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19 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games -How great is Online Poker?

video-poker3Poker is the fastest growing pastime in the UK right now. We have always had a love affair with the danger and glamour of poker portrayed in movies and now the advanced poker playing software has opened up the game to a much wider audience

Apart from the fun factor, Online poker is a great way for players to win money and earn a little extra income (did you know its tax free!), for some living the dream means poker is their only source of income! So if this has aroused your interest here are some of the great reasons why more and more people are registering and winning big!
It’s Fun! It’s as much fun as playing face to face but it’s easier to bluff online! Most poker rooms have chat boxes so who knows you may even meet your Mr. / Mrs. Right and make some money to pay for the date!
It’s So Easy! Once you have an online poker account it often takes only one click to get into a game.
It’s a learning experience! It does not matter if you do not know how to play poker. You needn’t feel embarrassment at your lack of experience. The anonymity of playing online will make you feel more confident.
It Looks Good! The online poker websites are technologically advanced and visually impressive, you get to see the table and the other players’ faces. Sites like PKR allow you to create your own image so you can pretend to be anyone you want! LTDPoker offer great free bankroll for PKR. It’s convenient. You can play from your plushy recliner in the living room if you wanted

Variety is the Spice of Life: There is a wide variety of online poker games to play online. From Texas Hold Em to 5 Card Stud to Omaha as well as many other variations of the games and playing styles. When you start playing online you do not have to stay with one particular type of poker, you can switch between different styles of games. explains the basic rules of all the main types of poker as well as advanced level strategy and management advice.
You can play for free! Sites such as offer large free bankroll to the top sites. This means for a minimum stake of £15 you could be playing with over £100 in your account! Setting up accounts through sites such as these will give you better offers and advice than if you sign up direct.
You can win real money: Many of the big tournament winners during 2007/08 have not been playing for very long. Online Poker is a great way to practice (often for free) but it also gives new players equal chance to enter into big money tournaments. Many poker websites have large tournaments with a small buy-in but with large jackpots, just like WSOP and WPT! Online Poker tournaments are a great way to experience what the pro poker player’s experience.

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10 Dec 09 Four Major Player Types in Poker

There are four major player types in poker and while most people will have more than four categories into which they place players, all of those categories can be placed into one of one of these four player types. The types are fish, rock, fox and maniac.

Fish are the vast majority of poker players. The main thing that identifies a fish is that they make the mistake of calling too much. There are multiple types of fish and herein lies the area in which most people will have more than just the fish category for their players. For example, they might classify one player at the table as a calling station because they are always trying to call and get lucky whereas they might classify another player at the table as someone that overvalues their large unpaired cards before the flop. A third player might make it into their repertoire as a player that draws too much. All three of these players are different within the specifics of the mistakes that they make, but in the end the overarching mistakes they make is still calling too much and for that reason all of them are fish.

Rocks are essentially the exact opposite of fish. They will not call enough. Rocks will only play the best hands before the flop and they will play hands passively unless they have a really strong hand in which case they will raise. Because of this behavior, rocks can eat fish alive at the lower limits of most poker games as they will be going to war with hands that are often 3 to 2 favorites or better against the fish. Over the long run, a rock-like strategy can make a lot of money at the lower limits, but rocks do not do that well at the upper limits because of the presence of foxes.

Speaking of foxes, they are the player type that you should aspire to be. Foxes are exceptionally good players that know how to read, know when to move and know how to minimize losses and maximize profits in the hands that they play. Poker professionals are foxes. There is not anything aside from the ability to win consistently at the best poker games in town that really defines a fox as there are multiple playing styles that a fox could be as long as they are good at manipulating the other players at the table into calling with worse hands and folding better ones. Foxes may appear to be rocks or fish at different stages of the game, but rest assured that foxes do not make that many mistakes. In modern terms, some people refer to foxes as sharks.

Maniacs are players that just blow chips into the pot time and time again. If you see a player doing this and consistently showing poor cards, they are most definitely

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08 Nov 09 Cryptologic Upgrades Poker Variant Games

Cryptologic is a leading provider of gaming software to online gaming operators and they recently announced an upgrade to two of their popular poker variant games. Both the Three Card Poker and Let It Ride Games have been upgraded for player enjoyment.

