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30 Oct 09 Betting in Poker

As poker is a gambling game, betting is one of the more integral aspects of the competitive experience.

Even you are playing at home or outside casino, the concept of betting it is the same in any type of poker game. The players should be the first “ante up” and the set amount of money is according to the dealt cards, it also has a blind bets it was similar to the ante, discussed in another article). Once cards are dealt, there is a around of betting.

Betting is usually done in a clockwise order around the table (depending on the game and table rules, it starts with either the person to the dealer’s left, the person showing the highest hand, or the person who made the last bet). When it is their turn to bet, players make one of several choices, some dependent on what the previous player(s) did:

  • Check – if no bet has been placed in the round, a player may “check”, essentially betting nothing, but staying in the game. This moves the betting option to the next person. There are several strategies to checking (such as the check raise)
  • Bet – if no bet has been placed in the round, the person may place a bet, up to the pre-arranged limit.
  • Call – A player bets enough to match the amount that has been bet the previous time.
  • Raise – Raising requires that the player first bets enough to match what was established upon the initial bet, then “raising” the bet to another, higher amount. The betting then begins anew, with all players still in the game required to call the new amount, fold, or raise.
  • Fold – Folding happens when the player gives up their hand and drops out of the current game due to not having a good hand or wanting to match a bet.  While a player forfeits their chance of winning the immediate pot, the player does not have to put any more money into the current pot.

There is no one set rule as to how to bet in poker – they vary by game and establishment. However, there are some general concepts that one should be aware of – make sure you check to see if your game is using any of these:

  • Spread Limit: A player can bet any amount within some range. If another player decides to raise the stakes, the limit must match or go higher than the raise.  This is a common structure for home-play based games.
  • Fixed Limit: A regular casino structure, a player is held to a set amount that can be bet or raised per hand.
  • Pot Limit: The largest amount a player can bet or raise is based upon the amount that is currently held within the pot.  The concept of “Pot Limit” seems simple, but can become increasingly complex and expensive if other players choose to double the pot’s amount.
  • No Limit: As the name implies, anything goes.  This structure is most recognizable in poker variations such as Texas Hold ‘Em. The player has the option to place as many of (or all) their chips currently available to them into the betting pot, without a cap to restrict them. It is also assumed that any game is “no limit” when there is an absence of any betting limit.

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29 Oct 09 Learn to Play Draw Poker

This is called the basic type of poker. Most of the poker variations are the resulting from draw poker. There are some guides on how to learn the basic draw poker rules. If you are learning about draw poker that could be easier for you to learn on how to play different poker variations such as Texas Holdem poker and Omaha poker.

Main Goal:

The main goal of the player in a draw poker game is to create the best five cards hand out of the cards he was dealt. The card dealing usually takes two rounds. Players in draw poker games can remove some or all of their initial dealt cards and replace them with others.

How is Draw Poker Played?

A game of draw poker starts with each of the players places an ante. Afterwards, the dealer deals the cards to each player, one card at a time, until each player has five cards. All the cards are dealt while they are face down. Draw poker games use standard 52 card deck without any jokers or wild cards.

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After all the cards are dealt, the first round of betting begins with the player who sits left to the dealer. He can bet, check or fold. If he folds, he quits the game. If he checks, the decision is moved to the player to his left and so on, until one of the players decides to bet. After the first bet was placed in the pot, each of the players has to call, raise or fold. If a players calls, he has to match his bet. If he rises, he puts an additional bet.

At this point of the draw poker game, each player can remove some or all of their cards in order to improve their chances of creating a better hand. The cards are being removed while they are face down. The dealer deals each player with alternative cards, also face down. Then another round of betting begins the same as the former one.

After the final round of betting, all the remaining players reveal their cards. The winner in the draw poker game is the one who has the highest five card hand.

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28 Oct 09 The most Popular Poker Versions

Poker it is one of the most popular casino games around the world and even on the land based casinos you can find some of these popular variations:           

  • the classic Texas Holdem versions
  • Omaha High/Low
  • 5 Card Stud
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Chinese Poker

There are some variations of games it has become popular but one of the best variations it was listed at the above. Sometimes, you can think the only common thing they have with classic poker is the ranking of the hand.

Draw Poker

Draw Poker is having a similar with the classic poker and it is the easiest versions, it was played during the ages. And the main factor of these games is to draw the all poker variations before the start the games with a full hand, must be remove some cards and it will be replace the other ones. One of the famous in the draw poker games are the 5 card draw.

Community Card Poker

There are some players can receive in a small number of faces down cards and additional shared cards. It was placed the face up on the center of the table that can be used by all the players in order to create the highest hand.  The Omaha and Texas Holdem that was belong in the game category.

Stud Poker

Stud poker one of the best variations, every players it can receive a set number of card.  In the beginning of the game they will receive additional cards after every round of betting. The other variations of the stud poker all players can receive a card when the game started and reveals cards in particular order during the next round of betting. The most familiar in the poker stud are Caribbean stud poker and 5 card stud.  And the rest it will included by the stud poker such as Razz, English, stud and Canadian stud.

