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03 Sep 09 Rebuy Tournaments versus typical Tournaments

Rebuy tournaments are completely dissimilar game compare to typical and traditional tournaments. The players and gamblers need to be clever enough to familiarize and get used themselves to the disparity and dissimilarity so that they can do it well in both. In a tournament, rebuy means to pay an extra of further admission fee and start again or to buy another chip after falling below a particular amount of chips. The main disparity among the two is the choice of first hands in the first part of the phases of the tournaments. Two further disparities are the amount of chips in play usually bigger in rebuys and the enthusiasm and motivation to gamble and bet more in rebuy tournaments versus the typical tournaments.

The choice of the first hands is an essential and crucial aspect in any tournament you are going to play with. You need to be very careful and alert in choosing reliable and assured hands especially in poker tournaments. That’s why you should need to know how to decide and verify as to when the proper and right time to play a guaranteed and accurate hands is. We all know that there is a great help to have a lot of chips in a tournaments and I make sure I begin with the greatest amount. I normally let myself no less than two “loose” call for the duration of the first couple rounds.

One more purpose why there is a lot of value in calling with secondary hands in the first of the phases of a rebuy tournament is for the reason that players and gamblers think you are out of your mind. If you want to get paid off down the road when you are landing a mammoth hand, allow the players at the table think you are the chief leading fish they have even encounter. Rest assured, the tables are concentrated and squeezed as the tournament improves and grows, but they will remember you. In online tournaments (buy-ins $100 or below), it is common to begin with $1500 in chips. If there are 100 people in a standard tournament, the total amount of chips in play is $150,000. In rebuy tournaments, the total amount of chips in play is commonly triple the amount. Imagine $450,000 in play and only 100 players. With that many chips in play, you need to make some important and major modification to your game during all stages of the tournament and not just the early stages.

All through the first part of stages, you must do what you can to get as many chips as you possible as you can. Instantly after the early stages, I recommend you strengthen up since if you have followed my suggestion and recommendation and played at least one or two “loose” hand during the rebuy tournament, you are more likely to get called (at least for awhile). If you are more likely to get called, you want to make sure that you go in with the preferred and dig out as many chips as possible. After my standard waiting period, I start to loosen up again. Remember there are $450,000 chips in play and hopefully you have your fair share of them. If you have an average stack size with 80 players left, you should have approximately 40 blinds in front of you. You have enough chips to elevate in position and dump your hand if someone goes over the top of you. This makes it simpler to increase with marginal hands or hands you might not normally raise with. During all stages of the tournament, you must keep track of how many big blinds you have. Like I said, in rebuy tournaments you will most likely have a lot more bets than in a regular tournament.

Mostly in tournaments, you will be in a state and condition where you can ask yourself if it is the accurate and right move to play for all of your chips when drawing to a straight or a flush. Just take it easy all you have to do is to make sure you are familiar with the major disparity between rebuy tournaments and typical tournaments so that you can plan you moves ahead.

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01 Sep 09 The Online Poker is Legal?

At this time online poker is more popularity in every casino sites. But there are many people questioning about the online poker, if it is online poker legal? That kind the answer is not clear cut “yes or no’ coz the main factors of the legality of poker based on the country jurisdiction. However the of the common problems governing the internet is the fact the while certain pastimes an sites may be acceptable to one nation, it could be seen as unacceptable to another. This seems to be the case for online poker and other gambling games.

There are some countries which have the anti-gambling laws, the poker site are out of bounds to citizen and anybody found playing on the internet it will prosecute. Here is the some in the western countries such as United States, United Kingdom, and those on the European continent, the laws of this continent are different and it will depend on several factors such as skill vs. luck elements. In the United States there are several examples regarding the laws it can be interpreted it mean why online poker playing is illegal. Therefore the important to know nobody have been prosecuted for playing online poker via internet and take note there are more millions of players worldwide enjoying the games and tournaments everyday. In the national level, the dated Wire Act was used for many years to claim that any form of gambling over the telephone (and thereafter the Internet) was illegal.

