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22 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-Finding the Right Online Poker Room to Game

Casino Pokerroom Titan PokerOnline Poker is hugely popular these days, with hundreds of thousands of people gaming at various online poker rooms in the World Wide Web, from different parts of the world. But, with choices, comes the dilemma of picking a suitable free online poker room, especially for new players to learn Casino Poker Games. This article tries to stress on few important aspects that would eventually help one to zero in on the best online poker rooms Titan Poker available in the web today.

While dealing with websites, security should be the top priority. Verify if the particular poker site you are interested in is guarded by a reputed internet security service provider.

In fact, by security, it is not only financial transaction protection alone, but also fair gaming practices amongst players so that a new player could confidently wager his money in the poker room. In certain poker rooms, secret collusion between players to cheat out a new player had been reported earlier. Preempt such possibilities.

Always look for reputable online poker rooms. The ones with proper game ethics, fair financial dealings, and decent customer service should be the final choice. It is also a good idea to refer some of the online casino review sites featuring player reviews of the poker rooms they have gamed at. Such reviews tend to be neutral and to the point mostly.

Another visible indicator of a good enough poker room is the number of players it have at a time. Popular online poker rooms consistently attract lots of players, and as it had been found out, in such poker rooms, there will not be any difficulty in finding a game quickly. If players find it tiring to wait for a game table, they simply will not visit that site next time.

Next see the competition levels in a given online poker room. Since players, by visiting an online poker room, except a decent bout of poker gaming, the existing competition levels will give a hint as to what to expect at the end of the day. Playing against players, whose skills nearly match yours, only will makes the game exciting and interesting. If one does not win few pots here and there, what is the point in gaming after all?

Finally, yes, winnings as well matters. It is the expectation of winning a fortune that drives everybody irrespective of his proficiency in poker game to online poker rooms. If some poker rooms offer lucrative poker bonuses and promotions, that is additional perks. However, it is important to read the fine print detailing the poker bonus and promotional offers. Some poker rooms put up unreasonable conditions attached to their bonus offers, and such online poker rooms must be avoided. Poker bonus and promotions should benefit the players at the end of the day, and it can not be the other way around.

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21 Jan 10 Casino Poker Games-Top Reasons to Love about Poker Bonuses

video-poker3You get poker bonuses for basically doing absolutely nothing. The poker bonus is given to you based on the amount of money you put into your account and is then released based on the amount of wagering you do when you are playing in the poker games on the online server of the website you have signed up for. When you consider both of these actions, what should immediately come to your mind is that you would be doing both of those things anyway if you were going to play online poker! For that reason, getting a poker bonus does not involve doing anything that you would not normally do anyway if you were someone interested in playing poker on the internet. In practical terms, this means that you are getting the bonus for nothing. Now, how many other bonuses in any part of life can quite seriously make this claim?

When you compare the bonuses offered by online poker sites to the bonuses offered by online casinos or any other online gambling establishment, you will notice that on average they are easier to clear. This means that pound for pound, the typical online poker bonus will be easier to clear than the typical online gambling bonus from another online venue and this allows you to get more money for the same amount of play. People have actually tried this theory out in experimentation in order to see if it is actually true and after a couple of months of playing online poker, they had far more bonus money than they ever saw when they were at the online casinos of the internet. This was not always true as casino bonuses used to be better, but in recent years that trend has reversed. At the current moment in time, this is just one more thing for you to love about poker bonuses.

In addition to being better on average, what you will find in the online poker community is that there are a fair number of bonuses that are also easier to collect. Its fine for something to be better on average, but if that does not translate into a number of actual bonuses that are easier to collect then the help the beginner gets from the average is negligible at best. That is not the case here however as you will find bonus after bonus in the online poker world that is quite easy to clear. This is something you should pay attention to when you are out bonus hunting in fact because usually there is no need to settle for a poor release requirement bonus when there is a better one out there just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

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06 Dec 09 High Roller Bonuses

These big punters are commonly referred to as ‘High Rollers’ and not surprisingly, casino operators are anxious to recruit them as members. In order to do so, they have devised a sign-up bonus strategy that caters uniquely to them. High Roller Bonuses operate in much the same way as other welcome bonuses, but the aim is to encourage players to make more substantial deposits to reap the rather substantial bonus rewards. A high roller bonus comes in many shapes and forms, including the match bonus, free spin bonus and free time bonus amongst others. Generally, however, it appears that high roller bonuses require some sort of deposit in order to qualify. This is so that operators can determine membership status based on the size of the deposit. As with other sign-up bonuses, the high roller bonus requires players to download gaming software and register a real-money account. High rollers are then issued with a bonus or coupon code via e-mail, or are required to visit the casino website for the high roller deposit code. They then enter the code at the casino cashier and deposit the pre-determined amount that makes them eligible for the high roller bonus. This amount is usually stipulated on the casinos website. Once the deposited has been affected, the high roller bonus is issued. There are high rollers who choose to utilize these bonuses however, and the most common reason appears to be that they prefer using casino credits whilst navigating through new gaming software. Testing the waters so to speak. For those VIP’s who fall into this category, there are several casinos that offer some really enticing high roller bonuses. Play United Casino offers a £1 000 high roller match deposit bonus, Casino Plex offers a whopping €5 000 high roller incentive and Enter Casino rewards its’ big punters with £1 555 match bonus.

