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21 Sep 09 Hungarians: There is Bread in Poker

The global financial crisis has spanned across geographic borders, sending turbulence in national and local economies. As a member state of the strong alliance of the European Union, Hungary may seek to adopt the use of the European currency. For the past quarters, however, Hungary‘s politically structured and open economy has experienced slow growth and an increase in inflationary rate.

In Hungary, shaken by the global financial meltdown, poker has become a form of entertainment and for others, a living. With the economic crisis and due to the attractive pay from job opportunities in gaming, about two percent of fresh University graduates seek to make poker a part of their living, following the lead of Peter Triply, a young Hungarian University graduate who is making good money in poker.
Triply has so far earned up to 100 million forint at poker tables across the globe and online.

The desire to make a living out of poker gets strongly appealing as unemployment in Hungary skyrocketed to about 10 percent, its highest in 13 years.
During an economic downturn, people seem that they do not get any luckier and so, others put in their money in the game of chance. Eastern Europeans are accustomed to living in risk. Yet only a few make a steady living out of poker and gaming.

There is easy money in gambling, which for others, shrinks their motivation to find a job and work for the long eight hours. Hungarians receive an average monthly salary of $640. In a good month of playing poker, one can receive almost four times as much as the average monthly income others receive.

Money-making in poker may substitute earnings from stable 9-5 jobs and augment a nations’ unemployment rate. Poker has also proliferated online with poker marathon sessions. With a few hundred dollars and some skills, one can make money as much as $10 000 per month in about one to two years.

As forms of entertainment, communication system and technology flourish, casino- gaming over the Internet has also proliferated. Accessibility with technology has spurred the growth of online poker which allows people to connect and play globally. However, in contrast with live casino gaming, online poker market is complex and hard to

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21 Sep 09 Illinoi’s praise-worthy Act to fund treatment for problem gamblers

A study published in Psychological Medicine magazine that was conducted in 2008 reported an uncontrollable gambling rate of 0.6 percent and a problem gambling rate of 2.6 percent among the general U.S. population. Joanna Franklin, an expert in the area of problem gambling and President of the Institute on Problem Gambling in Baltimore, Maryland, sees that treatment rather than prohibition is the best way to treat problem gamblers. She adds, “Problem gamblers are not without options. They will go to a racetrack or casino or the Internet if they can’t find a video gaming machine.

Franklin has also set-up and done clinical treatment programs in forty-five states, thirty-one Indian tribes, ten Canadian provinces, and nine countries. Gamblers would only resort to other options with the prohibition of video gambling machines. With the unrelenting technological innovation and the Internet’s open architecture, online gambling would create a strong drawing power for gamblers, a detour behind domestic prohibitions against certain forms of gambling.

In response to this concern, there is a movement going in Congress to change Internet gambling laws in the US. Leading the campaign for a regulated Internet gambling industry is Representative Barney Frank. Franklin praised Illinois for its Video Gaming Act which provides $2.5 million to the Department of Human Resources for the funding of treatment programs for problem gamblers.

The lawmakers in Illinois have given each of the cities and towns the discretion to decide matters regarding video gambling machines. A number of towns have banned the machines while other cities looked at the financial advantage of keeping the video gambling machines. They allowed licensed liquor establishments to operate up to five gaming machines as long as the devices are situated in areas way from minors and only accessible to adults. To help fund the capital bill, twenty-five (25%) of the revenues earned by establishments from the gaming machines will go to the state while another five (5%) will go the local municipality where the gaming devices are located.

Coin machine operators have also raised opinions regarding the Act. Tom Fiedler, president of the Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association, said that gambling affects only a small percentage of the population in comparison to alcohol abuse. He added that of those adults who do gamble, the vast majority do so strictly for its entertainment value. He points out that there is nothing wrong with video machine gambling.

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28 Jul 09 GAMBLER’S stroke of luck

Gamblers always think of a good fortune. Whatever games they would like to play—whether it’s a bingo, cards, poker, number games, policy, lottery, horse racing, gamblers do want to have a winning meeting surface.  Most of gamblers would bring personal power for the reason that it would make something as an approving attitude that they will win the game. Some have the power through the use of charms, ritual spells, lucky jewelry or lucky objects. Others use their charms like magic spells, kissing and hugging their love ones as a sign of good luck. 

Gamblers who play lottery depends on what their dreams revealed to get the lucky numbers to bet on because if they dream lucky numbers, these numbers are often accepted something as true  to be the best numbers.  Gamblers do this not only for playing bets but also to use as telling a conveying idea of a kind of luck they have on reliable days, at a certain locations, and in dealing or transacting with known people.

