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07 Sep 09 The Best Thing to do when playing Jackpot Bingo Games

Bingo GamesBingo game is basically easy to join because you will just need to have the cards then wait if the number is called. When the numbers of your cards are all lucky then for sure you will jump high for winning your cards.
But you should not stop from there. You have to continue searching and learning some tips in order for you to win the jackpot in bingo games. By learning those things you will improve your luck especially if you will follow some gesture bingos set of rules.

The jackpot winners of Bingo games are rank accordingly, now if you want to be like them, you have to be attentive to the rules of the games. You must also know how to play the game wisely, using your tricks, be meticulous and have precisions. Playing bingo games need to have patience. Patience means that you have to wait for your time of winning, do not give up on playing. You must also know how to manage your bingo cards appropriately. Patience and discipline in playing would be your success to win the game. There are some ways on which you can practice and learning your strategies in playing bingo games. You can visit some sites in the internet and play online bingo. If you think that you have the idea on how to manage your cards there are big chances of winning because using your cards properly will be the door in winning the game.

Continue playing and never discourage. Playing on weekends is the best time to play jackpots because jackpots are high and there lots of players filling the rooms. Much better if you will play not only on weekends but everyday you like and also if you feel lucky and eager to play bingo games. Though on weekdays, there are only fewer cards to play because of the less people playing also but the important to this is you can practice in learning how to manipulate the game and can something better yourself for the preparation during the jackpot bingo games on the weekends. Although this is not an assurance but at least this can help you to be a good player and can also improve your odds in playing.

If luckily you will win the jackpot in bingo game, do not gamble away all your money that you won. Never make a bet more than you can spare to lose. Just be consistent of waging your money less than 50 percent. You have to set a boundary when playing bingo games. Do not allow yourself to wager as much money you have because of wanting to be in the list of jackpot bingo winners. If you wager that much and lose, its better for you to stop first from playing bingo game then you can continue until the next day if you think your cards are lucky and feeling that you will win the game. Always put this into your mind that it is good to start playing with small bets than large amounts to gamble from winning the game then make up for loss.

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23 Aug 09 The Lucky 18 Casino Leads to Aztec’s Millions- free Online Games

The Lucky 18 Casino is powered by Real Time Gaming. Currently, Aztec’s Millions is one of the biggest progressive online casino slots jackpots at Real Time Gaming also powered by Lucky 18 Casino. Azte’s Millions there are many free online free games they were provide.

When the online casino business is putting their efforts into getting through the last month of the summer, providing free online games is at all time something that attracts and make them to return to the site. At the Lucky there are hundreds of these games that can be played and enjoy the players.

Aztec’s Millions, a five reel slot game, has a current jackpot of over $1 million. There are quite a few numbers of games across the world in which the jackpots are that big. When it comes Aztec;s Millions, this game is all about the money, not the graphics or anything else.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino
Europa Casino Bonus

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18 Aug 09 Slot land Casino Belt’s Loosen after they Produces Second Winner in a Month

Who among of us don’t want to win big cash prizes in casinos? Everybody loves winning, for less than a month after their last big progressive jackpot winner the Slot land jackpot has already been hit again for the second time around. The lucky player known as MARMOTLUV, he is the one who take home $80,369 playing one of Slotland’s newer online slot machines, the Slotris. Just believe in your instinct in playing any kind of casino games. I believe that good instinct can surely make you won such big amounts, like MARMOTLUV

Excited winner stated that he used to love TETRIS when he was a kid that’s why also he loves “Slotris” a skilled game that pushes your mind to a limit with each increasing level completed,  he was also exclaimed that he won lots of smaller amounts over the years I’ve been playing at Slotland, The man was never expected to win big, as a matter of fact he never dream to hit the huge jackpot in his entire life! He stated, “The money is ready in my bank account – but not for long!” He will surely play again in casino games because he proven his self already, that lady luck was in his side. Or some say that he might give to the charities and share the blessing that he have.

After how many years Slotland an online casino was very famous after hitting every six weeks and so on sometimes they are being hit between $100 and $150K. The fact, that this is not the first time that the big amount was being won by MARMOTLUV in Slotland casino. This is also one of the reasons that a lot of gamblers keep coming back in this place not only for fun but also to for the huge amount that they are aiming to win.

There’s no such accurate date, time and place in winning jackpot. Of course there’s no predicting when a jackpot will be won. You must always remember that every time a player places a bet that qualifies for the progressive jackpot (a max bet is required in most games) part of their wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. That pool keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot. But if you are so lucky enough you will probably be like MARMOLUV.