.President Bush was signing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act into law in 2006, essentially prohibiting US financial institutions and credit card companies from transferring funds to or from American Players. But the law was not stated that online poker is illegal. But we need to know whether it’s legal or illegal while playing online poker on the internet in the US. There are many player don’t accept players from US player and check by tracking their IP addresses. The United Kingdom it has a different pathway from the United States Prohibition policy. Therefore in 2007, the long –planned Gambling Act came into effect that meant that all gambling activities, both online and off are the responsibility of the Gambling Commission.

In several times poker rooms and online casinos were forced to leave the US playing field, immediately sought other markets around the world, with most making their way unto the European or Asian scene. For those belongs these regions were forced to sit up and take a clear line on their own legislation regarding online wagering. They are many people felt about the laws of UK, they have a tighter regulation, it should be adopted by the United States. The organization was issued licenses, sets strict industry standards and counters underage and problem gambling. Online poker rooms they will wish offer their services to the British public need to pass with their poker fun. At present, it seems to the European Union was adopted a pro-online gambling stance, arguing that member states that pass anti-gambling legislation are going to against the free-trade treaties of the EU. Some of countries were making increasingly difficult for its citizen sectors of the industry. Germany, for example, passed a law at the beginning of the year, essentially banning online gambling unless through restricted state-run sites.

According to my research online poker is legal, but it will base on the laws of the countries and jurisdictions. The internet brought with it the means to circumvent almost any type of restriction, meaning that millions of players from around the world continue to play the game without fear of prosecution. Most of all countries online poker it is legal.

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MICHIGAN—Greek town Casino-Hotel already announced their newly promotions there are 3 of them that can guaranteed to give Club Greek town members more chances to win and have fun in September. This will surely make the players stop by just to see if lady luck was in their way, who knows! There are more chances of winning the said jackpot according to the officials of Greek town casino

This will surely make another history for the Casino and others might envy. Upon preparing this promotion they really take time to get the opinions not just with their business partners but also to the players who went to their place. Playing a big part in casino gamblers made their own suggestion in what to do, to make these promotions more successful. As they listed the opinions of their guest they come out with the conclusion that what they really need is MORE CASH according to the one of the Vice President of Marketing for Greektown Casino-Hotel.

An opportunity of winning cash prizes is full during the month of September. Aside from this promotion stated below there are several surprises that will surely make every player happy and content, every week Greektown will surprise the players that they are giving away big cash outs, no doubts that they will surely come in Greektown not only aspiring players but also the number of patrons to have fun and experience the lucky adventure at Detroit.

Who else is not accepting the challenge to try and play in their casino after knowing that big money cash-outs will be giving away? At this month of September 1 to September 27, 2009, players can automatically earn entries for the “Win $10,000 in Cash” drawings held every Sunday throughout the month. One more, the guests that will be choose with their selection might take home one of the 66 bags not products but cash prizes will be distributed to the winners ranging $250 to $10,000, and there are another five lucky guests will be going to called during the hourly drawings from 10 in the morning down to 10 in the evening not only that, six of consecutive guests will be choose at the 10 in the evening draw. Hurry makes your move and who knows LUCK will be knocking on your way, and you might win instant cash prizes.
Here the three promotions that they are imposing:

Lucky 999′s

Lucky 999’s promotion was more interesting, because it has the biggest cash-out to be given away. In order to have an entry for the lucky 999’s each member s of CLUB Greektown must earn one free entry to participate in 17 drawings, for every 30 minutes starting from 4 p.m. to Midnight on the 9th of September, and the recent year. And for the winning player they might have a chance to take home a $999 in each drawing. Tickets will be good for all 17 drawings.

Lucky 777′s
Another lucky feature that the Greektown-Casino Hotel has for one day only, Saturday, September 26, 2009. The winning drawing tickets will be placed back into the drum after each drawing. Around 41 lucky members have a chance to win the $777 which will be given by Greektown Casino-Hotel.

And for the hottest feature they got the SURE WIN HOT SEAT, starting from September 1 and running through September 30, 2009, members of CLUB Greektown will have the chance to win not just a money but also portable DVD player every fifteen minutes between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. That’s 33 chances every day simply by playing with a CLUB Greektown card! Guests playing to the right and left of the winner will also receive $10 in cash.