Popular at every online casino, Let It Ride poker plays the game of poker in reverse as players are allowed to withdraw bets instead of raising. Cryptologic upgraded their game with new and interesting features. The game now has an enhanced dealer commentary as well as the “Let It All Ride” button which allows players to skip a move.

The Three Card Poker game by Cryptologic also earned an upgrade. The payout structure has been made apparent and clear to the player. Chips for different bets placed by the player that win are placed together separately with the amounts displayed. This way the player knows which bet paid out how much during game play.

Players are sure to enjoy the upgrades as they make for a smoother and more enjoyable playing experience. with these current upgrades, Cryptologic also added two new games to the site Triple Action Hold’em and Aces and Faces Video Poker, all of which can be enjoyed at any casino that uses Cryptologic software.

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15 Oct 09 Review of Titan Poker

Titan Poker is one of the most popular games in poker room of iPoker Network; it is the fast-growing poker giant of the industry. If you will know Titan Poker was experienced for most number of developments and changes in its software, services and tournaments which you definitely come to notice and relish.  In a few years ago Titan Pokers have more than two years’ worth of experience never got in them of its innovative breakthroughs and fast-accumulating customer base.

Sign up

 If you were sign up with Titan Poker it easy and convenient process and they have a fantastic 100% sign up bonus up to $500.

Online Casino Bonus

The Software Interface and Functions

Titan Poker it come from the Playtech software it is amazingly simple, elegant and sleek. And you get the feel of this simplicity and you must be thankful to the software lobby which is very easy to navigate. This easy navigation scheme extends itself throughout the whole software, down to its finely crafted games. You might think that the interface is not very pleasing to the eyes, but the functionality of the games and the software’s lobby is nevertheless very manageable. It is also value added functions in the software that might capture your interest. Chat it is the one functions that you can talk with other players from all around the world. Another is the opportunity for you to select your avatar, so that you can project your preferred image while playing poker.

Selection of Games

With these function of the games the capacity with traffic are somewhat compromised, that would a difficult time in a sudden lagging of moments at the middle of a game.

Though of these function the speed and traffic of the games are somewhat compromised, and you have a hard time with the sudden lagging moments in the middle of a game.  In the poke games, you can choose from either Hold’em or Omaha variations. In the poker you will choose either of Omaha and Hold’em variations. It is sad because there are no Seven Card poker variations for you to play. Limit, No- Limit, Heads-up, and other variations are available for you to play in either Hold’em or Omaha Poker.

Security Barriers

 About the security barriers of a Titan Poker, you need to know, that had still a poker rooms that ensure you for play a game safety. Titan Poke it also one poker rooms.  They will a security measure was taken by Titan Poker to ensure you that you will the victim against fraudulent players. Those players were detected by an independent authority that safeguards the games in the poker rooms. In every processing your transaction in Titan Poker it is safe and secured. If you have regarding the Titan Poker, they also made certain measures to assist you. There are safety-net methods such as the viewing game history, where you can keep track of every transaction and wager you place.


 The tournaments of Titan Poker it is one biggest asset. As a matter of fact there is other tournament that you can win $2.5 million, that’s really true. In fact administers the online Poker European Championship, that you can as much as more than million of US dollars. It is really truly no other tournaments can rival that feat.

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30 Sep 09 Microgaming announces its latest Video Slot and Video Poker games

The long wait is near to come by September 01, 2009 the players and gamblers will enjoy and get the pleasure from Microgaming add-on three video slots and one video poker games. The add-on Video Slots will be the Scoop the Cash Video Slot, Lumber Cats Video Slot, and Jewel of the Orient Video Slot and Video Poker game which is the Double Joker Level-up Video Poker.

