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Jamie Gold the top American poker player will be going to hold a charity tournament at the Casino at the Empire next month and his going to name it “The Jamie Gold Poker Tournament” during the Poker in the Park Festival and this will be co-hosted by the last year’s World Poker Series of Champion, Peter Eastgate that will be started around half past seven in the evening on August 13 from the Casino at the Empire’s Shadow Lounge.

       This was created to raise money for the charities of Jamie Gold Foundation, which will be play by 50-players no limit- Texas hold freeze out tournament will starting stacks of  6,000 chips.40 seats available at £500 while another 10 will be given up for poker pros and different celebrities personally invited by Eastgate and Gold. There will be one-on-one strategy training worth £ 300 donated by the leading poker publication Bluff Europe via to the runner up. Bluff also contributing a Gevril watch favor by the celebrities including James Caan and Denzel Washington, worth £ 1,500 who finished as the third placer.

       After the first event of the Poker in the Park Festival there is another program that will be going to perform and it is called the Europe’s largest annual festival, Poker in the Park will take place from 5 o’clock in the afternoon until half past-nine in the evening on August 13 from the heart of London’s Leicester Square the programs will carry on over August 14 the next day from noon until half past-nine in the evening. 

       Both Eastgate and Gold will be having a lecture on both days of Poker in the Park. On August 13 they will tackle about the strategies needed to win the small tournaments of less than 100 runners before the follow up lecture the next day, they are featuring some stories and references early evenings at the charity event. The professionals both working on hand to this project they also accept donations and sign autographs for The Jamie Gold Foundation.

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