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25 Jan 10 Everything You Should Know About Bingo

bingo_shotBingo is a game where people buy a ticket and gamble on the likelihood of it winning. The ticket contains fifteen numbers which are arranged in three rows and consist of nine columns. The rows contain blank spaces and the object of the game is to cross off a number that is called by the bingo caller. These numbers are determined randomly with the bingo caller selecting a ball from a bingo machine.

There are ninety possible numbers that can come out of the bingo machine and the overall premise is that to win the game you must cross the numbers off your card before anyone else does. If you are the first to do so you must shout ‘bingo’ or ‘house’ and you will win the game and receive a cash prize. Prizes are also given out for people that are first to cross off a single line of numbers from their card or two lines off their card.

It is the job of the bingo caller to read out the numbers and inform the players of the numbers that have been called. The bingo caller generally calls these numbers out quickly and players that are new to the game often find it quite a challenge to keep up with crossing off the numbers on their card. The most popular form of crossing off the numbers is by using a dibber or a dabber. These are essentially large pens that can be dabbed onto the number and mark it as called. The caller is famed for calling out the numbers that appear using rhyming language to emphasis the number that is called.

This is similar to the theory of language that is used in military groups for abbreviation when talking on a radio ie bravo for B or tango for T. the language used in bingo works in a similar way but has its own abbreviations that are unique to the game.

The abbreviations used in bingo are often referred to as calling nicknames and in the UK the caller will often emphasis the number by naming each digit in the number first. For example they might say ‘three and four’ thirty four’. This takes place with the majority of the numbers. Slang phrases are also often used. For example the callers tend to refer to eleven as ‘Legs eleven’ in reference to the number resembling legs or ‘two fat ladies’ in reference to eighty eight. Other examples of this are ‘two ’ one little duck’, ‘sweet sixteen’ and ‘top of the shop’ for number ninety.

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25 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-The Origin and Spread of Poker

Video-Strip-Poker-PCAnyone who frequents the casinos will know that Poker is the most popular card game played at casinos and poker rooms all around the world as well as at hundreds of online casinos.

Where did poker originate? This question proved to be complex with well debated answers. There have always been several theories that made the rounds with no clear evidence. There is one thing that everyone agrees on, that poker has its origin in our history and has been played for ages.

One of its ancestral games is said to have been played as early as 1526. The most popular origination theory is that the French developed a game called “poque” and it was first played in 1803. Poque did not become famous until the Civil War, when it was played by soldiers during their spare time. The earliest versions of poker were said to originate with them. From America, the game is said to have spread throughout the world. Las Vegas, also known as the entertainment capital is home to thousands of casinos and poker rooms.

An interesting story is that in 1871, a U.S. Minister, on his visit to Great Britain explained the game to a few members of the British court. When Queen Victoria herself expressed an interest in the game, the U.S. Minister printed a set of rules specifically for her and sent them over.

Poker used to be called the “cheating game”, and was said to have been given the name “poker” by a professional gambler named Jonathan H. Green.

Poker has earned the distinction of being the uncrowned king of card games, which has changed forms several times since its birth. The current form involves players betting on the value of the card combination in their hands. This bet is placed into a central pot. The player holding the highest value cards or the last person holding the cards after the other players have folded, is the winner.

Video poker is also a fairly recent variation to the game, which involves playing this game like any other slot machine.

Poker and the jargon of the game have become very popular even with people who do not really know how to play the game. Poker slang such as Beats me, call one’s bluff, pass the buck, poker face and many others have become a part of our daily lives, without most people knowing their origination

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22 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-Finding the Right Online Poker Room to Game

Casino Pokerroom Titan PokerOnline Poker is hugely popular these days, with hundreds of thousands of people gaming at various online poker rooms in the World Wide Web, from different parts of the world. But, with choices, comes the dilemma of picking a suitable free online poker room, especially for new players to learn Casino Poker Games. This article tries to stress on few important aspects that would eventually help one to zero in on the best online poker rooms Titan Poker available in the web today.

While dealing with websites, security should be the top priority. Verify if the particular poker site you are interested in is guarded by a reputed internet security service provider.