Gambler’s way of good fortune before going to casino prepare themselves by washing their hands with what they so-called lucky hand wash.  Before they proceed in gambling they will wash first their hands with these luck hand wash.  Some gamblers bought these in a store as a ready made one and others do these at home.  As a home made one, they just make a tea or coffee, then strain of the liquid, and then wash their hands in it before going to play.

Some tips as a lucky charm for a gambler who played bingo uses their spells.  They use these spell every time before going to play bingo. According to some gamblers who experienced using these spell does worked out but does not mean you will get worth much or be rich but it does make your pocket feel good.  To do this is you will need a little preparation. Gamblers must take a bath using all crystal shampoo and crystal soap the night before playing bingo.  Do not use towel to dry yourself but instead air dry.  Then take a cylindrical container or a mug-size cup or a small bucket of your bath water outside your house and then drop it over into your left shoulder to the West and then do not look back.  You have to carry something all the money that you are going to play with and then write, “Money, return to me”. Then write your name or your initials on each bill of the money then bless it with oil and powder on all the money that you will bring in playing. Put the prepared money under two lighted vigil candles with little soap crystal in both candles. Then say these words, “Let this money bring me more money”. After your done saying put some powder on your chest or bosom then go to sleep.  Let the money remain under these candles until it’s time for you to go to play, then remove the money it out and Good Luck to you.

For those gamblers who have not tried using these strokes of luck, now its time for you to test these luck.  Many gamblers made lots of testimony about these different kinds of luck and that’s the reason why they can get money out from gambling.  Maybe you will ask why all these gamblers continue gambling and fortunately they will always win.  So, you are lucky now that you have read our site for free and then get lots of information on how to get lots of money by playing in casino. It’s for free anyway. For all the gamblers, what are you waiting for!  Try now and Good Luck to you!

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24 Jul 09 Scotland’s First Live Interactive Casino Online

Reportedly beginning next month will see on NetPlay TV the nation’s largest global and worldwide broadcaster bring all of the fun and excitement of gaming casino online to its millions of viewers, gamblers, wagers and supporters.

NetPlay TV is the UK ‘s largest interactive gaming company and has highly skilled and expert people that bring a wealth of knowledge covering TV, mobile and internet. NetPlay TV now has signed television distribution agreement with STV Group to be used as global broadcaster on the launch of Scotland ’s first live interactive casino on a terrestrial channel. NetPlay TV is the market leader in the delivery of licensed interactive gaming. Guy Templer,   the New business development director for NetPlay TV are very pleased to have signed this major deal with Scotland’s largest commercial terrestrial and global broadcaster, for according to him it is a major high point and landmark for UK’s broadcasting.

NetPlay TV operates number of live interactive television shows including and and the new programming will definitely bring all the excitement, enjoyment, pleasure, fun, trust and confident of a casino and bingo hall with players comfortably playing lively without living their home, and without thinking much about expenses as compared to playing in land based casino. NetPlay TV revealed that the new programming will allow viewers place for real cash bets on live casino and bingo events including roulette wheel spun by a real croupier and live blackjack.

Chief Executive Officer for NetPlay TV Mr. Martin Higginzon said that he is extremely and enormously pleased to have signed this landmark transaction with STV for it is their aim to broadcast their interactive television services on major television channel and to allow customers the freedom to participate and interact instantly and lively. NetPlay TV will give extra care to ensure accurate and precise information to all people, regarding live broadcasting on live gambling casino. NetPlay TV is exceptionally positioned to offer global, worldwide sustainable broadcasters, fully synchronized, and income generating programming. STV reaches up to more or less four million viewers every month and its new interactive television casino will be broadcast live and schedule during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays night each week starting next month.

Managing Director of STV Ventures, David Archer also said that the current OFCOM ruling in June of 2009 has allowed them to explore new income generating options and they need to move rapidly to take advantage of the chances to tender a stimulating and exhilarating new service to STV viewers. And they were very thankful and grateful that NetPlay TV has been very clever to supply them with a completely, entirely and totally regulated service and they are very pleased also to work hand in hand to provide obviously and undoubtedly enjoyment and pleasure to all players and viewers.

This would be very exciting, thrilling and very promising for more viewers, players and participants. So watch out for biggest events that happen in the history of Scotland the launching of the first live interactive casino live on NetPlay TV.

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