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24 Sep 09 Casino Classic

Casino Classic is not only boasting a massive collection of over 200 of the recent flash download. The Micrigaming games, Major Millions and Video Poker it also offers a welcome bonus of 1 hour and $500 free for new real cash players. When you are done in a free hour, you can keep whatever you win.

If want to register this game is quick and easy, when you have claimed your free bonus, you can be play of your favorites and earned fantastic rewards in minutes! The Casino Classic is trusted than other casino and it is honest and gaming and have 24/7 support for all players. And you will be rewarded with unbeatable loyalty points and exciting promotions.


Casino Classic it was offer a real cash for those players $500 and it will have 1 hour to make more money in the casino as they can! The important thing to do is download the software, register a real account and after registering you can sit back and enjoy playing for the first hour on the house. This will give a big opportunity into the real test out all the great games that they have offer.


It was February 2005 the casino classic was launched by the most popular software and brand of Microgaming. Most of the casino offers the best especially in the popular games including blackjack,video poker and slots. Casino Classic have a new VIPER platform it means gaming excellence and maximum fun factor as well as a continual roll out of exciting new games for you to try.


If you are already a member of Casino Classic, you’re instantly awarded in a free membership to the premier loyalty program online. Because of the Casino Rewards, every player are getting back if the online casino have more rewards, more promotions and have a great giveaways. Earning loyalty points at the Casino Rewards does not restrict you to play at one casino. Instead, when you play at any of the 12 partners casinos, your loyalty points will collect in you one central Casino Rewards account.


Speaking of security, casino classic it has serious and security. They have 128- bet encryption in every player transaction. This will be employed and ensures about your details and data they still remain confidentially. And the withdrawal method is industry it has a standard and the every angles it was covered that will provide with the security from the online casino this time.

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Sticky Bonuses it is a non-cashable bonuses that can be bet, but it can’t never withdrawn. There are a several types of the sticky bonuses; the one is ‘phantom” it is used by the larger software groups and the other variations it was used by some of the smaller software groups.

“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses
One of the most commonly used of sticky it is called “phantom”. It is also called as in the other names, including sticky type 1. The table on this site it was listed on the “Sticky”, actually Phantom sticky bonuses can be found in some of Playtech, Real Time Gaming, and Microgaming casinos. This kind of bonus is directly added in your deposit. You can bet and play the bonus. If you want to withdraw the bonuses, it is subtracted from your balance. Here is the example, if you can receive a $100 sticky bonus on a $100 deposit, then you would begin with the balance of $200. And your ending balance was $250 and you made a withdrawal, you receive $150 after the $100 bonus was removed.

In the first is not with the useful bones. And no bankroll limitations, the average loss would be wagering, house of the edge is per unit wagered). The advantage it comes from for having bankroll limitations. During the times that you bust, you wager both the bonus and deposit, but you will lose only the deposit. In the other options just watch it, when you are wager the bonus, and you can keep winning, and you don’t need to your losses. This will be increase in your average return by chance of bust, bonus it will return becomes: Average Gain= Bonus * Chance of Bust – Average Wagering * House Edge (per unit wagered.

There are some examples it is clearer. Just keep it in simple things, at first you will start a single bet. If you imagine that you have a $100 cash balance and a $100 bonus balance. If you can bet all $200 on the numbers 1-18 in single- zero roulette, then 18/ 37 of the time you win and gain $200. And 19/37 of the time you lose your $100 deposit. This makes the expected gain 18/37 *$200 * 1/37= $45.90. Sticky bonuses typically are having wagering requirements. And for the complete example, it will include a 20x B wagering requirement. If you bet the full balance on the numbers 1-8, then complete wagering on blackjack, the expected gain is 18/ 37 *($200 – $100*18*.005)- 19/73 *$100 = $41.57.The formula predicts: $100 *19/37 – $200*1/37 – 18/37*$100*18*.005 = $41.57.

If you had bet all $200 on a single number in roulette, rather than on 1- 18, the average gain would be -$92. You approach an average gain of the bonus size as you increase the chance of busting early on. The obvious downside is busting and losing your deposit nearly every time. Using such a strategy, you might never get a win. A less obvious downside is increasing the chance of the casino labeling you a bonus abuser to avoid paying a large win. This is realistic concern, as some of the casinos offering “phantom” sticky bonus have a history of labeling player’s bonus abusers and other such problems.

This kind of method it was added advantage in a big decreasing the amount of time required to complete the wagering requirements. If the is cash $100 / and the sticky bonus is above, you might be start playing with $50 bets, and the switch is too smaller bets, if you can reach a target of $400 (2x bankroll). The expected gain with this strategy is slightly higher than with a full- bankroll roulette/ baccarat bet. As an alternative to minimize risk of being flagged as a bonus abuser, you could begin playing through the bonus with larger bets on blackjack, continue until you either reach your desired target or bust, then switch to smaller bets after reaching your target.

