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14 Sep 09 Luck lies around Casinos mammoth play-offs

The four greatest group online casinos; Royal Vegas, Platinum Play, 7Sultans and Vegas Palms are hosting several mammoth online casino tournaments which are meant to do something as amass to the Splendid blast of Slots online tournament, which will start this coming October 22 to November 02, 2009.

The prize of the competition is the Car Giveaway. Each occasion has to pay money for the amount of $10 and a rebuy amount of $10. The original of this competition was participated on the slot game Hitman and finished on July 26. The pompous and satisfied Maria C won the new car and she also won 3,000 bonus credits. As a whole 32 players won bonus credits scaling from 50 to 3,000. The Car Giveaway 2 is recently in development and advancement on the online slot game Thunderstruck. This will finish on August 23 and in a few days we will get to know who will be the fortunate and blessed to win the second new car. The ultimate Car Giveaway will be competed from August 25 to September 20, 2009 on Tomb Raider, the slot game of Lara Croft fame. There will be fourth occasion which is the Last Chance which will be competed on Avalon from September 22 to October 18, 2009, this time this competition does not have a car as a prize. Every one of these four events will be given 100 complimentary entries to the splendid blast of slots.

The whole celebration of the competition at the Mammoth play-offs online casinos is a 16 week event which happening from 1st of July until 18th of October. There will be 8 elite and special Freeroll Tournaments and 8 Auspicious Draw Tournaments which will be in custody on alternating weeks. Four of the elite and special Freerolls are yet to be competed. These online competitions are Freeroll but the rebuys will charge of $20. Hitman and Thunderstruck are the slots chosen and selected for the outstanding and lasting tournaments. The prize fund differs from $15,600 to $16, 600 and every affair will give 60 open admissions to the splendid blast of slots.

Likewise at hand four of Lucky draw tournaments are yet to be competed and these online competitions are also freerolls but there are no rebuys. The impressive and vast aspect and element of these tournaments is that players can bet and gamble on their much loved slot games. The prize funds differ from $500 to $1,550 and every event will give five open admissions to the splendid blast of Slots. The final Lucky Draw tournament will finish on the 18th of October and from October 22 the splendid blast of Slots tournament will inaugurate. This affairs offers €1,000,000 for the first place winner and €299,500 to the remaining winners. You have nothing to worry about, because these online casino groups are powered by Microgaming and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and they have all been affirmed and confirmed reliable and trustworthy by eCOGRA. So hurry and check it out and grab the chance to win the second brand new car. Have fun!

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25 Aug 09 How to become fortunate in gambling

“Luck, fortune or chance” in the long way is mainly significant bearing of gambling and anyone who has used up their time on the other forms of gambling as we all know. As a matter of fact some people seems to be luckier, fortunate and blessed enough than the rest that’s why they succeed and win. It really shows that good fortune and chances can take you anywhere and somewhere. But you should consider also that not of us are fortunate that’s why you need to be ready in whatever the result and consequences when you gamble and play for bigger and higher amount.

A bulk of people gives us the impression to think that it is simply unattainable and unachievable to alter or to change fate and fortune; on the other hand this is not the case. Science has established and verified some motivating and fascinating explanation and basis as to why people sometimes win or lose in the casinos. It was accomplished and concluded by Professor Dean Radin in his book that there was a powerful co-relation concerning the phase of the moon and the force of earth’s magnetic field to the casino’s payouts. It is stated in the book that at the time of the full moon, the earth’s geomagnetic field occurs to be the powerless and according to the book, there is a powerful relation among the moon’s stages and the psychological aptitude and capability of the humans to gamble.

Furthermore the book also explain  that people appears to be psychologically energetic and effective all through the full moon stages and then their effectiveness weaken at the time of the quarter moons and then improve and boost back once more with the new moon. Such variation and changeability in the human brains are exactly and precisely connected and associated to the casino’s payouts where in the casino payouts were more during the new moon stages and lessen and reduce terribly during the disappearing moons. It is that time which alleviates the human minds to choose and select the greatest possible choices in any games they wish to play. It has also been experimental and tentative that poker players have been using this capability and ability to their advantage.

Separately from fortune and luck, gambling entails a lot of basic understanding and knowledge of the game you choose to place your bets on. You should know at least basic and the essential rules and regulations of the games you wish to gamble with. Lotteries have showed and presented alternative and disparity for the purpose that there were more payouts throughout the quarter moons and smaller payouts throughout the full moon phases. Studies have also established and confirmed that people be likely to win more with a constructive and affirmative manner and outlook and knows when they anticipate to win. For more information and details on how to be fortunate and lucky in gambling just continue reading gambling books and searching in the internet and most importantly listened to what your heart and mind says.

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11 Aug 09 Gambling speculation and presumption of chances and prospects

Gambling speculation, presumption and theories of chances and prospects have been premeditated, generated, disseminated and propagated by many brilliant academics. Those are purposely very helpful and useful to players and gamblers, especially if those theories and speculation are proven and tested by many players. Here are some of speculation and presumption of some brilliant academics which was applicable and correct.


The most prominent and remarkable of the more recent theory was the MIT Professor by the named Edward Thorpe whose 1960s blackjack thesis “Beat the Dealer” gave blackjack players an edge over the casino. Another is John Nash; a Princeton University Lecturer spent much of his life studying game theory. Also the Australian Branch of Mensa has a group that works at creating theories for intelligent bets. Another is Blaise Pascal formulated the Theory of Probability using dice. His theory stated that when two dice are rolled, the number 7 has the greatest chance of being rolled which is correct. And Albert Einstein experiment with the math’s of probability which is very famous, well-known and commonly used by many players and gamblers nowadays.


