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09 Aug 09 Rival Takes Us Back to the Sixties

Online casinos release new slots as often as they can in order to keep their slot players attention, and to cater to different tastes by introducing new themes and variations of slots. Some online casino software providers offer game releases that fit in with different themes according to the time of the year.

Rival Gaming has released yet another slot game, this time taking us back to the sixties. The slot game is call the Psychedelic Sixties, and will be fun and interesting for those who lived through the sixties themselves, as well as giving a good idea of what the sixties were like to those who missed them!

Psychedelic Sixties is packed with flower power, “free love,” and hippies. The game is filled with enough reminders of the well-known era to make players feel like they have re-visited this special decade. The well-chosen symbols also include hearts, motorbikes, lava lamps, tambourines, smiley faces, yin and yang symbols, and of course the well-known peace symbol which became synonymous with hippies of the sixties. Both female and male hippies are in good supply, with groovy music that will help to get players into the mood.

This fun-filled sixties slot game is a 5 reel and 20 pay line slot game. The game is filled with wild symbols, great bonuses and good payouts. Mini games are played when the slot players has earned the necessary bonuses. The maximum jackpot associated with this game is $30,000, which can be won by those players that play maximum coins. The jackpot increases in size for those players that have hit the necessary symbols, and have also received multipliers, while playing the maximum bet possible.

For one of the mini games available with the Psychedelic Sixties slot machine game, players will drive through some of the larger cities that were well-known to hippies, in a VW Bus. The task is to fill the bus with as many hippies as you can, each one increasing the size of your bonus, as you take them on their way to attend a Woodstock type of concert

Psychedelic Sixties is played on the new i-slot platform. The i-slot platform is an innovation of Rival, and has become very popular in both the UK and the US. Interactive slot machine games are slot games that offer more authentic play, including more and better graphics and animations, and the addition of mini games.

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