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04 Nov 09 Do you know about 3-Cards Poker?

Three Card pokers is a simple casino poker game. Three Card pokers have a structure similar to Caribbean poker, but are played with three cards and have separate fixed odds bet and the bet placed against the dealer. In fact, Three Card poker includes two separate games. One game is played against the dealer and the second one against the pay-table.

The game against the dealer starts from placing an ante. Three cards are then dealt all players. Note that like in other casino poker games, in Three Card poker you are playing against the dealer individually, and if there are more players at the same table, their cards do not affect your play.

When a player receives his three cards, he has two options: to fold or to place a bet equal to the ante. If the player decides to place a bet, the dealer plays his hand. As in Caribbean poker, the dealer can qualify or not qualify. The dealer needs to have at least Queen-high hand to qualify.

If the dealer does not qualify, players who have not folded automatically win, but are paid even money only on the ante, while the bet is returned to the player without winning anything on it. Taking into the account that the bet and the ante are of the equal size, you can say that if the dealer does not qualify, you are paid 1:2 on your total bet.

If the dealer qualifies, the hand of the dealer is compared to the hand of each player individually. Players whose hands beat the dealer’s one win even money on their whole bet (the bet and the ante). Players, who lose to the dealer, lose both their bets.

Most casinos also pay an extra-bonus for Three Card poker players who have Straight or better hand. This bonus is paid on the ante only and does not depend on the hand of the dealer, viz. even if the dealer has a better hand and the player loses his main bet, he is still paid the extra-bonus. A player with straight is paid even money on his ante, a player with three of a Kind is paid his ante 4:1 and a player with straight flush is paid 5:1 on his ante.



What is PairPlus?


The second part of Three Card poker is a so called PairPlus game. PairPlus is played simultaneously with the basic game against the dealer, and is optional. If the player wants to play PairPlus, he places a bet of any size permitted by table limits (not necessarily equal to the bet of the main game). PairPlus bet is placed before any cards are dealt, at the same time as the ante of the basic game.

PairPlus bet is paid if the player has a Pair or a higher hand in the end of the game. PairPlus is a separate bet, and therefore is paid or not paid regardless of the results of the main game with only one exception: if the player folds in the main game, he automatically loses his PairPlus bet too. This rule does not really affect the game, because folding with a Pair or better simply is not logical, especially with a bet at PairPlus.

If the player has a Pair a better he is paid his PairPlus bet in proportions defined by PairPlus pay-table:

  • Pair: 1:1
  • Flush: 4:1
  • Straight: 6:1
  • Three of a Kind: 30:1
  • Straight Flush: 40:1

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03 Nov 09 More Blackjack tips to improve your game

Challenge_CasinoIt can really help you these more blackjack tips

  1. You must be aware for playing at the Blackjack table that has a minimum of more then 10% of what you are prepared to lose.
  2. One of the useful of Blackjack tip is that is the dealer has a hand of less then 16 he must hit, and he must stay if he has 17 or over, so if the dealer is showing an 8 or higher you should hit on a 17, but if the dealer is showing a low card like a 2, 3 or 4 you should stay because the chances are better the next card out of the shoe will be a high card and the dealer will bust.
  3. The best advantage to the player in Blackjack is the option to double down. This means that you are doubling you bet in exchange for 1 more card. You should only double down if you are very sure that the next card will give you a winning hand, if you have a 10 and you double down and get a 2 you may not take another card. You hand will stay at 12, making it fairly simple for the dealer to win. A good time to double down id if the player has a 10 to the dealers 9 or lower. Also double on a hand of 9 or any soft 13 to 17 against the dealers 4 or 5.
  4. When playing Blackjack if you are dealt 2 cards that are the same number you may split them. This means you can make 2 hand from 1 using the same money you have already bet, this increases the chance of you getting at least 1 winning hand. You should always split aces, but never split face cards tens of fives.
  5. An always helpful tip is to remember to tip the dealer. The dealer makes an hourly wage he does not get a piece of the action, so he does not care if you win or lose, but if you are tipping the dealer, it is in his best interest to look out for your best interests, and if you put his tip in front of the betting circle you are turning his tip into a bet which will double the size of his tip if you win, so by doing this you will get the dealer rooting for you to win.

Good luck with these Blackjack tips. I hope they do as well for you as they have for me.

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30 Aug 09 Delayed Discussion of Frank Bill

The online gambling bills, which have been authored by Barney Frank, look like they will be seeing more delays. Apart from not being completed in the time initially projected for completion of the bill, the online gambling bills have had two major delays.

Frank had said that the bill would advance to the House Financial Services Committee, of which he is chair, soon after Easter. After this deadline was missed, Frank said that the bill would advance some time in July, around the time of Independence Day. At that time, the bill was once again put on the back burner, since crucial issues, such as the national policy debates on repairing the economy and health care needed to take precedence.

The next potential date for the online gambling bill to advance to the House Financial Services Committee has been set for September. At this time, the date has not yet been confirmed, and September is right around the corner. The economy and health care issues have not yet been solved, so it looks like online gambling will be waiting a while longer yet again.

Richard Bryan, from Nevada, is a former United States Senator. Bryan spent twelve years in the Senate as a Democrat. Bryan is now an attorney working in Nevada, and specializes as a gaming attorney. Bryan feels that the magnitude of the national health care programs is such that it is likely to cause the online gambling bill further delays.