The majority of the big winners and successful gamblers were known to be an ordinary working people with ordinary math’s skills who consider their game as entertainment and pleasure hoping that one day Lady Luck will truly smile on them. Whilst you are waiting for the big one, working on the maths may disclose some relevant theory that the rest of us have overlooked! There are many of us who can do the maths, chew and crunch numbers. It is the ability to be the first to see the opportunity and apply it in a unique way that sets a few apart from the many. 

Take note you should gamble for entertainment purposes first to avoid hassle, troubles and discontentment. So that if you win or lost its not stressful and burden to you. Like many others who earn and gain a nice supplemental income from gambling, you also should strictly stick on to your own money management strategy. This way your “entertainment” is self funding and profitable providing funds for luxuries that most of us would have to think twice about. Now if you are not satisfied with your performance and ability of your chosen game try to use math probability or even study those math tricks, explore and read more. If you are one of that fortunate and lucky few, Lady Luck will anoint and smear you for awhile so be careful!

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28 Jul 09 GAMBLER’S stroke of luck

Gamblers always think of a good fortune. Whatever games they would like to play—whether it’s a bingo, cards, poker, number games, policy, lottery, horse racing, gamblers do want to have a winning meeting surface.  Most of gamblers would bring personal power for the reason that it would make something as an approving attitude that they will win the game. Some have the power through the use of charms, ritual spells, lucky jewelry or lucky objects. Others use their charms like magic spells, kissing and hugging their love ones as a sign of good luck. 

Gamblers who play lottery depends on what their dreams revealed to get the lucky numbers to bet on because if they dream lucky numbers, these numbers are often accepted something as true  to be the best numbers.  Gamblers do this not only for playing bets but also to use as telling a conveying idea of a kind of luck they have on reliable days, at a certain locations, and in dealing or transacting with known people.

Gambler’s way of good fortune before going to casino prepare themselves by washing their hands with what they so-called lucky hand wash.  Before they proceed in gambling they will wash first their hands with these luck hand wash.  Some gamblers bought these in a store as a ready made one and others do these at home.  As a home made one, they just make a tea or coffee, then strain of the liquid, and then wash their hands in it before going to play.

Some tips as a lucky charm for a gambler who played bingo uses their spells.  They use these spell every time before going to play bingo. According to some gamblers who experienced using these spell does worked out but does not mean you will get worth much or be rich but it does make your pocket feel good.  To do this is you will need a little preparation. Gamblers must take a bath using all crystal shampoo and crystal soap the night before playing bingo.  Do not use towel to dry yourself but instead air dry.  Then take a cylindrical container or a mug-size cup or a small bucket of your bath water outside your house and then drop it over into your left shoulder to the West and then do not look back.  You have to carry something all the money that you are going to play with and then write, “Money, return to me”. Then write your name or your initials on each bill of the money then bless it with oil and powder on all the money that you will bring in playing. Put the prepared money under two lighted vigil candles with little soap crystal in both candles. Then say these words, “Let this money bring me more money”. After your done saying put some powder on your chest or bosom then go to sleep.  Let the money remain under these candles until it’s time for you to go to play, then remove the money it out and Good Luck to you.

For those gamblers who have not tried using these strokes of luck, now its time for you to test these luck.  Many gamblers made lots of testimony about these different kinds of luck and that’s the reason why they can get money out from gambling.  Maybe you will ask why all these gamblers continue gambling and fortunately they will always win.  So, you are lucky now that you have read our site for free and then get lots of information on how to get lots of money by playing in casino. It’s for free anyway. For all the gamblers, what are you waiting for!  Try now and Good Luck to you!

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24 Jul 09 Gambling Erroneous Belief

Generally mostly people are gambling for real money, to gain profit or even to win great sum of money and not just for fun only. That’s why gamblers and players will seek out different method and approach on how to win their game. And definitely some of them will rely on gambling fallacy, Gambling Erroneous belief or what you called misleading notion. It is more likely a concept that previous failures indicate increased chances of success on subsequent attempts. Thus sometimes we assume that a certain card or number doesn’t revealed lately will certainly take place in the near future. This is, in fact, the opposite of what actually happens, even on a fair possibility of a successful event, given a set number of iterations.

Like for example on Roulette game, you assume that since the winning bet lately are odd and color red, in the next bet you assume that the winning bet is more likely opposite to it which is even and color black. Or shall I say your losing bet lately will be the winning bet in the next round which is sometimes correct but not all the time, it just your own notion and you should not rely on it or rely on luck. You should need to used or build tactics and strategies to improve your skills in the particular game you involved with.

Relying on Gambling erroneous belief is extremely dangerous, hazardous and perilous to individual especially if you are playing for real money and want to make more of it, because in a true life situation that is more likely inaccurate, inexact and mistaken principle. Although it might be tempting to you to rely on such belief especially if you are not familiar with the game but it would be better to keep away from using this kind of technique. It is very risky, not advisable and not accurate. But rather used mathematical calculation, although its not hundred percent exact but at least more accurate and precise and proven compared to you own beliefs, notion and instincts. But if you are playing for fun, well! You may rely on it for there’s nothing big deal about the money which is not yours especially if you are just playing for free money.

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