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General theory of the poker is comes from drawing the five cards with standard playing-cards. Where did poker started? A lot of researchers’ even players asked about if where the poker came from; this classic game was debated and studied for how many years ago. The poker name is an extension of POKE. This was established during the 1st and 2nd decade of the century.. And it is also originated at French-America and it played as different forms of games world-wide. There’s a lot of variation at different country on playing poker like: Primiera derived from the Italy; a four card game, Brag from British a three-card game, and the last from Spain they uses also a four-card game they call it Mus..

         From time to time poker was rapidly changes as time did, it become more interesting and the thrill was also evolving while drawing the cards. Hiding the identity of the cards is also one of aspects that are being used in this game. The smarter or wiser you play the game the more chances for you to win.

        Around fourteen years ago from the place of Europe the designs of different poker cards was created more interesting for the players to win, and a lot of changes appeared on that particular time. Real motivation for the poker game is to maximize the win and minimize the loss.

  Poker in America was started in the river boat of Mississippi, and the early version for poker was played a 2- card-deck containing the king, queen, jack, tens, and aces and this was played by two to four players, best hand on this game won sometime they called this game as the “the cheating game”. The rest is history.

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