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18 Aug 09 Jackpot Winners Tell their Stories

Have you heard one of the jackpot banned ads they will places through online casino. There are giving away a guaranteed about $million jackpot and they wonder if their claims it is true? Well if you want to be like this people. You need to find out the real casinos’ about their jackpot giveaways and you get information by the winner or to read an article or store written by a jackpot winning. If you want to read about a jackpot winner you can check out the following stories.

 Jackpot Stories from Online Slot Winners

If you know this game, this is the most tantalizing casino games of the slot machine. These kinds of game they are promise a huge windfall for an investment just few coins. Do you know about wild claims just be made by casinos that the online slot machines payoff big exaggerated and if can talked to Amanda R. from England who win the biggest jackpot worth over $1.4 million from the online casino It took her 61 pulls and $240 wins this jackpot. But she is not the only person who can hit the large jackpot online for playing online slots. And the others is Heidi B. from Ohio who won $1.2 million from a MicroGamMiing Casino playing the slot machine King Cashalot Progressive Slots.

Jackpot Stories from Online Bingo Winners

One of these games just made the transition from the live action in the internet it is a remarkably well. Everyday it has a thousand of players in bingo games to share their bingo jackpots wins. If you think that online bingo they don’t offer big jackpots just like the bingo halls. You should talk to Jo Collins, she is the mother of three who won a 162,000 pounds sterling jackpot, and it is worth about $275,000 U.S.D for playing online bingo. This is a world’s record she plan they used there money to pay off her mortgage, car, and going on an extended vacation to Australia.

Jackpot Stories from Online Pokers

Anyway there are more a lot of stories were floating around about getting a jackpot winner. Some of those games are like online bingo, and the Online slot machine winners, but the category of the winner stories that has the most highest written is the online poker players. Each year dozen of new millionaires are created by online pokers. Therefore, the players it has a big knowledge about the strategy of the online poker to win unless they get lucky in a large tournament.

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10 Aug 09 New Thunderous Casino Slots Game

Just when you thought that life could not possibly get any sweeter, the fabulous people behind the scenes over at Virtue Fusion have brought out a terrific progressive jackpot online casino slots game that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. This time around, the casino slots game is called Thor’s Thunder. This is a truly sensational slots game so be sure to be on the lookout for it when you go to play at your favorite online casinos. This is something you definitely do not want to miss out on.

It is structured as a five-reel casino slots game with 20 pay-lines. Obviously one of the best features of this game is the stellar progressive jackpot it is connected to that could provide some pretty solid payouts to a few lucky players here and there from time to time. The progressive jackpot is sure to give other rival online casinos a run for their money since this jackpot is seeded at a cool 50,000 pounds.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino
Europa Casino Bonus

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09 Aug 09 Near Million Dollar Online Casino Jackpot Hit and More

While it is true that most of the larger online slot jackpots that are hit, such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Progressive Slot jackpot, are hit in non-US online casinos, it is not true that online casinos that accept US players never have big jackpot hits. Recently, an online casino powered by Vegas Technology had a hit totaling $997,740. Although the win was not quite a million dollars, it was certainly close enough for the lucky player who won the jackpot.

Vegas Technology powered online casinos are also available to players out of the United States, which means that players the world over have a shot at the jackpots available. Of course, because the casinos are also available to US players, the competition for each game is far greater, since US players are concentrated on only a few online casino sites.

The progressive slot jackpot was hit on the Red White & Win slot game. The Red White and Win jackpot was previously hit about six months ago. Red White & Win is a fairly simple slot game. It is a three reel progressive slot game, which comes with only one pay line. The pay line is the simple 7, 7, 7, which certainly takes players back into the past. Nowadays, most slot games have a number of winning pay lines. It is unusual to find such a simple slot game since online casino software providers have moved over to making far more advanced and sophisticated slot games in recent years. Red White & Win is an American-themed slot, which is based on the red, white and blue.

Vegas Technology powers the well-known Golden Casino, which carries Vegas Technology’s exciting monthly promotions, and are especially known and popular for their weekend slot tournaments. Vegas Technology also powers Online Vegas Casino, Millionaire Casino, Super Slots Casino, VIP Slots Casino and Go Casino.

Micro gaming powered online casinos offer their players a number of online progressive slots; however, they are not available to players in the United States. Micro gaming had a number of progressives hit around a week ago, including the Mega Moolah jackpot, which was hit on July 3rd at 1,171,727, and is always reset to 1,000,000

In the past couple of days, Micro gaming has had four jackpot hits. Cash Splash, which is hit fairly often was hit on July 10th, at 15,308. Fruit Fiesta and Treasure Nile were hit on July 11th. Fruit Fiesta was hit at 34,257, while Treasure Nile was hit at 46,910. Lots Loot was hit at a level of 8,413 on July 12th.

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