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22 Oct 09 Etiquette for Playing Craps

Etiquette for Playing Craps- it is called the basic rules of the game. The set of unwritten rules that do not affect the game itself, but define the manner it must be played.  For those players who are new, they must learn the Craps etiquette before approaching a Craps table of any casino sites.

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Basic Craps Etiquette

  • A player can reject his right of being a shooter. He can pass the dice offered by the dealer to the next player to his left without offending anyone. However, at least one player must accept to be a shooter, so the game can continue.
  • Center bets are not placed by players. To place such bet, one must toss the chips and call out the intended bet. The stickman will place the chips the correct way.
  • Word seven is believed to bring bad luck and is absolutely prohibited after the come-out roll. Although it is not more than a prejudice, breaking this rule will most certainly offend other players.
  • Changing dice in the middle of a roll is considered bad luck.
  • It is accepted to tip the dealers. It is even expected from a player who wins. There is nothing illegal about that and it must be done confidentially. To tip the dealers one can simply place chips on the table, saying for the boys or dealers.
  • Late bets, viz. the bets made after the stickman have collected the dice for the next roll are allowed by the game rules, but considered rude by other players.
  • Dealers are people and can make an error. It is absolutely normal to point a dealer on the error he made. Casino policy says the client is always right and such situations are more commonly resolved to the favor of the player.

Casino Security Rules

  • When throwing the dice, the shooter must hold them with one hand and can not lower them behind the level of the edge of the table. Dice must hit the opposite wall of the table when thrown and must not fly higher than the level of the dealers eyes.
  • The dice must not land in the bank or on any other stacks of money managed by dealers.
  • When both or either of the dice lands on chips belonging to players, the number that would be on top if the object was removed is the number used to make the call.
  • If one of the dice hits a dealer, a player or any other person and then lands back onto the table, the roll counts if the person did not interfere with the die.
  • Except in casinos that have no setting rules, the shooter can set the dice to a particular configuration before throwing. However, this must be done quickly to not delay the game.
  • Dealers can not be touched. Casinos prohibit any physical contact between dealers and players. To pass chips to a dealer, they must be placed on the table, and the desired operation must be announced.

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08 Oct 09 Playing a Maximum Amount of Numbers in Keno

Keno can be played both online and offline. Keno is a lottery style game, and also has similarities to bingo. When playing, players receive a numbered card, or cards, from which they will choose their numbers. The card has numbers that cover the full range from 1 to 80. Players can bet on any amount of numbers up to a total of ten numbers. Some online casinos allow players to bet on a total of fifteen numbers.

Players need to know what type of ticket they have, either a single ticket or a multiple ticket. On a single ticket, each number may only be chosen once. Multiple tickets allow players to choose the same numbers more than once.

The game does not have a strategy since it is a game of chance, and is based on the balls being randomly selected from a basket, or by a random number generator (RNG) when playing online.

Players can enhance their enjoyment of the game when playing with multiple tickets, by choosing their numbers according to patterns. This does not increase the chances of winning.

The main tip that keno players should be aware of is that they should play as many numbers for each ticket that they have for a game as possible. The keno rules allow players to choose any amount of numbers up to the maximum limit of ten or fifteen. This means that a player can choose just one number, or perhaps even six numbers if they so wish. However, in order to maximize their chances of winning, they should choose all ten or all fifteen numbers when they have that option. When choosing only one number, the odds are stacked further against the keno player. The more numbers that are chosen, the higher the odds of winning are, although granted, the odds are not so high.

Those wishing to play keno can play for as much or as little as they wish to wager. A single game for example, may cost just one dollar for a keno ticket. When playing multiple games, there is no limit as to how many keno tickets you can purchase. When you play a multiple keno ticket, simply add one dollar for each new game that you have chosen to play.

Do not be fooled into believing that there is a pattern or a system which will work in keno. While keno is a fun lottery game to play, it is just that – a lottery game, which means that the numbers that come up are totally random.

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06 Oct 09 Terms and Condition Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Usually the legality with the real money play is the player’s sole responsibility.  Through placing real wagers, the players warrants that he/ she is legally able to do so within his/here jurisdiction and that he/ she accepts that they weren’t able to provide any warranties as with the legality or otherwise of their participation in real money play. There are more free games in the Blackjack Ballroom that require no real money play, this will be available to all, but take note the limitations are still apply.