Anyway you can play any kind of games except of the blackjack and roulette. Full pay Jacks or Better (video poker) has a similar house edge to blackjack, but has a much higher variance. It will be allowed you to use the smaller bet size and have a similar average gain. If you selected a game, make sure that you will read the restriction listed in the T & C. There are some games are not allowed at all; and the other games it will allowed, but no count towards wagering. Be safe first before throwing your money, I recommend getting written approval from support before playing a game that is allowed, but does not count towards the wagering.


Here are some variations in a smaller providers including Grand Virtual, Chartwell, Partly, and Wager 21, it use by the different varieties of sticky bonus. These variations it is usually involve one or both of the following rule differences:

• Your bonus is not removed in your account after a withdrawal. When you can accomplish all the wagering requirements, you can cash in your winnings + deposit, and then you can continue betting the bonus.
• When your bonus drops the balance due to losses, in any wins in your remaining balance it is immediately cashable. You don’t need to exceed your previous to make cash out.

These rules have more changes to make bonus more desirable. Definitely sticky bonus is being comparable into a typical bonus. Optimal strategy it also differ to the “phantom” bonus. The first rules were given, In fact, the cash in your winning and deposit after wagering, is that only your bonus remains. And the next rules is given, you can play through your remaining bonus 1x, cashing out and withdrawing each win. But you can cancel your withdrawal and combine them into one big withdrawal. Using this kind of strategy the average retention in your remaining bonus. Bonus * (1- house edge). If you had a $100 bonus and made ten $10 bets on player in baccarat, then the average gain would be $100 * (1 – .012) = ~$99. In this example, the average gain is $1 lower than a typical cashable bonus with equivalent wagering.

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Many of the online casinos are offer more bonuses in every players to increase their competitive advantages. There are some bonuses was offered welcome bonus, reload bonus, refer a friend bonus and cash back bonus. And the most common is the cash back bonus. This is because in case of the other bonuses the online casinos can expect further wagering as a requirement of the bonus. Therefore the cash back bonus it was based in the past wagering and usually does not require any future commitment from the player, except for the play through requirements.

The exact way of specifying the bonus was followed by, the cash back bonus is x % of the losses incurred by the player over period, Y, it was subjected into a limit of $ Z. Most of the online casinos X it would be around 10 to 15 %. In fact has no hard and fast rule regarding on this. Y could be a day, a week of a month. And Z is the cap on the bonus and varies from the online casino to online casino. In the simple terms the cash back bonus is a reimbursement of the percentage of the losses incurred by the player over a specified period of time. It is usually the cap in the amount of the losses that are reimbursed. The philosophy is very simple, the players who had made the money will any be happy. For those who had lost the money that will need cheering up. The cash back bonus is a mechanism for doing this.

There are some online casino is offer a regular feature of the cash back bonus. It must be in period specified of a week and the end of the week. When the player has lost their money in the casino he is reimbursed the specified percentage of his losses or the maximum on the bonus, even it is a lower. Some of the online casinos offer the bonus just only for special promotions. But they had ingenious manner in which online casino use the cash back bonus. It also had a limit bonus in case of loss in a certain specified games only. These of games is likely a keno and online slots that’s have higher house edges. The cash bonus on these games somewhat compensates for the higher house edges and draws players to these games. Just for example when you applying the cash back bonus was losses made on a specified week

Mostly of the online casino are not offer cash back bonuses in every player. This offer has made in the higher wagerers through the VIP Club programs. The players in the lower tiers of the VIP Clubs of online casinos they don’t get cash back bonuses. For being a players you must reach the higher wagering levels they are given more benefits, one of which is the cash back bonus. In other online casino have a large number of VIP levels and further differentiation by using the cash back bonus. For those player you must be move in higher levels of the percentage of the cash back bonus is increased or the maximum limit of the cash back bonus is increased. But sometimes when the online casino is really festive mood it offers cash back on wins as well. The players must be given a percent of winning over a specified period as a cash back bonus. This kind of bonus it is a real sense.

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21 Sep 09 Hungarians: There is Bread in Poker

The global financial crisis has spanned across geographic borders, sending turbulence in national and local economies. As a member state of the strong alliance of the European Union, Hungary may seek to adopt the use of the European currency. For the past quarters, however, Hungary‘s politically structured and open economy has experienced slow growth and an increase in inflationary rate.

In Hungary, shaken by the global financial meltdown, poker has become a form of entertainment and for others, a living. With the economic crisis and due to the attractive pay from job opportunities in gaming, about two percent of fresh University graduates seek to make poker a part of their living, following the lead of Peter Triply, a young Hungarian University graduate who is making good money in poker.
Triply has so far earned up to 100 million forint at poker tables across the globe and online.

