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20 Aug 09 Refer to a Friend Bonus

One of the best ways that any company can advertise their product is by creating and offering a good product that will encourage users to refer their friends to it. If the product is not good, people will not be interested in referring friends. Online casinos also find that the use of word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to encourage new players to sign up at their casinos. Hearing a friend, rather than a stranger, tell you about the great online casino they play at is a far more reliable reference, even if the stranger is some kind of celebrity.

In order to remind and encourage their players to refer their friends, online casinos usually offer a Refer a Friend bonus. It is very unusual for an online casino not to offer this bonus. The amount and kind of bonus offered will of course differ from online casino to online casino, some creating very large incentives, and some only offering only small incentives. Either way, players cannot go wrong, suggesting to their friends that they should play in their online casino of choice, and also receiving some kind of bonus for doing so

It is very easy to activate the Refer a Friend bonus. Players simply need to inform the online casino of their friend’s name before referring them. After that, the player needs to ask their friend to register at the online casino in question. When the friend registers, they need to give the referrer’s name to the online casino. Before the referrer will receive their Refer a Friend bonus, the new online casino member will need to fulfill certain requirements. These requirements are usually to open a real money account with the online casino, and also to deposit a minimum required amount as their starting deposit. Once this has been done, the referrer will receive their Refer a Friend bonus.

Certain online casinos restrict the number of friends that can be referred by a single player. There are, of course, other online casinos that have no restrictions, and players can refer as many friends as they wish to. For those online casinos with restrictions, there are two types of restrictions. One is a restriction on the total number of friends that can be referred for the Refer a Friend bonus. The other is a monthly limit, in which players can refer a certain number of friends each month.

Most online casinos offer the same amount to all those that Refer a Friend. Others offer a percentage of the first deposit made by the friend. If they make a large deposit, the referrer will get a larger bonus. Refer a Friend bonuses are usually taken from the initial deposit made, and are therefore usually smaller than the minimum deposit that players make when they sign up with the online casino. Others will offer small incentives for the referrers whose friends of friends sign up with the online casino.

As with most other bonuses, the Refer a Friend bonus is subject to wagering requirements, which need to be fulfilled before the money can be withdrawn from the online casino.

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