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09 Nov 09 Vegas Red – The Hottest Bonus on the Net

Gamblers love to visit casinos and gamble. But many stick to one game that they are familiar with and love to play. Many players may want to branch out but may feel intimated because they do now know how to play other casino games. Luckily the Vegas Red has a solution.

Every visitor in Vegas Red casino will receive 100% instant bonus in first deposit. Visitors can take advantage of their service while you are enjoying  how to play games if you may not know or understand how to play. Your bonus is almost double in your first deposit, plus more extra bonus if you will add more to deposit in your account.

This is a great service for the seasoned casino visitor or the first timer to take advantage of. It doesn’t take too long to learned the casino games.. Players will feel more confident at the game able and you never know you may find yourself learning out to play casino games and on your first time you may strike it rich!

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07 Nov 09 How to Play Roulette Online?

At this page we describe roulette rules, betting scheme and the general structure of the game. Other pages at this site speak about roulette history and roulette systems. Visit these pages to learn more about the game of roulette.

Roulette Rules

Roulette rules are quite simple: a roulette wheel contains 37 or 38 slots. Every slot is and assigned a unique number and one of three colors. There are 18 black and 18 red slots numbered from 1 to 36, and one or two green slots colored green. Green slots are assigned 0 and 00 numbers, while French roulette contains only 0 fields, and American roulette has both 0 and 00 fields.

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The Roulette wheel is spun by the croupier and a small ivory ball is placed by the edge of the wheel. Centrifugal force of keeps the ball at the edge of the wheel rotating along the circumference until the wheel slows down, the ball loses its momentum and falls into one of the slots. The number and the color of the slot become the winning number and the winning color. Players, who bet on the winning number, the winning color or a group that includes the winning number, win.

There are three basic types of roulette bets: single number bet, 12-number group bet and 18-number group bet. A player, who bets on a single number, is paid 35:1 if the number he bets on wins. 12-number group bets are paid 2:1 and 18-number group bets 1:1.

A player can place a bet on any single number, including 0 and 00 fields, which are confusingly named House Numbers. Although, these numbers were invented to profit the casino, they are absolutely equal to all other numbers at the wheel, when placing a single-number bet. Apart from betting on a single number, players can place a single bet on two or four numbers that are adjoined at the table layout. To place such a bet, the player places his chips on the border of the squares with the numbers he wants to bet on. Double-number bets are paid 17:1, and four number bets are paid 8:1.

There are two 12-number groups and three 18-number groups. 18-number groups are: Red – Black, Odd – Even and 1-18 – 19-36. 12-number groups are: 1st 12 (1-12) – 2nd 12 (13-24) – 3rd 12 (25-36) and 1st – 2nd – 3rd columns of the single-numbers layout.

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22 Oct 09 Etiquette for Playing Craps

Etiquette for Playing Craps- it is called the basic rules of the game. The set of unwritten rules that do not affect the game itself, but define the manner it must be played.  For those players who are new, they must learn the Craps etiquette before approaching a Craps table of any casino sites.

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Basic Craps Etiquette

  • A player can reject his right of being a shooter. He can pass the dice offered by the dealer to the next player to his left without offending anyone. However, at least one player must accept to be a shooter, so the game can continue.
  • Center bets are not placed by players. To place such bet, one must toss the chips and call out the intended bet. The stickman will place the chips the correct way.
  • Word seven is believed to bring bad luck and is absolutely prohibited after the come-out roll. Although it is not more than a prejudice, breaking this rule will most certainly offend other players.
  • Changing dice in the middle of a roll is considered bad luck.
  • It is accepted to tip the dealers. It is even expected from a player who wins. There is nothing illegal about that and it must be done confidentially. To tip the dealers one can simply place chips on the table, saying for the boys or dealers.
  • Late bets, viz. the bets made after the stickman have collected the dice for the next roll are allowed by the game rules, but considered rude by other players.
  • Dealers are people and can make an error. It is absolutely normal to point a dealer on the error he made. Casino policy says the client is always right and such situations are more commonly resolved to the favor of the player.

Casino Security Rules

  • When throwing the dice, the shooter must hold them with one hand and can not lower them behind the level of the edge of the table. Dice must hit the opposite wall of the table when thrown and must not fly higher than the level of the dealers eyes.
  • The dice must not land in the bank or on any other stacks of money managed by dealers.
  • When both or either of the dice lands on chips belonging to players, the number that would be on top if the object was removed is the number used to make the call.
  • If one of the dice hits a dealer, a player or any other person and then lands back onto the table, the roll counts if the person did not interfere with the die.
  • Except in casinos that have no setting rules, the shooter can set the dice to a particular configuration before throwing. However, this must be done quickly to not delay the game.
  • Dealers can not be touched. Casinos prohibit any physical contact between dealers and players. To pass chips to a dealer, they must be placed on the table, and the desired operation must be announced.

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