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21 Nov 09 Bingo Tips

Online BingoNow Bingo is a game of chance and it is going to take all of your knowledge and patience to pay attention to win the game. So I have compiled a little list of bingo tips here for you to use and work on in the future.

Not all of these rules will apply to you during a bingo game, but I feel that there is enough here to give some of you a head start into the advanced level of bingo that you may be looking for.

The Tips

  • Do not play more cards than you can handle, if you have too many cards you will go mad trying to keep up with the caller.
  • Do not bang the dauber while playing, it will only cause a mess and the marker tends to work better and for a longer period if you take care of it.
  • To try to win more coverall games, arrive earlier to try to buy the better cards with the numbers spaced out more evenly.
  • Be courteous to the others playing around you. Talking during the game is rude and very distracting, so try to keep quiet even if you only need one number to win.
  • If you want to really win at bingo, then play bingo on the nights when there are fewer people playing in the game, because being a game of chance, that if there are less players then there are fewer cards in play. Playing like this will raise your chances to win dramatically.
  • When you buy your cards do not stand around always whining about the lousy numbers you bought. You found them they are yours, and you have to stick with them, plus it is a game of chance, and you never know, you may win.
  • Bring bingo tape. Some games are played on single strips which are purchased separately, and it’s easier to dab them when they are taped together.
  • If you do use tape, tape on the back so you can mark on the front.
  • Use different colored daubers to mark mistakes. This way if you win a bingo, the judge will have an easier time judging it correctly and it makes it easier for you to see a number if it was marked incorrectly.

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20 Nov 09 Tips for Playing Baccarat

There are very few actual tips for baccarat. Baccarat is a game of luck, and with any game of luck there are not many ways to really influence the outcome without cheating. If you have come hear to find out how to cheat you are looking in the wrong place.

To win money in baccarat you have to pick the winner. In baccarat the winner is the one who makes a hand closest to 9. You have 3 bets you can make, you can bet on the player to win, the banker to win or you can bet that a tie will occur.

The best tip I have ever herd for baccarat is to never bet on the tie. It pays out at 9 to 1, but that is only because it is a long shot. The bet with the best odds is to bet on the banker. The banker holds the house edge which makes him the best chance for a win, but because of this if you win on a bet to the banker the casino takes a 5% rake from all winnings.

The only other tips I have for online baccarat or for a live casino is just trying to use your head. Set a spending and time limit, once either one is reached, leave the table. If you are doing ok you should still get up and take a small walk, this will help you clear your head making it easier for you to go back and stay in control. Remember many times the best way to turn a losing streak into a winning streak is to take a short break go get something to eat, take a walk outside the casino and smoke a cigarette, do something to give you a break from the game. After the break you can return to the game and you will probably do better

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18 Nov 09 How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is played with three dice.  The goal of the game is to bet on the numbers that will show up in the dice when they are rolled. 

In the game of Sic Bo bets can be made on the numbers that will show up in one dice, two dice or it can even be bet on the possible combination of numbers that will show up in three dice.

The combination of numbers that you can bet on and the individual numbers that you can bet on along with the details of their payout will be shown in the table layout.

You can bet on:

  • Single numbers
  • Two of a kind
  • Three of a kind
  • Any combination of numbers that will show up in the roll

The game proceeds:

  • Players place their bet on the numbers in the table layout.
  • After the bets are placed the dealer or the software shoots the dice.
  • The numbers are read and the payouts are given accordingly.

The Payoffs:

  • For single number bets if the number comes in one dice, the payoff is 1:1, if it comes in 2 dice then it is 2:1, if it comes in 3 dice then it is 3:1
  • Two of a kind is paid 5:1.
  • Three of a kind is paid between 6:1 through 50:l based on the bet made.
  • Small bets, means the total of numbers showing up will be between 4 and 10.
  • Big bets, means the total of numbers showing up will be between 11 and 17.
  • Specific three of a kind bet will get 150:1.
  • Any there of a kind bet will pay 24:1
  • Any pair bet is 8:1

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18 Nov 09 How to win at the slots

The most important thing to do before playing choosing which slot machine to play is to use some logic from the casinos point of view.

