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25 Oct 09 Strategy for Winning

It is a human tendency to self-convince ourselves we already won the bet. As a result of that, losing always makes us feel a sort of bitter surprise, as if it wasn’t meant to happen. As humans, almost always we have this pattern of assuming we have already won the game, even if we haven’t played it yet.

Thus, we need to evaluate the method by which we judge certain situations especially when it comes to playing and gambling online.


Being self-confident and comfortable are critical measures in playing a successful game, however they couldn’t be the only thing you base yourself on. You must set a gambling pattern that will suite and work for you.

  • First of all you must determine what personal reasons are driving you to win: Are you here just to have fun playing? Or are you in here solely for a quick cash-in? What are you expecting this gambling expedition to result in? Is money-in-the-hand a necessity for you to have fun? Can you handle losing a big amount of money or will it devastate you?
  • Set yourself an amount of money you can afford to lose and feel alright about playing with, based on your bank account. Can you be self-controlled or are you easily stressed and might make a wrong financial decision in a critical moment? Do you tend to change your mind with every gut-feeling you get?
  • Always remember that the answers to these questions can decide the fate of your gambling campaign, and how you will be able to deal with your success/failure.

To sum things up, before you go out and start waging bets, form a sturdy strategy that suites you, based on what you’ve learned. Keep in mind that no strategy is full proof, and will sometimes fail you, but keep your aspirations in your mind’s eyes and try to make them come to life. Right now they are nearer than ever.

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