Blackjack Ballroom they were unable to accept player from certain countries and regions for the security reason. Blackjack Ballroom was reserves exact to close the Real account registered from this jurisdiction. For those who can win this account they will not be paid out more than the amount of the deposits made on the account. If you want to know more information regarding these, you can contact the blackjack ballroom.


Every player they warrant and certifies in the rules of term and condition were listed below: 

  • For those players must be agree to abide of all rules, terms and condition specified by the casino, including of any revisions that may take place periodically. Every player it is specifically agree to abide by the rules that was listed on the above.
  • The player not agrees to open, use or reuse an account at the casino, no else to participate at the casino. The prize from the casino, if they can’t understand, to agree to become party and abide by all rules, terms and conditions specified or revised periodically on this website.
  • Every player they need to review even once a month these rules, terms and conditions that was specified on the website. The player warrants that there are no legal or other restrictions or prohibitions on their participation at the casino within their jurisdiction.
  • For those players must be give their responsibility in a certain even if not online gaming is legal in their jurisdiction.
  • Player they acknowledges in order to become eligible of any promotions or bonus in GBP, they must have a registered address in Great Britain and be playing from Great Britain. The casino reserves the right to withhold bonuses resulting from deposits in GBP made from outside of these jurisdictions.
  • Just only for the players residing in Euro Zone and continental Europe excluding Great Britain are eligible to claim a bonus as a result of depositing in Euros. And the casino it will reserve the exact result from deposits in GBP that made from the outside of these jurisdictions.
  • If the player is an “adult” or over the legal age is the majority, to defined and/ or accepted within their jurisdiction.
  • When the player they can’t find the website, software, promotional or other material to be in any way offensive. Indecent, objectionable or obscene.
  • Players are not allowed in the third party to use their accounts (s) at the casino, nor to make use of the software, nor, to accept any prize from the casino. Particularly players they shall not allow of any minor child form of access to any of the above.
  • Every player they need to accepts and understands with no deposit or betting is required to obtain and operate the software.
  • The player of the online casino its employees, directors, and officers of all associated or affiliated person or organizations against of any expenses, liabilities and damage arising from any transaction of the player at the casino. The transaction they shall include but it is not necessarily be limited to the Player’s.
  • Entry, use or re-use of this website
  • Use or re-use of any materials at or obtained from the website
  • Entry, use or re-use of the casino server
  • Participation at this online casino
  • Acceptance of any prize from this online casino
  • Use or re-use of the casino software, whether downloaded from the website or obtained by any other means.

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23 Aug 09 Getting Back on Track – A Few Steps to Follow

Step 1 – Admitting There is a Problem
One of the first steps that a player will need to take in order to deal with a compulsive gambling problem is to admit that you have a problem. Without admitting it, you will not be seeking help, and cannot begin the process of regaining control. This is usually the most difficult hurdle to get over when treating a gambling problem.
In order to address the problem, players need to commit themselves to wanting to solve the problem of gambling addiction.

Step 2 – Talk to Others
The addicted gambler can choose to speak to people close to them, or to others, either professionals, or those from support groups via the Internet, or face to face. The process of unloading and opening up to others is a difficult step, yet a very important one. It is helpful to find a person or group who will not judge the actions of the compulsive gambler, since their support could be vital.

Step 3 – Is There a Root Cause?
After the first two steps, it is time to actually make a plan and put it into action. However, if the original cause of compulsive gambling began as a result of depression, or after a bereavement, or some other emotional upheaval, and was used to help suppress the feelings and emotions surrounding these issues, then it is best to speak to a professional, such as a medical practitioner, even your family doctor, in order to assess whether further treatment or counseling will be beneficial.

Block Online Gambling Sites
It is possible to either suspend or block your online gambling account if you contact customer services when explaining that you have a gambling problem. Beware that some less reputable online casinos may offer account closing bonuses, designed to keep you addicted and begin playing again. If these bonuses are offered, do your best to refuse them since they could take you back into the vicious circle you are trying to escape.
Players can purchase software that will block online gambling sites, and while this does cost money, it is a minor amount when compared to the amount of money that a compulsive gambler can lose in a very short time.