The point of a casino is to draw people in and take their money, not make everyone rich. Remember just like a movie theatre of a book store the casinos are a business and their goal is to make a profit.

To draw people into the casinos they used to place the hot slot machines near the entrance to the casino, but research found that players were coming in, playing the slots near the doors and then leaving.

So now the slots near the doors to the casinos are usually cold machines. The slots near the isles leading to the table games are usually the best machines to play. This is because the casinos want you to see people winning as they draw you to the table games.

You will notice that as you get to the table games the price of the slot machines gets higher, and the machines that are right next to the table games are usually empty.

The reason for this is because they do not want to disturb the players at the table games.

When someone wins at a slot machine there are all sorts of bells and whistles that go off, and they do not want this around the big money games like Roulette, Blackjack and especially around the poker tables.

So the secret is to go to the center of the casinos Slot Machine area and play a machine near the isle.

Another good tip is to play the more expensive machines. The dollar machines pay out more then the quarter machines do.

Keeping this in mind on your next trip to the casino will greatly increase your chances of going home with more money then you came with

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31 Oct 09 The Very USEFULL Tips of BLACKJACK

Find the Right Table

It is the first time you to play casino games, just like blackjack games you need observe on how to play those games. You must watch around the blackjack area, and observe all the tables. In which tables that you can see have smiles of the players on their faces and chips in front of them?  That’s a really nice sign. Which tables are exactly the opposites? You must be aware of them. Find tables that contain players to be enjoying themselves?  What tables contain friendly and talkative dealers? Although is doesn’t make any mathematical sense, we have consistently found that the happy players on a table with a friendly dealer are a good sign. Grab yourself a seat. Do you prefer playing one and one against a dealer? Then find yourself a dealer which is not more currently dealing to anyone and then simply ask them.” How are you treating people tonight? You will find more often than not, that a dealer will tell you if he/she has been hot or cold or somewhere in between.

Don’t Worry About Dumb Players

If you already known about the basic strategy, you should know yourself when are getting angry with someone else who are making a wrong strategy. No need to worry about it. Actually sometime the fellow player will not hit his 16 against dealers 10 and you wing up losing on your hand because of it. In other way with same mistake it will work in your favor. These things are the mathematical nature of basic strategy works for you whether other people are playing the right way or not. There are many times they cant tell with the  players they will refused to hit his/her 16 against a dealers 10.

Never Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid if they get your hits.  If you have hits 15s with in two times in a row and lost against the dealers up card of 9? In second time you will get 15 against a 9, hit it again.  The basic strategy will works with in the long run. Do not ever abandon it. There are many players who are afraid to get their hits. They lose in the long run.

Tip the Dealer When You Are Winning

It is normally that you will give a small amount a dealer about in your winning it coz that can really help you. if you are wiling to give a tipping with your dealing they are willing to help you too. Help now?  Let’s say that you are distracted and motion for hit which you really don’t want. A dealer who is on your side will always hesitate and ask you id you really want that hit.  Other times a dealer may see their hole card. There have been several times when you having sitting at the table, playing perfect strategy. And then you have a card combination which is need to hit. The motion for the hit and the dealers asks, “Are you sure you want to hit sir?” If this ever happens to you don’t hit. Since you have playing the basic strategy and since the dealers recognizes this fact, the dealer in this case is telling you that he/she knows what the hole card is and because of that it would be in your best interest not to hit this particular hand. This will not happen very often, but it wills occasionally. Take advantage of it.

Think Positively

Don’t think positive when you are playing the games or anything you must think positive. If you will think negatively, bad things will happen to you. it is the same way in playing the blackjack game. If you are thinking the positive way is not make you to be the instant winner, but if you keep an emotional balance you won’t lose your basic blackjack playing skills. Lets face if, if you think you are going to lose, why the Hell are you playing the game in the first place?

