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When we say Las Vegas , what was the first thing to come out in our mind? Center for Casino Gambling, CLUBS, there is always DAY and NIGHT no exemption especially for the prostitution that is why it is also called Sin City. It is not new to us the term prostitution in which it is part of the culture in the City. Women of the night and the casino gambling always go together. Top countries who have a lot of prostitute women send to the US are the Brazilian.

Do you often wonder why how they went to Vegas? People uses an internet access to recruit women in different places, they would be found in internet and sent to different countries worldwide.  This doesn’t mean that other countries are happy sending their women to the US for prostitute purposes.

Not only the recruiter who is involved in the prostitution but also different agencies like: The US Immigrations and the Customs Enforcement Agency were responsible in helping prostitution exposed. It’s been a long period of time since Las Vegas and prostitution have been connected maybe it’s time to make some actions for this, especially the government in Vegas, and even high rollers become accustomed to having their choice of thousands of prostitutes when visiting Las Vegas.  Every now and then we must realize and try to think of it what will be more prior for us especially for the coming of the next generation they will be more involved in GAMBLING and PROSTITUTION.

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