Join Support Groups
Even if you are not usually the ‘type’ to join a support group, it can be very beneficial to join others who have dealt with and are dealing with gambling addiction problems themselves. They will have had many similar experiences and can first hand, and in a non-judgmental way, understand where you are coming from. There are numerous groups available both online and land-based. If one group does not work for you, you can try another.

One Day at a Time
A problem that has become entrenched deeply cannot be fixed in a day. It will take some time to overcome, and may always be somewhat of a battle. It is important to take it one day at a time, and return to your chosen program if you deviate from it.

Set Realistic Goals
By setting only realistic goals for yourself, it is more likely that you will be able to stick to them. Setting unrealistic targets could be damaging, since it means that you could slide backwards more easily.

Keep finding new ways to tackle the problem. If one way works for someone else, it does not necessarily work for you. You are not alone – there is help and support available if you look for it. A good first step may be to look for resources and advice on the Gamblers Anonymous website

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19 Aug 09 Making Gambling Gullible and trusting

At the successful point of view there seems to be a specialized and expert market out there and that are eligible and available for barely approximately every recent company searching to join the profitable, well paid, productive and rewarding online casino gambling industry. Sports gambling are very interesting and attracting sector of the gambling market and one that has ready and willing to accept and opened the door for associated and affiliated sites that are capable to present and offer immediate and quick live scores for sporting matches to gamblers, bettors, players and users. The World Sports Network has declared and broadcast the release of a new live scoring service that is largely faster and quicker than the previous presentation and the operation helps a lot and boasts the capability to present and offer these live scores on matches as many as they can per month.


Add on and supplement to the competitions, the live scoring assistance also offers live odds to gamblers and players by the use of a pop up messaging system. The live odds are a great aspect and element for online casino players and gamblers who are interested in subsequent games that are out of their regions. They can merely pursue and keep track and monitor the score of the games and in this manner they can watch and observe the bets and the game that they previously made, and can calculate and be aware of the odds instantly in the online site which enables gamblers and players to respond and take action right away. So it is really applicable and usable for all those enthusiasts, for they can keep and eye on the game and can check it out the game the valued instantly.


The live scoring service has been purposely and expressly improved and upgraded since the absolute and complete number of WSN live score customers and clients are also online casino sports bettors. The live scoring service is definitely and undoubtedly used by soccer devotee and fanatic, but it is the ideal and absolute vehicle for sports bettors as well. The service is widespread, thorough, ample, complete and one of the most excellent and unsurpassed of its kind on the market. Together with such bulky and huge coverage of football events all over the world it genuinely provide and offer a concise, controllable and convenient way for fanatic, devotee and bettors to keep track and monitor of the games that they admire and adore about without any problems and troubles.

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18 Aug 09 Slot land Casino Belt’s Loosen after they Produces Second Winner in a Month

Who among of us don’t want to win big cash prizes in casinos? Everybody loves winning, for less than a month after their last big progressive jackpot winner the Slot land jackpot has already been hit again for the second time around. The lucky player known as MARMOTLUV, he is the one who take home $80,369 playing one of Slotland’s newer online slot machines, the Slotris. Just believe in your instinct in playing any kind of casino games. I believe that good instinct can surely make you won such big amounts, like MARMOTLUV

Excited winner stated that he used to love TETRIS when he was a kid that’s why also he loves “Slotris” a skilled game that pushes your mind to a limit with each increasing level completed,  he was also exclaimed that he won lots of smaller amounts over the years I’ve been playing at Slotland, The man was never expected to win big, as a matter of fact he never dream to hit the huge jackpot in his entire life! He stated, “The money is ready in my bank account – but not for long!” He will surely play again in casino games because he proven his self already, that lady luck was in his side. Or some say that he might give to the charities and share the blessing that he have.

After how many years Slotland an online casino was very famous after hitting every six weeks and so on sometimes they are being hit between $100 and $150K. The fact, that this is not the first time that the big amount was being won by MARMOTLUV in Slotland casino. This is also one of the reasons that a lot of gamblers keep coming back in this place not only for fun but also to for the huge amount that they are aiming to win.

There’s no such accurate date, time and place in winning jackpot. Of course there’s no predicting when a jackpot will be won. You must always remember that every time a player places a bet that qualifies for the progressive jackpot (a max bet is required in most games) part of their wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. That pool keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot. But if you are so lucky enough you will probably be like MARMOLUV.

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