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30 Aug 09 Brazil wants to block online gambling processes

The country of Brazil is situated in Latin America and is one of the continent’s best examples beautiful people and amazing beaches and scenery. Of course everyone is very familiar as well with the fact that they have the Carnival every year and it seems that as each year goes by there is an even greater amount of intensity and it is quite an incredible show. Sometimes there are many people from foreign countries and they are often overwhelmed by the way in which the costumed dancers carry on during the show. This gives out an impression that the people are the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky types—a country where people go to do things they can’t normally do elsewhere

Despite this fact though, it would seem as if the government of Brazil is worried about online gambling in their country. There are various law makers that have recently introduced bills to the country’s legislature that if they got promulgated would see it becoming illegal for financial services institutions to process any online gambling transactions. This is in the same way that it was done by the United States government with the UIGEA legislation and there are of course many who would question the logic of trying a system that has clearly failed in other places. But those behind these bills are adamant and they want to see them pushed through as soon as possible.

This is not a new bill though and the person behind it has taken a year to get it this far. The process is now at the stage where the bill has reached the Communications and Technology Committee and this organization will now consider whether or not the bill should go any further into the law making process. It would mean that those companies that process these transactions would actually be in a position where they would face criminal charges and penalties if they do engage in the processing of online gambling transactions.

Despite the fact that gambling is illegal in the country, those running online gambling operations simply ignore this state of affairs and it would seem that the Brazilian population is increasingly enjoying the online gambling pastime. It is clear though that there has to be some regulatory frame work in place to ensure the healthy development of this industry—not to prohibit its growth.  

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18 Aug 09 Jackpot Winners Tell their Stories

Have you heard one of the jackpot banned ads they will places through online casino. There are giving away a guaranteed about $million jackpot and they wonder if their claims it is true? Well if you want to be like this people. You need to find out the real casinos’ about their jackpot giveaways and you get information by the winner or to read an article or store written by a jackpot winning. If you want to read about a jackpot winner you can check out the following stories.

 Jackpot Stories from Online Slot Winners

If you know this game, this is the most tantalizing casino games of the slot machine. These kinds of game they are promise a huge windfall for an investment just few coins. Do you know about wild claims just be made by casinos that the online slot machines payoff big exaggerated and if can talked to Amanda R. from England who win the biggest jackpot worth over $1.4 million from the online casino It took her 61 pulls and $240 wins this jackpot. But she is not the only person who can hit the large jackpot online for playing online slots. And the others is Heidi B. from Ohio who won $1.2 million from a MicroGamMiing Casino playing the slot machine King Cashalot Progressive Slots.

Jackpot Stories from Online Bingo Winners

One of these games just made the transition from the live action in the internet it is a remarkably well. Everyday it has a thousand of players in bingo games to share their bingo jackpots wins. If you think that online bingo they don’t offer big jackpots just like the bingo halls. You should talk to Jo Collins, she is the mother of three who won a 162,000 pounds sterling jackpot, and it is worth about $275,000 U.S.D for playing online bingo. This is a world’s record she plan they used there money to pay off her mortgage, car, and going on an extended vacation to Australia.

Jackpot Stories from Online Pokers

Anyway there are more a lot of stories were floating around about getting a jackpot winner. Some of those games are like online bingo, and the Online slot machine winners, but the category of the winner stories that has the most highest written is the online poker players. Each year dozen of new millionaires are created by online pokers. Therefore, the players it has a big knowledge about the strategy of the online poker to win unless they get lucky in a large tournament.

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16 Aug 09 Understand, and Steer Clear Of, Rogue Casinos

An attribute of the Internet that can be both positive and negative is the anonymity that exists. On the one hand, it allows for great scope and freedom for Internet users to do many things, and on the other hand, it is also a system that can easily be abused.

It is important for online casino players to be aware of rogue casinos and to steer clear of them for their own peace of mind. Being a rogue online casino is one that has serious negative attributes, and not simply those of a “bad” online casino. Rogue casinos may be guilty of some kind of criminal offense, such as cheating their online casino players, and possibly even going as far as using software that does the cheating for them.

Rogue casinos have been known to pull disappearing acts on their customers, and simply abandon their sites when they owe winnings to their players. When this happens, not only do players lose out on their winnings, but they also lose out on any deposits they had made to the online casino. Some rogue online casinos will pay out the small winners, but refuse to pay out any of their larger jackpot winners. They may also show false operating licenses, and lie about the bonuses that they offer, often making them sound exceptional, only for players to discover that they are totally bogus.

Rogue casinos can even stoop so low as to threaten their players, as well as using rude customer service staff if they do in fact provide customer service, not paying out when they should, and often outright lying to their online casino customers.

There are a number of websites available on the Internet that list rogue websites, and that those who have had bad experiences with online casinos can lodge their complaints. These sites may list online casinos that simply have bad service, including customer service, or delays in paying, however, it is important to remember that a bad online casino is not necessarily a rogue casino, and that rogue casinos would be clearly listed separately.

One of the ways that players, who are unsure of which online casinos to trust, can pick their online casinos wisely is by playing at online casino sites that have been reviewed and listed on Casino People and similar sites. Casino People has already investigated certain online casinos, doing the groundwork for the online casino player. All online casino sites listed are authentic and honest sites, using approved and proven software, which includes RNG’s (random number generators) and have received seals of approval such as the eCogra seal of approval.

The best thing that a player can do is to ensure that they do not make their deposits or perform any financial transactions at online casinos that do not have secure sites, and that have not got proven track records. It is always better to play at a well-known online casino that has a good reputation.

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