Scoop the Cash Video Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot game with prosperity and treasure as its theme. The sign and representation on the reels consist of extravagance and lavishness cars, mansions, tycoons and wheelbarrows loaded with money. It also presents and features the brightly colored and highlighted high value card symbols. You can have more captivating and unbeatable chance of winning in Scoop the Cash than in common slot games. It features multipliers on a descending range approaching into result at various phase and period of the game. It has two scatter symbols; the second Scatter is the Scoop the Cash Bonus dice which activate and generate a bonus round offering and presenting three different systems to win up to 100x total bet if three of kinds are accomplished. The utmost payout is 18,500 in the base game, 37,000 in the free spins round and 12,000 in the bonus game on the second screen.

Lumber Cats Video Slot advocates and proposes as what its name said, it is a slot game with cats in the timber jack business having 5 reels and 20 paylines. The symbols on the reels are completed and finished in an attractive and appealing picture book style, portray and represent the log house, the trees, the log, the van and lumber cat himself. The high value cards are also put up as wooden boards. The lumber cat represents the wild sign and the trees represent the scatter sign. The trees sign triggers the Tree Climbing bonus round, the Log bonus round is triggered by the log symbol showing and emerging on reels 1 and 5 and offers re-spins with a 5 times multiplier.

Jewel of the Orient is a 5 reel and 9 payline slot game that encourage and attract the players and gamblers to deal with the jewel and wealth of the Far East. The elegance and design of the signs and the environment to the rolls is delicately and elegantly Oriental. Wild and scatter symbols and free spins (with up to a 40x multiplier) and bonus element are all attributes in the Jewel of the Orient Slot game. 50,000 coins can be achieved in the base game, up to 250,000 coins in the free spins round and 21,600 coins in the bonus game.

And now Microgaming published its new addition Video Poker game to their string of Level up Video Poker games which is the Double Joker Level Up Video Poker. The Video Poker game is participated with a 54 card hit, the two add on card being the jokers. In the level up series the gamblers and players move forward to higher levels with doubled multipliers as they win. They are assisted by the Free Card Ride, the Auto complete feature and the Gamble game. Play safe and secure online poker.

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02 Sep 09 The Online Poker Winning

In the beginning of the nineteenth century, poker is being played in the United States. Online poker it is the most recognized card game around the world. There are millions players of people all over the world, it played poker. Nobody can pinpoint the exact origins of this game. And the other theories it was claiming from the Persian game of as nas, while the others believing that is shares its roots with similar games played is Europe such as primero and the French brelan.

It was in 1970’s the game took off to even great heights with the introduction of strategy books and poker tournaments. American landscape is quickly working the poker games it was played in the gambling halls; because of the casinos are formally in private circles. Many of gamblers were wishing to become rich by winning poker competitions. You will know the full history of the online poker if you are searching on the internet gambling.

Millions of players became an overnight success in playing online poker. If you know about the online gambling you can see it the entire history of the online poker. Internet it to much familiar for those who will play gambled. If you are searching about online poker there are more became rich and success. Poker tables were offer the best game tournament around, in a bid to win poker. Although the online poker is suffered a minor

It was in 2003 WSOP Main Event champions who shot his players such as Chris Moneymaker. PokerStars online poker room will shot in his way to a $2,500,000 and the victory it is investing just only $40. By these competitions they will grabbed the attention of all players to try their luck at the online poker tournaments. After a year followed by the worlds of online poker and traditional poker became meshed even on the Internet poker rooms. The land based poker tournaments; it is regularly fed on top such as the annual World Series of Poker event, with some of the best players in the industry.

And the result of all countries all over the world together the United States they will spearheading the campaign, began moves to clam down even ban online gambling, online poker it will including the deal. The United States passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, in 2006 which essentially barred financial institutions from transferring money from the US- based. And the success of online poker they will the attention of authorities as well, who feared that the very nature. In the internet did not allow sufficient regulation and only encouraged problematic gambling habits.

Although the online poker is suffered a minor problem about the legislation, still continues the game into a larges communities around the world. In United Kingdom is recently adopted the online poker, it is shifted into Europe and United Kingdom but it still remains the strong name in the United States. The Poker Alliance was taking in removing the gambling pastime including the UIGEA.

Free Spins

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