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01 Sep 09 The launching of Microgaming’s distinctive Slot Bonus

Bonuses for different online casino games turn out to be an important and primary element of online casino slots. Wealth Spa is now one of the Microgaming slot games that was merely released last week, and has announced and publicized a distinctive way of retrieving and getting into the bonus games. Approximately all online slots bonus games are automatically activated and generated when a particular combination of symbols comes out on the reels. These maybe the scatter symbols or wild symbols or in some cases unique bonus symbols. Around three years ago Microgaming announced its break point progressive slot game, Mega Moolah, in which the bonus games was activated erratically. In wealth Spa is has planned and invented an even more mesmerizing and interesting scheme for the bonus games. Bonus games are not triggered but can be obtained and acquired.

Within Wealth Spa the way to the bonus games is throughout a particular symbol, which is the Token. The Token emerges on the Reel 5. When is comes out in the central row or Reel 5 the first step to the bonus games is opened. The players and gamblers can buy the bonus game that has a price of 1 Token. On the other hand the player can collect and gather the Token. When the player collects two Token symbols he can buy the bonus game that has the price of 2 Tokens, or he can stick on to the Tokens. There are five bonus games with prices ranging from 1 Token to 5 Tokens. The player can play at any time pay the proper number of Tokens from his stock and buy the bonus game he wants. Though, as soon as the player collects the fifth Token, the bonus game priced at 5 Tokens is automatically activated

The bonus games boost in complication and concentration with the price. The bonus game offered for 1 Token is the Smoothie Bonus. Fruit juice is a staple diet at Wealth Spa. Nevertheless players and gamblers can get to select the fruits they want in the juice and each fruit selected awards player’s bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 2 Tokens is the Hot Stones Bonus. Hot stones are placed on the body to offer relief. And players have to choose two stones and are given a multiplier that is used to resolve and verify their bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 3 Tokens is the Body Wax Bonus. Waxing makes one look better but is an awful and dreadful process. The client screams as the hair is detached and the louder the scream the more the bonus credits granted. The bonus game offer for 4 Tokens is the Bath Oil Bonus. Oil baths are given at Wealth Spa in order bestows and gives relaxation. Players can keep choosing bath oils until they reach a booby and every bath oils chosen give bonus credits. The bonus game offer for 5 Tokens is the Massage Bonus. Players have to choose body hot spots and collect free spins. Then they play out the free spins collected. A payout of 200,000 coins can be achieved and attained in this bonus round. Wealth Spa is available and can be played at all Microgaming powered online casinos. So check it out now and enjoy the special, attractive, mesmerizing and stunning features of Wealth Spa slot game

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30 Aug 09 The showdown of the best Pokers during the tournament of the Asian Poker Tour 2009

This year 2009 Asian Poker Tour consist of 260 plus the players made a commitment to have  a budget of  $2500 for their main event recently held at the DUsit THani hotel in Manila.  They spend their tour in Manila with 3 days of excitements and enjoyments in the tournament.  The said days of tournament was played by No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The event was full of surprises because players of the tournaments saw some of the best poker professional came from all over Asia . The purpose of the tour is to visit also the Philippines and take their hit on the games in which $1 Million as their assurance to win. Nevertheless, the Chairperson of this game named Chris Parker and APT CEO remove his guarantee for the $1 Million if the participants has luck on the game. Instead, they make the prize with the amount of $600,000.00 plus for this APT Main Event.  It is still a big money to play for and win.

Now, the game continues because of much cash to win.  It was then the Philippine very own player Neil Arce who came out as the APT Main Event champion, who wins himself the amount of $200,000.00.  Aside from the cash he received, he also got a trophy. He was also given recognition to be known as one of the best poker player in the country. Neil Arce is the first Filipino who become successful as poker player was also well-known last year 2007.  On that year his on the 222nd placer from among 6,300 plus players playing in the WSOP Main Event.  Neil Arce won with the amount of $51,000 plus on that same date. Last year 2008, again Neil Arce also won the Filipino Poker Tour or FPT.  After winning the game he became the top brass of  Now, Neil Arce is one of the families Chris Paker said that Neil Arce is going to win the tournament, he said that a week before the APT Main Event.  Luckily, what Chris Paker told became true.  Neil Arce really won the prize.

