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18 Aug 09 Slot land Casino Belt’s Loosen after they Produces Second Winner in a Month

Who among of us don’t want to win big cash prizes in casinos? Everybody loves winning, for less than a month after their last big progressive jackpot winner the Slot land jackpot has already been hit again for the second time around. The lucky player known as MARMOTLUV, he is the one who take home $80,369 playing one of Slotland’s newer online slot machines, the Slotris. Just believe in your instinct in playing any kind of casino games. I believe that good instinct can surely make you won such big amounts, like MARMOTLUV

Excited winner stated that he used to love TETRIS when he was a kid that’s why also he loves “Slotris” a skilled game that pushes your mind to a limit with each increasing level completed,  he was also exclaimed that he won lots of smaller amounts over the years I’ve been playing at Slotland, The man was never expected to win big, as a matter of fact he never dream to hit the huge jackpot in his entire life! He stated, “The money is ready in my bank account – but not for long!” He will surely play again in casino games because he proven his self already, that lady luck was in his side. Or some say that he might give to the charities and share the blessing that he have.

After how many years Slotland an online casino was very famous after hitting every six weeks and so on sometimes they are being hit between $100 and $150K. The fact, that this is not the first time that the big amount was being won by MARMOTLUV in Slotland casino. This is also one of the reasons that a lot of gamblers keep coming back in this place not only for fun but also to for the huge amount that they are aiming to win.

There’s no such accurate date, time and place in winning jackpot. Of course there’s no predicting when a jackpot will be won. You must always remember that every time a player places a bet that qualifies for the progressive jackpot (a max bet is required in most games) part of their wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. That pool keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot. But if you are so lucky enough you will probably be like MARMOLUV.

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