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08 Dec 09 Online Keno Games- Ideas and Strategy

Keno is an exciting, interesting, and a kind of games in the online gambling. When you are playing Keno you just play just a lottery. . Players it will select from one number to 5, 10, 15, depending on the casino. And the casino it will choose a number randomly chooses 20 of the 80 available numbers on the keno board.  Players will receive a payout depending on how many of their numbers they catch. Here are some ideas and strategy for keno.

Stay Away From One Number

If you will just tempting to pick a single number, to figure out that you will having shots in the winning of your whole bet. In fact, the odds of hitting a single it are a very low number. In reality, this bet offers the hose the best edge it gets at, at around 25 percent in most cases. In contrast, picking groups of number usually offers the Hose an edge of ten percent or less.

Pick Nine Numbers

Even though does not always on the case, you need to pick nine numbers to tend the keno odds. If you will pick more or less numbers, much better you can get a higher number that will gives a higher edge to the casino. This is not true in all cases, but it is relatively common. Nine spots usually produce a House edge of less than five percent.


If you didn’t know about the strategy or ideas on how to play the Keno games, you can research through the internet gambling sites. Other sites were posted keno payouts for the various groups, and you can compare and contrast casinos before deciding where to invest your keno money.

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11 Aug 09 Online Keno

Online Keno is one of the most popular games in casino online. It is comparable and the same with many lotteries in which you can choose a sequence of numbers from a commencing group of numbers where in the goal of this game is to counterpart and match up the numbers in the draw. Casinos payment and disbursement on the source of amounts is allocated to a little preferred set of numbers. Keno was originated in China and has swept the world. Similar to all games, the rules and regulations may vary slightly from casino to casino. The great thing about Keno is that it offers very generous and considerable payments in both physical and online casinos for a small outlay.

Keno is played with a card that has 80 numbers on it that are set out in a grid. You have to choose a few of those numbers and then bet that they will come up in the round in which you have chosen to play. You can play personally and independently at a screen against a machine. Cards are authenticated by a machine at the casino before the draw at the time you pay your bet to make certain that no revision and modification can be made to the card after the draw. Your betting options are only limited by how much you wish to wager. A basic bet is to choose ten numbers at random from the card and pay your bet. If all your numbers come up you have hit the jackpot. If only a few numbers come up it will be a little prize or nothing depending on how many numbers you got in that round.

The numbers on the cards are divided into groups and you can select combinations of numbers from each group. The amount you wager depends on how many probable and workable combinations you have selected. It is very crucial and essential to read the rules and instructions for each casino where you are playing in order to properly and accurately place such a bet. You cannot see much disparity between the online keno and the real thing at the casino. There are a few slight things you need to keep in mind. Like for example some casinos implement a rule that winnings must be collected before the start of the next game so don’t forfeit your winnings by visiting the loo at this crucial time. This rule also often applies to other group games. When they finish paying out, you can have your numbers validated for the next round.

Some regular video keno players think that these machines are more likely to select a series of numbers instead of randomly selected numbers. Some believe that if this was the case some one would have got a system going and this ‘feature’ would have been fixed yesterday! It is quite simple to program a machine to generate random numbers. For it to frequently fabricate a series of repeated numbers would entail a serious programming error.

Video keno is really just another form of slot machine. Most regulars think that the more money previous players have put into the machine since the last payout, the greater their chance of a serious prize. That is why you see players waiting to swoop on machines that others have just put a substantial amount of money into and not won anything. The logic behind this thinking used to be very sound in the days of the mechanically operated machines. As far as I am aware all these machines are now just a computer with a big monitor enclosed in a fancy case. When lady luck is riding on your shoulder, it will make little difference which machine you select to play.

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