In fact, by security, it is not only financial transaction protection alone, but also fair gaming practices amongst players so that a new player could confidently wager his money in the poker room. In certain poker rooms, secret collusion between players to cheat out a new player had been reported earlier. Preempt such possibilities.

Always look for reputable online poker rooms. The ones with proper game ethics, fair financial dealings, and decent customer service should be the final choice. It is also a good idea to refer some of the online casino review sites featuring player reviews of the poker rooms they have gamed at. Such reviews tend to be neutral and to the point mostly.

Another visible indicator of a good enough poker room is the number of players it have at a time. Popular online poker rooms consistently attract lots of players, and as it had been found out, in such poker rooms, there will not be any difficulty in finding a game quickly. If players find it tiring to wait for a game table, they simply will not visit that site next time.

Next see the competition levels in a given online poker room. Since players, by visiting an online poker room, except a decent bout of poker gaming, the existing competition levels will give a hint as to what to expect at the end of the day. Playing against players, whose skills nearly match yours, only will makes the game exciting and interesting. If one does not win few pots here and there, what is the point in gaming after all?

Finally, yes, winnings as well matters. It is the expectation of winning a fortune that drives everybody irrespective of his proficiency in poker game to online poker rooms. If some poker rooms offer lucrative poker bonuses and promotions, that is additional perks. However, it is important to read the fine print detailing the poker bonus and promotional offers. Some poker rooms put up unreasonable conditions attached to their bonus offers, and such online poker rooms must be avoided. Poker bonus and promotions should benefit the players at the end of the day, and it can not be the other way around.

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21 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-Top Reasons to Love about Poker Bonuses

video-poker3You get poker bonuses for basically doing absolutely nothing. The poker bonus is given to you based on the amount of money you put into your account and is then released based on the amount of wagering you do when you are playing in the poker games on the online server of the website you have signed up for. When you consider both of these actions, what should immediately come to your mind is that you would be doing both of those things anyway if you were going to play online poker! For that reason, getting a poker bonus does not involve doing anything that you would not normally do anyway if you were someone interested in playing poker on the internet. In practical terms, this means that you are getting the bonus for nothing. Now, how many other bonuses in any part of life can quite seriously make this claim?

When you compare the bonuses offered by online poker sites to the bonuses offered by online casinos or any other online gambling establishment, you will notice that on average they are easier to clear. This means that pound for pound, the typical online poker bonus will be easier to clear than the typical online gambling bonus from another online venue and this allows you to get more money for the same amount of play. People have actually tried this theory out in experimentation in order to see if it is actually true and after a couple of months of playing online poker, they had far more bonus money than they ever saw when they were at the online casinos of the internet. This was not always true as casino bonuses used to be better, but in recent years that trend has reversed. At the current moment in time, this is just one more thing for you to love about poker bonuses.

In addition to being better on average, what you will find in the online poker community is that there are a fair number of bonuses that are also easier to collect. Its fine for something to be better on average, but if that does not translate into a number of actual bonuses that are easier to collect then the help the beginner gets from the average is negligible at best. That is not the case here however as you will find bonus after bonus in the online poker world that is quite easy to clear. This is something you should pay attention to when you are out bonus hunting in fact because usually there is no need to settle for a poor release requirement bonus when there is a better one out there just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

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20 Jan 10 Online Casino Games -Online Bingo Brings the Bingo Hall to You!

originalIt seems that there is no limit to the games you can play online now and millions of people are captivated with the whole phenomenon. These millions of people are not just teenagers playing the fastest, loudest and most violent new games either! There are more and more people of all ages finding online versions of games they love to play too. One of the most popular of these online games is Bingo.

Bingo was one of the most popular games long before the internet got us all perpetually glued to our screens at all hours of the day and night. Not so surprising then that bingo has now become one of the most sought online too. People of all ages are happy to be able to find a bingo game going on any time of the day or night right in the comfort of their own home. You can play in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers – which means this old game has conquered the final frontier.

How it Works

playing bingo online is somewhat different than playing it the old fashioned way, but not significantly. One of the reasons for its amazing popularity online is that very fact. We already KNOW how to play it and we already like it.

