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13 Aug 09 Slots playing tactic and approach

Slots playing tactic and approach are being proposed for deal and trade all over the internet. But the terrible and awful news is that with the exemption of a few of the progressive jackpot games, which means if you play a single coin game you will continually loose because the prizes you win are too low to cover up your accumulated losses. The automatic slot machines have been phased out in several parts of the world to promote and facilitate the electronic machines. All those old thrashing, striking, trembling and off stability tricks absolutely do not work on the electronic machines.

The first bid we obtained came from an Australian who emerges to be selling his strategy on the basis of his extraordinary and outstanding number of big wins. Well, we know relatively a few casino personnel and we have made cautious investigation but none of my contacts have been clever to recognize any one who has had regular large wins. Australia has a very inadequate number of casinos and it is the general consensus that such a person would quickly become well known. A lot of slot machine players have faith that there is an arrangement and pattern to the occurrences that slot machines pay out prizes. Their slot machine playing tactic and approach is to enlarge and enhance their bets when they believe the machine is due to pay a prize and decrease the bet down to the smallest amount right away following the receipt of a prize and then start mounting their bet when they contemplate they are getting close to a prize again.

To establish and resolve if there is any essence in this faith, one would requires to play the same machine for at least twenty-four hours, in some way note all view of play particularly the occurrence of prizes, amount and nature of prizes paid on the horizontal line, the diagonal line without getting ejected. One would then have to do a full numerical analysis on the results at the same time paying meticulous concentration to the entire number of plays, total number of prizes, for each combination the machine paid out on and the value of each prize relative to the amount wagered. One would need to be equipped to pay out a considerable amount of time doing some heavy numerical analysis.

By doing so, you are not looking at whether you won or lost but at least you could develop, expand, and increase your results by planning and making a strategy on the basis of the numerical analysis of the results created by the machine. Is the occurrence of say a diagonal payout such that we can foresee its rate so as to take advantage of that rate by increasing bets at the proper time? Would such a strategy increase your winnings or decrease our losses? Is there an arrangement to the occurrence of prizes in general such as every 3rd or 4th spin you at least get a little prize? Does the machine ever wage two prizes in a row, if so what is the frequency? If there is a reasonably secure pattern, you can increase your bets when a prize is due. One more way that there is possible to be a standard and frequent slot machine winner is to choose a game where the machine wage out different amounts for the same combination on the basis of the number of coins bet.

The other preferred slot machine playing tactic and approach is to find the progressive jackpot machine displaying the highest jackpot which is typically displayed on the top of the machine. Promoter and supporter of this tactic and approach believe that the higher the jackpot, the closer they are to that elusive big prize. Where you choose to play your slots is very important and critical. If you do not follow this basic strategy, then even the best slot playing tactic and approach will be useless and ineffective.

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