real Time Gaming’s releases is the Loose Caboose slot game. The Cash Train is triggered when players hit 3 or more Cabooses which appear when playing regular games. The game comes filled with bonus symbols, multipliers, free games and more. The Engineer wills double your luck, while the Gold Bonus Symbol, which can be found in free games, doubles the winnings of the player

Players can enjoy these new video slot games at online casinos that are powered by Real Time Gaming software, such as One Club Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, Club World Casino and Rushmore Casino.

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