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Every person have different dreams and desires in our own life, but dreaming huge in the casino clubs is more impossible; for this person who is a biggest winner in the casino history make their wishes come true. Everybody love to live in Las Vegas but sad to say that this dreams can never happen to me regular people just like me and you do continue to hope that we can win big also. However, if it’s really God’s will to win, then that would probably the awesome part of my life. How did they make it? Maybe they are so lucky and it really meant for them to win or maybe they got extra supers powers conquering to win big at the casino club.

       Some might think that the big winners in Las Vegas casino are the professionals that sit and play from the opening of the bar until it closes. It is not necessarily the big spenders of the professional players that walking away with a huge jackpot. Everyday it is normal to people that just decided to give lady luck a chance. The biggest winners to date are all winners of the progressive jackpot game called MEGABUCKS. What is megabuck? Megabucks is a network of link progressive slot machines whose top prize start at $10 million to continues to growth until someone gets lucky and lines up the three Megabucks symbols on the pay line of his slot machine. More players add up to higher jackpot.

       The second time winner of the MEGABUCK jackpot is Mr. Elmer Sherwin twenty one years after his first win Mr. Sherwin hit the Megabuck again for $21milloin dollar. He first won a $4.6 million and he was already contented to that. This man really capture the heart of every individuals, during the second win he got he has plans to donate the Megabuck Jackpot to the victim of the Hurricane Katrina. When he first won the MEGABUCKS he uses the money traveling around the world. And as he thinks all the things that happened to him after winning the MEGABUCKS he thought that maybe it is time for him to give back especially for the needy. All his winning will be pain out in the yearly installment.

       At the age of 71 another big winner from Hawaii conquer Las Vegas during her vacation Amy Nishimura was lucky enough to hit a jackpot worth $8.9 million dollars. This girl is another winner of MEGABUCKS.  She was so lucky because she only spent $100 dollar playing the slots and came out a huge winner. And before she plays she had dream winning before she hit the jackpot.

       Do you believe that all of the above mention winners is not that big amount? Here is the biggest and youngest winner of them all, this man only visiting the Las Vegas for the NCAA basketball tournament and he was just 25 year old at that time. The biggest jackpot that has ever won in Las Vegas was $39.7 million dollars, and he was lucky enough that he turned his $100 dollar to $1.5 million dollars a year for the next 25 years.

   We also can be just like them; just do not lose hope and continue dreaming; who know after reading this you might be lucky enough playing at the casino and win big prizes. Mr. Sherwin is a good example that lady luck does not necessarily exist once. This entire winner took a chance and luck just happened on their side. Dreams are real all you have to do is just believe.

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There’s a big difference when playing a casino live than the online casino. Real live casino hosting different kinds of event and even entertainment while playing is a sure fun thing to do. On the other, hand online casino shall I say was not that enjoyable because you just  playing on the computers, you feel that you are present in the game but it is still different with the real people you are going to play with in the casino clubs; talk to them, laugh, yell or even cheer for your cards. Real live casino is better than the online casino, from the word live you can determine the real and lively things happening in such event.

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25 Jul 09 Live Dealers

One of the most popular features in casino online currently is offering live dealers or live person, the main purpose of this is to bridge the gap between virtual casino experience and that of the land based casinos. This is in solution and to allow players and gamblers to have an absolute casino experience from the contentment and comfort of their own home.

Although it may be sound difficult for mostly beginners and new comers but its becoming easier and simple today because of the new advance and modern technologies. With the use of webcams and real time technology, you can truly experience and face the real environment of casino without leaving your premises. There are numerous online casino operators employing individuals to act as live dealers for many of their most popular games, which are very friendly, approachable, amenable and gracious people.  Apparently this is far more interactive than looking at computer generated characters and graphics for you can be dealt the same card from the hand of a live person instead of receiving a card directly on your screen.

Not surprisingly, considering modern technology, it’s not hard and difficult to develop a program where a real person deals you a card when you click on the screen. Because as we all know as we get older the more new technologies and equipment develop which is for the better of all individuals and to make work easy and somewhat painless. No question that sometimes an impossible thing will be made possible, for there are many genius and innovative individuals who is more willing to share their talents and skills for the benefits of everybody.

But naturally, the games such as this are slower compared to those controlled exclusively by software and computer. For its takes time to load live coverage and it requires high connection for you to keep track and to feel the game lively and dynamically. Nevertheless it’s a great help for those players and gamblers who can’t afford to play land based casino for some reasons considering expenses and household chores. This is really great, beneficial, valuable and accommodating to those persons involved, as well as a landmark for online casinos.

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24 Jul 09 Scotland’s First Live Interactive Casino Online

Reportedly beginning next month will see on NetPlay TV the nation’s largest global and worldwide broadcaster bring all of the fun and excitement of gaming casino online to its millions of viewers, gamblers, wagers and supporters.

NetPlay TV is the UK ‘s largest interactive gaming company and has highly skilled and expert people that bring a wealth of knowledge covering TV, mobile and internet. NetPlay TV now has signed television distribution agreement with STV Group to be used as global broadcaster on the launch of Scotland ’s first live interactive casino on a terrestrial channel. NetPlay TV is the market leader in the delivery of licensed interactive gaming. Guy Templer,   the New business development director for NetPlay TV are very pleased to have signed this major deal with Scotland’s largest commercial terrestrial and global broadcaster, for according to him it is a major high point and landmark for UK’s broadcasting.

NetPlay TV operates number of live interactive television shows including and and the new programming will definitely bring all the excitement, enjoyment, pleasure, fun, trust and confident of a casino and bingo hall with players comfortably playing lively without living their home, and without thinking much about expenses as compared to playing in land based casino. NetPlay TV revealed that the new programming will allow viewers place for real cash bets on live casino and bingo events including roulette wheel spun by a real croupier and live blackjack.

Chief Executive Officer for NetPlay TV Mr. Martin Higginzon said that he is extremely and enormously pleased to have signed this landmark transaction with STV for it is their aim to broadcast their interactive television services on major television channel and to allow customers the freedom to participate and interact instantly and lively. NetPlay TV will give extra care to ensure accurate and precise information to all people, regarding live broadcasting on live gambling casino. NetPlay TV is exceptionally positioned to offer global, worldwide sustainable broadcasters, fully synchronized, and income generating programming. STV reaches up to more or less four million viewers every month and its new interactive television casino will be broadcast live and schedule during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays night each week starting next month.

Managing Director of STV Ventures, David Archer also said that the current OFCOM ruling in June of 2009 has allowed them to explore new income generating options and they need to move rapidly to take advantage of the chances to tender a stimulating and exhilarating new service to STV viewers. And they were very thankful and grateful that NetPlay TV has been very clever to supply them with a completely, entirely and totally regulated service and they are very pleased also to work hand in hand to provide obviously and undoubtedly enjoyment and pleasure to all players and viewers.

This would be very exciting, thrilling and very promising for more viewers, players and participants. So watch out for biggest events that happen in the history of Scotland the launching of the first live interactive casino live on NetPlay TV.

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