Bryan was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In the interview, he said that it was likely that the debate on the Frank bill will probably not happen at all this year, before the end of 2009. Although things do eventually move forward in Washington, Bryan said that his experience shows that it moves forward at “glacial pace.”

Although the gambling bill is taking a slow path, there is much support for it, with more coming out in support of online gambling all the time. Some might say that the delays have helped since there has been more time for those supporting the bill to step up to the plate and say so.

Bryan also noted that he thought the interest shown in online casinos by certain land-based casinos may help to move things along a little faster, since the land-based casinos have powerful lobbying representatives.

“My sense, however, is that there is a gathering, gradual momentum where, eventually, Internet gaming will occur and be registered,” said Bryan. “I’m just not sure if it has reached critical mass yet.”

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29 Aug 09 Nevada could be location for US online gambling

The state of Nevada in the United States is probably most famous for the fact that it is essentially home to the biggest gambling center in the world. Well actually Las Vegas is no longer the world’s biggest gambling destination but it is certainly the most well known one.  Nevada’s state authorities benefit from the gambling that goes on in state borders and it is clear that the recent revenue reports from various casinos has meant that there is definitely pressure on state budgets. So the state is looking to find new ways of generating revenue and unlike other states it cannot consider gambling because this is already firmly in place.

Now there is a chance that the state could be the host state for legal online gambling activities and this makes a lot of sense given its status as home to most of the United States traditional gambling. There is a long history of gambling in the state and there is already a strong regulatory framework in place which means that the establishment of these activities would be easier. You already have many of the companies there that would be players in the online gambling market as well and an important fact is that you have a good infrastructure in place as well which means that it is also an easier case of regulating the industry. The Gaming Board could just be expanded to the rest of the online gambling market as well and this would be relatively quick to achieve.

It is clear then that the state would be the logical choice and it is perhaps even clearer that this is something that Nevada is going to push for as much as possible. The state definitely needs the revenue and it also needs to try and ensure that its income generators are more stable. The sharp drop in income is likely to have left many state officials quite shocked and with no real idea of what to do to address the challenges that a drastic shortage in revenues has meant. The ability to take advantage of online gambling would be great as it would mean a more stable income and it could also be a good base for international online gambling operations, these companies need not cater for the domestic United States market alone. So it could be a foreign currency earner as well. The advantages seem endless.

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26 Aug 09 Not all Native North American Indians in favor of gambling

When the North American Indians were granted land in the form of reservations by the United States government, it was clear that this was not what they wanted at all. It definitely was not the type of lifestyle that they were used to living but at the time it seems that there was a realization that this was likely to be the only way in which the Indians could live with the American people. It was a difficult time and eventually it has become clear that the Indians have been disadvantaged by the eventual outcome of the situation.

One way in which the government tried to sweeten the deal was to allow gambling on the reservations and operations were to be run solely by the Indians and they were to gain all the revenues. The idea with this was that this would give them some form of independence and that there would also be a way in which they could offer a service that was unique. It became quite normal that one would go to a reservation to gamble as opposed to another area and this is still the case in many states today. Perhaps no where has there been such a success as in the state of Florida where the Seminole tribe has done so well with the gambling real estate that it is now a key player in many industries. They own the chain of Hard Rock restaurants and casinos as only one part of their portfolio, it is clear that they have done very well.

So one would think that perhaps all North American Indians would be in favor of gambling and they are when it comes to the traditional format, but as one could imagine, there is certainly a little bit of push back when it comes to the online format of the game. This is because it means more competition for their casinos and this is already an issue in a lot of states. The Pechanga Band of Mission Indians has stated that it is definitely not in favor of any efforts by the state authorities to legalize online poker in its state. This would mean that it would face competition and it can ill afford this at a time when revenues are already dwindling thanks to the recession

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We are too desperate to learn how to win various casino games either land-base or online casino. One of the most interesting games that they want to learn is how to win roulette. There are several things that can be done in order to win roulette one of the qualifications are matter of reading, comprehending, and then practicing the game. To win roulette it is often best to learn the rules of the game, follow those rules, and then learn the strategies used by many other players online who have won at playing roulette. Practice, using strategies in variations to find out what works for you. Practice playing at the free tables on the Internet so that you have an overall idea how the game is played..

You can learn nline-Roulette very well and without any risk but with 2.400 US$ Bonus in the famous Europacasino.

         Majority of the casinos give you the opportunity to play free games. Before playing there are players who are taking advantage of the free game sites so that they can learn before you start waging cash. This is the first step that they usually do in order the have the assurance that they will get there money back after they finished playing. After you feel that you have mastered the strategies and feel comfortable playing roulette, you can then work toward joining the betting rounds. Sit in at the tables often so that you can see how other players bet, or play the rounds.

     Patience while watching others can help you pick up some strategies you may have missed from reading the rules of the game and other content at the casinos online. See to it that sits in on a few free rounds after you watch the other players. Study every move you make it will be very helpful to the game and simply notice all your moves by paying attention to your actions, choices, and so forth. This will help you to gain insight about how to win roulette. The more observation you put into your practice, the more you will get from the game. Lastly, why not take some time and learn some psychology of gambling. If you plan to become the next rich person from gambling, learning psychology and strategies to play is the best route to take to learn how to win roulette.

      For the best result in roulette, just follow above hypothesis. This will surely make the best out of everything that you made and a 100% hardcore gambler. Even if lady luck will never come out, this will be moving your luck into the nest level.

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