Don’t Continue Playing At a Table You Are Losing At

Some of the players will continue playing even they were losing a table. Most of them are thinking to be luck will change.  Please don’t do it, your wasting your money for nothing. Some dealers are simply hot and they will continue to be so. Don’t let them to take your money. Get up and move to another table. If you continue to lose at another table the gambling Gods are trying to you something. Go home! There will be another day to play blackjack.

Don’t Make Side Bets

Other types of table that you will play they have available side bets. And the other side of bet is to wager on whether your first two cards will total 10 or more.  Side bets are always created and used by casinos because they are sucker bets which will make the casino money. Don’t be suckered into doing this.

Its OK to Play Blackjack via Internet Based Casinos

As of now there are more casino players who are playing via internet. If you are playing a casino games through the internet it is reliable too, and you don’t need to go anywhere to play casino games. The most thing that you are really about playing blackjack online is that its just you against the computer that is dealing you the cards. These computers are programmed to deal the cards randomly out of the shoe. Unlike a real dealer it is rare that you will find a “hot” computer dealer. If you lose a few hands in a row you are almost guaranteed a winner on your next hand. If you had found that mote often than not that if you win a hand you will probably be dealt winner in the second hand. After all, basic strategy was developed by a computer program studying millions of hands of blackjack. You still need to play smart though. When experiencing losing hands lower your wagers, when the tide turns in you favor, bet harder. Be conservative with your bets at first, slowly building your bankroll. Once you get ahead use that extra money to make larger wagers, you’ll be surprised how quickly it can add up. But whether you are playing against a human dealer or a computer one, you must learn and use the next tip on this page.

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30 Oct 09 Betting in Poker

As poker is a gambling game, betting is one of the more integral aspects of the competitive experience.

Even you are playing at home or outside casino, the concept of betting it is the same in any type of poker game. The players should be the first “ante up” and the set amount of money is according to the dealt cards, it also has a blind bets it was similar to the ante, discussed in another article). Once cards are dealt, there is a around of betting.

Betting is usually done in a clockwise order around the table (depending on the game and table rules, it starts with either the person to the dealer’s left, the person showing the highest hand, or the person who made the last bet). When it is their turn to bet, players make one of several choices, some dependent on what the previous player(s) did:

  • Check – if no bet has been placed in the round, a player may “check”, essentially betting nothing, but staying in the game. This moves the betting option to the next person. There are several strategies to checking (such as the check raise)
  • Bet – if no bet has been placed in the round, the person may place a bet, up to the pre-arranged limit.
  • Call – A player bets enough to match the amount that has been bet the previous time.
  • Raise – Raising requires that the player first bets enough to match what was established upon the initial bet, then “raising” the bet to another, higher amount. The betting then begins anew, with all players still in the game required to call the new amount, fold, or raise.
  • Fold – Folding happens when the player gives up their hand and drops out of the current game due to not having a good hand or wanting to match a bet.  While a player forfeits their chance of winning the immediate pot, the player does not have to put any more money into the current pot.

There is no one set rule as to how to bet in poker – they vary by game and establishment. However, there are some general concepts that one should be aware of – make sure you check to see if your game is using any of these:

  • Spread Limit: A player can bet any amount within some range. If another player decides to raise the stakes, the limit must match or go higher than the raise.  This is a common structure for home-play based games.
  • Fixed Limit: A regular casino structure, a player is held to a set amount that can be bet or raised per hand.
  • Pot Limit: The largest amount a player can bet or raise is based upon the amount that is currently held within the pot.  The concept of “Pot Limit” seems simple, but can become increasingly complex and expensive if other players choose to double the pot’s amount.
  • No Limit: As the name implies, anything goes.  This structure is most recognizable in poker variations such as Texas Hold ‘Em. The player has the option to place as many of (or all) their chips currently available to them into the betting pot, without a cap to restrict them. It is also assumed that any game is “no limit” when there is an absence of any betting limit.

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