On the first day of the APT Main Event, Neil Arce carried his huge number to lead all poker players.  On the second day, still Filipino Neil Arce fight a short time, then move down from the chip leader to exist around average.  There only eighteen people left playing on that APT Main Event 2009.The game continues at the Dusit Thai, were Neil Arce , Casey Kastle and Steve Yeah competing each other to win on the tournament.  They were the only last players left competing for the championship.  Neil Arce believes on himself wanting to knock down Casey Kastle.  Casey Kastle won as 2nd placer with a showdown of A-6 versus A-K.  It was Neil Arce who handle A-6 in which the Big Slick of Casey Kastle put him down.  The 6 flop of Neil Arce leads him against Casey Kastle.  Continue believing on his luck, Neil Arce keeps on eyeing his oppressor Steve Yeah- APT Macau Runner-up.

The leading Neil Arce of the Philippines versus Steve Yeah of Korea showdown to win the crown.  Their tournament lasted for about 25 minutes.  It was Neil Arce who leads in several head against Steve Yeah.  On the first showdown Neil Arce holds K-Q against the A-K Big Slick of Steve Yeah; Finally, Steve Yeah leads with a good part and a better hand against Neil Arce.  Unfortunately, Steve Yeah did not made it because of the fighting spirit of Neil Arce, especially the cheering squad of Filipino people made him challenge that he must win the game.  Also the existing of his very supportive pretty girlfriend Maike Evers, his good friends Miguel Cuneta of the Metro Card Club and Nick Galan were there watching him. Fortunately, the tournament ended when Neil Arce was crowned champion of APT Manila Event 2009. Steve Yeah on the other hand got 2 awards.  He won first in Macau and now in the Philippines . Though he lost the game, still he is proud at least he was awarded 2nd runner-up in the tournament.  Steve Yeah is also considered as one of the best poker player in the Asian Poker Tour.

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21 Aug 09 Online Casino Customer Support

All online casinos offer customer support. Some are better run than others. It is always important to check out the customer support service before signing up with an online casino as there may well come a time when a player needs to contact this department for various reasons.

Reasons a Player May Need to Contact Customer Support
Online casino customer service staff can be of assistance to their customers in many different ways. Since there can be a number of things that can go wrong in the world of technology, online casinos may have some unexpected bumps that may need smoothing over. In these cases, the customer service staff are often able to solve the problems, and help their customers continue play in an uninterrupted a manner as possible. Should they not be able to sort out the technological problem, they can pass on the information to those who can see to the problem in a timely fashion.

In some cases, the customer services department may be able to access some of the games on the online casino site which can help them talk players through problems they might be facing and help them “walk” through the site when necessary.

Players do not only have to contact customer services when they are experiencing problems. New customers will find the customer services department invaluable when they are trying to get more details regarding online payment methods. Customer support teams can also help players to understand the terms and rules that are laid out on their site. Sometimes players need some clarification in order to understand exactly what is meant and what they implications may be.

Speedy Customer Support Assistance
Players looking to sign up with an online casino site should always first see if they are happy with the response they receive from the online customer services department. E-mails should receive a timely response, telephone calls should be answered promptly, live chat features need to be operating well. Apart from being able to send e-mails, it is also important to verify that the telephone number for any given online casino site is a correct telephone number.

Once players have deposited money with an online casino, they should be able to contact the casino with any queries at any time of the day or night. The better online casinos offer 24/7 customer support. Some online casinos even offer toll-free numbers for their customers to use, and some may even offer that players can contact them by fax.

Live Chat Customer Support Works Well for Most Players
Many online casino players will only choose online casinos that have live chat customer support as this is easy to use when already online and can come with immediate results and answers to many queries from the customer. Instant feedback is definitely the desirable way to go for most queries.

Of course, players who are not fast at typing and have anything other than a simple question may prefer the option of using a telephone over the option of live chats.

Whichever option works better for the customer, customer service departments are there to help and should be contacted with both big and small queries in order to ensure a smoother playing experience for players.

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