Online, you will select your bingo cards and purchase them. You can play as many cards as you like, just like at the bingo hall. You will pay for the cards out of your account you have set up on the bingo site. This is exceptionally easy to do and does not require you to dress in a suit and make a trip to your downtown bank – pajamas and fuzzy slippers are fine for this transaction.

After you have selected your cards, you can generally select some optional tools like the ‘auto dauber’ and the ‘best first’. The auto dauber will mark your cards as numbers are called without you having to keep track and comes in very handy when you need to run away from your computer for a minute during a game. The ‘best first’ tool will automatically move your best card to the top of your screen as you play. If you don’t like the tools, just turn them off and continue the old way.

In online bingo the numbers are called out the same as the old bingo game, but the numbers are generated differently. There are no balls but rather random number generating software that chooses the numbers for play. If it makes you feel warm and cozy though, feel free to imagine the old ball machine going in the background.

Winning, Losing and Having Fun

when you play online bingo, you will have some good information displayed on your screen during the game. You will generally see how many people are playing this game with you, what the amount to be won is and a chat option. Many people quite enjoy the chat section as they can comment on the game or discuss anything with new and old friends who are playing with them. This is an important part of online bingo as it really provides the old-fashioned visiting atmosphere that has been a part of this game for as long as we can all remember. When you are comfortable with the basics of playing, test yourself a little and try out the chatting.

Depending on which particular bingo game you are playing, there may be more than one winner. If a player wins something before you do, you will hear the caller announce it and generally a screen will come up display the winner’s name and their payout. If there is more than one prize, play will then continue until all the prizes have been awarded. Here is one of the great benefits of online bingo. You can call the other winners horrible names out loud – you wouldn’t get away with that at the bingo hall.

When you win, your prize money will be deposited into the same account you set up to purchase your tickets. You can then use that for more play or you can withdraw funds as you like.

No Lines for Getting Online

There is always a bingo game going on in your computer. When you want to play is when the games on, so if you haven’t done it already, give it a go. Chances are you’ll find your old game has a whole new set of perks that you will love.

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19 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games -How great is Online Poker?

video-poker3Poker is the fastest growing pastime in the UK right now. We have always had a love affair with the danger and glamour of poker portrayed in movies and now the advanced poker playing software has opened up the game to a much wider audience

Apart from the fun factor, Online poker is a great way for players to win money and earn a little extra income (did you know its tax free!), for some living the dream means poker is their only source of income! So if this has aroused your interest here are some of the great reasons why more and more people are registering and winning big!
It’s Fun! It’s as much fun as playing face to face but it’s easier to bluff online! Most poker rooms have chat boxes so who knows you may even meet your Mr. / Mrs. Right and make some money to pay for the date!
It’s So Easy! Once you have an online poker account it often takes only one click to get into a game.
It’s a learning experience! It does not matter if you do not know how to play poker. You needn’t feel embarrassment at your lack of experience. The anonymity of playing online will make you feel more confident.
It Looks Good! The online poker websites are technologically advanced and visually impressive, you get to see the table and the other players’ faces. Sites like PKR allow you to create your own image so you can pretend to be anyone you want! LTDPoker offer great free bankroll for PKR. It’s convenient. You can play from your plushy recliner in the living room if you wanted

Variety is the Spice of Life: There is a wide variety of online poker games to play online. From Texas Hold Em to 5 Card Stud to Omaha as well as many other variations of the games and playing styles. When you start playing online you do not have to stay with one particular type of poker, you can switch between different styles of games. explains the basic rules of all the main types of poker as well as advanced level strategy and management advice.
You can play for free! Sites such as offer large free bankroll to the top sites. This means for a minimum stake of £15 you could be playing with over £100 in your account! Setting up accounts through sites such as these will give you better offers and advice than if you sign up direct.
You can win real money: Many of the big tournament winners during 2007/08 have not been playing for very long. Online Poker is a great way to practice (often for free) but it also gives new players equal chance to enter into big money tournaments. Many poker websites have large tournaments with a small buy-in but with large jackpots, just like WSOP and WPT! Online Poker tournaments are a great way to experience what the pro poker player’s experience.

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