The desire to make a living out of poker gets strongly appealing as unemployment in Hungary skyrocketed to about 10 percent, its highest in 13 years.
During an economic downturn, people seem that they do not get any luckier and so, others put in their money in the game of chance. Eastern Europeans are accustomed to living in risk. Yet only a few make a steady living out of poker and gaming.

There is easy money in gambling, which for others, shrinks their motivation to find a job and work for the long eight hours. Hungarians receive an average monthly salary of $640. In a good month of playing poker, one can receive almost four times as much as the average monthly income others receive.

Money-making in poker may substitute earnings from stable 9-5 jobs and augment a nations’ unemployment rate. Poker has also proliferated online with poker marathon sessions. With a few hundred dollars and some skills, one can make money as much as $10 000 per month in about one to two years.

As forms of entertainment, communication system and technology flourish, casino- gaming over the Internet has also proliferated. Accessibility with technology has spurred the growth of online poker which allows people to connect and play globally. However, in contrast with live casino gaming, online poker market is complex and hard to

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21 Sep 09 Illinoi’s praise-worthy Act to fund treatment for problem gamblers

A study published in Psychological Medicine magazine that was conducted in 2008 reported an uncontrollable gambling rate of 0.6 percent and a problem gambling rate of 2.6 percent among the general U.S. population. Joanna Franklin, an expert in the area of problem gambling and President of the Institute on Problem Gambling in Baltimore, Maryland, sees that treatment rather than prohibition is the best way to treat problem gamblers. She adds, “Problem gamblers are not without options. They will go to a racetrack or casino or the Internet if they can’t find a video gaming machine.

Franklin has also set-up and done clinical treatment programs in forty-five states, thirty-one Indian tribes, ten Canadian provinces, and nine countries. Gamblers would only resort to other options with the prohibition of video gambling machines. With the unrelenting technological innovation and the Internet’s open architecture, online gambling would create a strong drawing power for gamblers, a detour behind domestic prohibitions against certain forms of gambling.

In response to this concern, there is a movement going in Congress to change Internet gambling laws in the US. Leading the campaign for a regulated Internet gambling industry is Representative Barney Frank. Franklin praised Illinois for its Video Gaming Act which provides $2.5 million to the Department of Human Resources for the funding of treatment programs for problem gamblers.

The lawmakers in Illinois have given each of the cities and towns the discretion to decide matters regarding video gambling machines. A number of towns have banned the machines while other cities looked at the financial advantage of keeping the video gambling machines. They allowed licensed liquor establishments to operate up to five gaming machines as long as the devices are situated in areas way from minors and only accessible to adults. To help fund the capital bill, twenty-five (25%) of the revenues earned by establishments from the gaming machines will go to the state while another five (5%) will go the local municipality where the gaming devices are located.

Coin machine operators have also raised opinions regarding the Act. Tom Fiedler, president of the Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association, said that gambling affects only a small percentage of the population in comparison to alcohol abuse. He added that of those adults who do gamble, the vast majority do so strictly for its entertainment value. He points out that there is nothing wrong with video machine gambling.

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18 Sep 09 British Lottery enters the online market

The United Kingdom is well recognized as one of the world’s leading gambling markets. This is true of both the traditional land based format and of course the newer, online gambling format. The fact of the matter is that the activity of gambling is actually quite central to the culture of the British as this is something that they would take part in at the pub which as the rest of the world knows, is a crucial part of their culture. This is in combination with the fact that there is also a lot of popularity when it comes to sports and betting on the results. At first this was mainly to do with horse and dog racing, but now this has expanded and there are companies such as William Hill and Ladbrokes that do a brisk trade when it comes to the fans betting on the fortunes of their favorite football teams. If one just stops to think about how much international interest there is in the English Premier League, it is clear that there are great big volumes of money that are being spent on a weekly basis.

Now that the convenience of the online medium of gambling has been proved, it is clear that there is a lot of interest in how to take advantage of this. It is certainly a thought that the British Lottery Corporation has had in the past. The corporation has now gone on to do something about it and it was recently announced that the company is to take its lottery into the online medium. This means that people will no longer have to pop down to the local corner store, but they will be able to just go straight onto a web site and buy their tickets from there.

The corporation expects to see a lot of activity now that there is an online service available and this is very good news for the lottery. As it is done in the United States, the United Kingdom makes use of these funds for charitable causes such as feeding schemes, sports facilities and the refurbishment of historical buildings. It is a source of financing that the governments of both countries have come to rely on more heavily during this time of economic crisis and therefore there is a great deal of hope attached to the success of this new endeavor.

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